Civil War Diary and Letters of Rutherford B. Hayes

  • Civil War letters of Rutherford B. Hayes of the 23rd O.V.I. from the 1922 edition of Diary and Letters of Rutherford B. Hayes, by Charles R. Williams
  • Materials are fully digitized and searchable

Civil War Letters of Lucy Hayes

  • Letters written by Lucy Webb Hayes to Rutherford B. Hayes (23rd O.V.I.), family, and friends during the Civil War from the Rutherford B. Hayes Papers
  • Letters are fully digitized

7th Ohio Volunteer Infantry & 101st Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

  • Location: LH-277
  • Papers, 1861-1865 
  • Military documents: clothing accounts, certificate of disability, ordnance and camp equipage concerning Captain Arthur T. Wilcox’s Co. E, 7th O.V.I. Miscellaneous letters to Joseph Grimes of Erie County, Ohio from soldiers in the 7th O.V.I. and 101st O.V.I. (1861-1865).

Bergland, Eric (Major), 57th Illinois Infantry

  • Location: Hayes-30
  • Papers and Photographs, 1861-1919
  • Typed transcripts of Civil War diary (1861-1864) and letters by West Point graduate and Civil War veteran Eric Bergland, who served with the 57th Illinois

Bolton, John H. (Lieutenant), 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1861-1865
  • Typed transcriptions of Civil War journal of John H. Bolton, 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Originals are located at the Ohio History Connection)

Bowers, John E., 148th Pennsylvania 

  • Location: LH-337
  • Papers, 1862-1864
  • 98 letters written between 1862 and 1864 by John E. Bowers, 148th Pennsylvania, to his parents in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Brown, John Jr.

  • Location: FR-5
  • Papers, 1857-1916
  • Brown family correspondence regarding the family's involvement in early Kansas history and the anti-slavery cause

Buckland, Henry (Captain), 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1862
  • Letter to his parents regarding the Battle of Shiloh; digitized (Paper Trail)

Buckland, Ralph P. (General), 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH-253
  • Papers, 1852-1930
  • Commander of the 72nd O.V.I. and the Military District of Memphis. Personal and business papers, including Civil War letters (1862-1864) written to his family in Sandusky County, Ohio, including military and pension papers

Burgner, Jacob, 169th Ohio National Guard 

  • Location: LH-6
  • Papers, 1815-1909 
  • Scrapbooks of news clippings about the Civil War service and reunions of the 169th Ohio National Guard (1887-1909), and including 169th Ohio National Guard Hospital Register, 1864

Burgoon, Isadore H., 169th Ohio National Guard

  • Location: LH-70
  • Papers, 1836-1917
  • Burgoon family history, Sandusky County history, 169th O.N.G. history, and early railroad material

Caldwell Family Papers, 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

  • Location: LH-71
  • Papers, 1836-1917
  • Family collection, including letters (1861-1863) to family members by Corporal Robert H. Caldwell of Elmore, Ohio, during his service in the 21st O.V.I.; and those (1862-1864) of his brother Dr. William Caldwell, Assistant Surgeon, 72nd O.V.I.

Caldwell, Robert H. (Corporal), 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH-71 
  • Papers, 1861-1863
  • 114 letters by Robert H. Caldwell, Elmore, Ottawa County, Ohio, written to his immediate family from September 1861 until his death from wounds received at the Battle of Stones River in February 1863

Caldwell, William C. (Assistant Surgeon), 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH-71, Caldwell Family Collection
  • Papers, 1862
  • Letter by William Caldwell to his parents in Fremont, Ohio, describing the Battle of Shiloh
  • Fully digitized. (Paper Trail)

Clugston, John McNulty, 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: SP-1
  • Papers, 1886
  • Handwritten copy of the diary kept by John McNulty Clugston of Ashland County, Ohio, while serving with the 23rd O.V.I. from May 1861 to July 1864

Coates, Benjamin F. (General), 91st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: GA-10
  • Papers, 1862-1881 
  • Approximately 200 letters written by Coates to his wife between 1862 and 1865 while serving as colonel of the 91st O.V.I. Coates participated in the battles of Winchester, Cloyd's Mountain, Fisher's Hill, Cedar Creek, and in the pursuit of Morgan.

Comly, James M. (General), 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: SP-1
  • Papers, 1861-1865
  • Diary of Comly kept during his service with the 23rd O.V.I. Copies of Comly's diary, written by his wife Sally, are also part of the Civil War Records contained in the Rutherford B. Hayes Papers.

Cooke, Jay

  • Location: GA-71
  • Papers and Photographs, 1792-1925
  • The collection contains some of the papers and journals kept by Jay Cooke and his family. While most of the collection is devoted to the family's summer activities on Gibraltar Island on Lake Erie, it also contains printed broadsides advertising the sale of U.S. government bonds by Jay Cooke. Cooke, often call the "financier of the Civil War," was the U.S. Treasury agent authorized to sell government bonds to fund the Civil War.

Cook, John Joseph, 73rd & 89th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 21st Ohio Independent Battery, 130th Indiana 

  • Location: Hayes-3
  • Papers and Photographs, 1809-1880
  • The collection contains the correspondence of the family of John Joseph cook, uncle of Lucy Webb Hayes. Among the papers are approximately fifty Civil War letters written in 1864 by Edwin Baldwin Cook, son of John J. Cook, who served in the 130th Indiana. Bates Millard Cook, fourth son of John J. Cook, enlisted as a private in the 21st Ohio Independent Battery, Light Artillery; the collection includes approximately fifty letters written by B. M. Cook between 1863 and 1865. James Cook McKell, nephew of John Joseph Cook, enlisted in the 73rd O.V.I. in 1861 and served until January 1865. McKell was wounded at the Second Battle of Bull Run and participated in the Atlanta Campaign. The collection includes fourteen letters written by McKell to his cousin Maria Cook during the Civil War. Captain Isaac "Ike" Nelson, cousin of Lucy Webb Hayes, served in the 89th O.V.I.; the collection contains seventeen letters written by Nelson during the Civil War.

Crockett, Leroy (Colonel), 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1861-1863 
  • Photocopies of approximately two dozen letters to Nellie Hogg, Sandusky, Ohio, written by Col. LeRoy Crockett of Seneca County, Ohio. Crockett served from 1861 to 1863 in the 1st New York Chasseurs and then the 72nd O.V.I.

Daughters of the Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865, Mattie McPherson Tent, No. 46, Clyde, OH

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1915-1959
  • Photocopies of roster of members who were lineal descendants of Civil War veterans. Roster includes data on each member and the name and service record of the member's Civil War ancestor.

Deady, Michael, 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: SP-1
  • Papers, 1862-1863 
  • Diaries (1862-1863) and discharge certificate of Civil War soldier who served in the 23rd O.V.I.

Dennis, Charles Barney, 101st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1915 
  • Sixty-four page memoir written by Dennis of Sandusky, Ohio, in 1915 regarding his Civil War experiences while serving in the 101st O.V.I.

Dickinson, James A., Mississippi River Squadron

  • Location: LH MSS, James A. Dickinson Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection
  • Papers, 1863-1864
  • Civil War diary and memorandum book (May 1863-May 1864) kept by fourteen-year-old James Dickinson of Fremont, Ohio, during his service as a cabin boy aboard the United States Navy gunboat “Tawah” on the Mississippi River
  • Fully digitized

Ditto, William L. (Captain), Louisiana Dragoon, Confederate States of America

  • Location: LH-307
  • Papers, 1862-1866
  • Eleven letters written by Captain Ditto to his wife during his imprisonment on Johnson's Island, Ohio. The collection also contains military documents.

Douglass, Frederick 

  • Location: MISC MSS
  • Papers, 1877-1889 
  • Approximately 18 letters written by Douglass to President Hayes, William Claflin, B. K. Bruce, and others from 1877 to 1889
  • Location: LH MSS, Civil War Collection
  • Papers, 1861 
  • Two letters written by Isaac Down of Sandusky County, Ohio, while serving in the 65th O.V.I. during the fall of 1861

Dunn, Arlington, 123rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

  • Location: LH-242
  • Papers and Photographs, 1862-1928
  • Civil War diary (1862-1864) with scattered entries kept by Dunn during his Civil War service, including a roster of Company B of the 123rd O.V.I. and a short description of the Battle of Winchester. Collection also includes several letters from Dunn to his mother in Seneca County, Ohio, and two letters from Sophia Dunn to her son.

Eaton (Charles) Post #55 - Woman's Relief Corps #188

  • Location: LH-192
  • Papers, 1877-1958
  • Records of the Woman's Relief Corps #188 of the Charles Eaton Post #55 of the Grand Army of the Republic, Clyde, Ohio. The collection includes minutes, attendance records, rosters, treasurer's reports, cash books, and dues reports
  • Microfilm available

Edwards, Joseph Family, 3rd & 12th Ohio Volunteer Calvary, 8th & 139th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH-264
  • Papers, 1856-1898
  • Family collection consisting primarily of Civil War correspondence of the Joseph Edwards family of Sandusky County, Ohio, whose three sons served in the war: Tobias (8th O.V.I.); Hezekiah (3rd O.V.C.); Theodore (12th O.V.C.). More than half of the letters were written by Edwards' family and friends of Sandusky County, Ohio, to the Edwards sons during the Civil War.

England, Orin O. (Captain), 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH-280
  • Papers, 1862-1864 
  • Civil War letters of Sandusky County resident Captain Orin O. England, aide-de-camp of General Ralph P. Buckland of the 72nd O.V.I. to Cordelia Norton of Fremont, Ohio. Also includes Civil War letters of Fremont residents Charles Norton, 49th O.V.I. (1861-1863), and four letters (1864) of John Thompson, Mississippi River Squadron.

Eugene Rawson Post #32 of the Grand Army of the Republic

  • Location: LH- 251 
  • Papers
  • Alphabetical index of more than 400 enrolled Civil War veterans; listing their names, birthplaces, regiments, and companies, from the Rawson Post #32 GAR Records (Paper Trail )

Fanning, Eliza

  • Location: LH-297
  • Papers, 1849-1865
  • Ten letters written by Joseph Franklin Plantz while serving in the 72nd O.V.I. in the Civil War's western theater. The collection also includes several letters to Robert Adams of Zanesville, Ohio, written during his service in the 16th O.V.I., as well as some Fanning family correspondence.

Foerster, Wilfred S., General James B. McPherson

  • Location: LH-14
  • Papers, 1828-1956 
  • The collection, composed primarily of photocopies and typed transcripts, represents the research efforts of Forester, who planned to write a biography of General James B. McPherson, highest ranking Union general killed in the Civil War. The collection contains transcripts and photocopies of primary and secondary source materials associated with McPherson and housed at institutions such as the Library of Congress, National Archives, Sutro Library, Cincinnati Historical Society, and the Ohio History Connection.

Gessner, Gustavus Adolphus, 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH-93
  • Papers, 1864-1916 
  • Post-war correspondence (1882) of Gustavus Gessner, Color Bearer and Hospital Steward, 72nd O.V.I. regarding General Samuel Sturgis and the Battle of Guntown (Brice's Cross Roads), including unpublished, printed accounts; 72nd O.V.I. Regimental Prescription Record; and papers relating to the Ex-Union Prisoners of War history of the 72nd O.V.I. The collection also includes several Civil War letters of Lawton Dorr, 18th New York Cavalry.

Griner, John, 3rd Ohio Volunteer Calvary, Veteran Reserve Corps

  • Location: LH-298
  • Papers, 1862-1884 
  • Nineteen letters of John Griner, 3rd O.V.C., 87th Company, 2nd Battalion Veteran Reserve Corps. Griner's letters tell of camp life and duties at the Louisville, Kentucky, hospital and at Camp Dennison, Ohio, until his discharge

Harnden Post #37, Union Veterans' Union, Clyde, OH

  • Location: LH MSS OVERSIZE
  • Papers, 1890-1892 
  • Four-page membership roster of Civil War veterans' organization, listing the name, age, birthplace, residence, occupation, enrollment date, and service records of members of Harnden Command Post, Clyde, Ohio

Harrington, Jonathan F. (Captain), 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

  • Location: LH- 314
  • Papers, 1812-1915 
  • Papers of Harrington Family of Groton Twp., Erie County, Ohio. Civil War correspondence of Captain Jonathan F. Harrington, 72nd O.V.I. (108); Lionel Harrington, 145th O.V.I. (6); Andrew McKesson, 101st O.V.I. (6); Lyman Smith, 8th O.V.I. (1); Stephen Paxton (6); Lester Lathrop, 55th O.V.I. (4); Correspondence of Ralph Harrington, Lionel Harrington, Mary Edwards, Sarah McKesson, and Mary Paxton, written from Erie County, Ohio, during the Civil War.

Hastings, Russell, Civil War Memoir, 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: Hayes-25
  • Papers, 1861-1904 
  • Civil War memoir of Russell Hastings, dated 1900, fully digitized. Hastings’ memoir contains information on the organization, camp life, and battles of the 23rd O.V.I. Civil War correspondence, battle sketches, maps, containing data on the battles of Carnifex Ferry, Opequan, Fisher’s Hill.

Civil War Memoir Chapters 1 - 3

Civil War Memoir Chapters 4 - 6

Civil War Memoir Chapters 7 - 9

Hetrick, John (Private), 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH-258
  • Papers, 1862-1930
  • Civil War correspondence of John Hetrick of Company C, 72nd O.V.I., while serving with the regiment in Tennessee and Mississippi during the Civil War (1862-1864)

Holtz, Jacob Souder, 164th Ohio National Guard

  • Location: LH-261
  • Papers, 1852-1868 
  • Miscellaneous correspondence: letters to Jacob Holtz of Seneca County, Ohio, from seventeen different Seneca County soldiers serving in the 49th, 55th, 72nd, and 101st O.V.I. units (1861-1864); letters from Holtz during his two-month service in the 164th O.N.G. (1864); letters from Seneca County family and friends written to Holtz during his service (1864).

Hudson, John, 111th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS, Civil War Collection
  • Papers, 1864-1865 
  • Two letters written by Hudson of Sandusky County, Ohio, to his family while serving in the 111th O.V.I.

Hurd, Thaddeus B.

  • Location: LH-243
  • Papers, 1802-1989 
  • Hurd architectural education, career, business, and personal correspondence, 1903-1967; Sandusky County, Ohio, local and family history; Clyde, Ohio, local and family history; Hurd genealogy; biographical material on General James B. McPherson and Medal of Honor recipient Captain Charles H. McCleary of Clyde, Ohio; Sherwood Anderson biographical material.

Johnson's Island Papers

  • Location: FR-9
  • Research Files of Charles E. Frohman
  • A series of research files arranged topically, containing original documents, typed transcriptions of Confederate prisoner's letters, records, documentary materials, and reprints of images concerning the Confederate officers imprisoned on Johnson's Island during the Civil War.

King, Joseph Crawford, 111th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Diary, 1862-1878 
  • Typed transcripts of diary (1862-1863) kept by Joseph C. King of Rollersville, Ohio, while at Bowling Green, Kentucky

Linton, Samuel A., 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1861-1906 
  • Typed transcripts of Civil War diary kept by Private Samuel A. Linton of Elmore, Ohio, from August 1861 to August 1863

Locke, Robinson

  • Location: GA-24
  • Papers and Photographs, 1851-1920
  • Business, family, and political correspondence by David Ross Locke and Robinson Locke (1851-1920). Theatrical reviews, photographs, "Petroleum B. Nasby" manuscript, memorabilia, arranged chronologically in six scrapbooks compiled by Robinson Locke.

Lutes, Philip, 100th Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1862-1863 
  • Thirteen letters by Private Philip Lutes to John Barr, Sandusky County, Ohio

Mallory, Silas Sweeney, 64th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Diary, 1861-1866
  • Typed transcript of Civil War diary, October 17, 1861 to January 3, 1866

McKell, William J. (Sergeant), 89th Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

  • Location: Rutherford B. Hayes Papers
  • Papers, 1863-1864 
  • Journal of Sgt. William J. McKell of the 89th O.V.I., dating from his capture at Chickamauga until his death in July 1864 in Andersonville Prison (Paper Trail)
  • Fully digitized

McPherson, James B. (General), Army of the Tennessee

  • Location: LH MSS, Civil War Collection
  • Papers, 1861 
  • Two letters written by Metcalf of Sandusky County, Ohio, during the fall of 1861 while serving in the 65th O.V.I.

Metts, Isaac, 100th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH-306
  • Papers, 1862-1863 
  • Civil War letters of Isaac Metts of Fulton County, Ohio, to his wife telling of camp activities, hospitalization, and his service as a nurse

Nast, Thomas

  • Location: GA-33
  • Papers, 1860-1902 
  • Correspondence, diary (1860-1861), literary manuscript, scrapbook, sketches, caricatures, clippings, and photographs, the bulk of which is related to Nast's career as an artist. Nast joined the staff of Harper's Weekly in 1862, where he proved adept at illustrating the experiences of the common soldier and the political issues of the day. During Reconstruction, Nast advocated just treatment for blacks and former slaves and the necessity of Northern intervention to stop white tyranny in the South. His ability to draw poignant caricatures evolved through his work at Harper's at this time and is evident in some of his cartoons supporting U.S. Grant's candidacy in 1868 and 1872.

Niebel, Elijah, 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1862-1864
  • Photocopies of twelve letters written by Elijah Niebel of Seneca County, Ohio, during his Civil War service with the 72nd O.V.I., including descriptions of camp life and combat experiences

Ottawa County, Ohio, Military Pension Applications

  • Location: LH-309
  • Papers, 1812-1900
  • Photocopies of military pension records of 75 Ottawa County, Ohio, Civil War veterans

Parker, Andrew C. (Sergeant), 41st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: SP-1
  • Papers, 1861-1866
  • Handwritten copies of Sgt. Andrew Parker's letters to his wife from August 1861 to November 1865. The letters as well as a diary (1865) recount his service with the 41st O.V.I. Parker participated in the battles of Shiloh, Corinth, Iuka, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Orchard Knob, Lookout Mountain, and Missionary Ridge.

Powell, Andrew (Corporal), 123rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

  • Location: LH-335
  • Papers, 1862-1865
  • Civil War correspondence of Andrew Powell of Seneca County, Ohio, who served in the 123rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry; 167 letters

Rawson (Eugene) G.A.R. Post #32 & Woman's Relief Corps

  • Location: LH-251
  • Papers, 1881-1974
  • Records, minutes, veterans' sketches, annual activities, news clippings, and veterans' burial lists, program booklets, and pamphlets of the Eugene Rawson G.A.R. Post of Sandusky County and its woman's auxiliary

Rawson Family 

  • Location: LH-114
  • Paper and Photographs, 1790-1960 
  • Memorabilia, correspondence, diaries, photographs, documents, news-clippings, certificates, financial papers, accounts, and genealogy of the family and descendants of Dr. LaQuinio and Sophia Beaugrand Rawson, early pioneers of Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio. Includes Civil War items relating to Major Eugene Allen Rawson, son of LaQuinio and Sophia Rawson, as well as Civil War material in reference to the Eugene Rawson G.A.R. Post, Fremont, Ohio.

Raymond Family 

  • Location: LH-104
  • Papers, 1856-1987
  • The collection includes photographs and genealogical material relating to the Bennitt, Raymond and Read (now Reed) families of Seneca County, Ohio. Most of the photographs are identified in the handwriting of Mrs. Luell Pumphrey, with additional remarks made by Elizabeth Raymond. Included in the collection are Civil War materials relating to Joseph Murray Raymond of the 101st O.V.I.

Rees, Morris (Captain), 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1862-1920
  • Original, photocopies, and typed transcriptions of Rees' family Civil correspondence and documents (12 items)

Rice, John B. (Surgeon), 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH-30, John B. Rice Collection
  • Papers, 1853-1914
  • Letter by Dr. John B. Rice to his father Dr. Robert S. Rice, Fremont, Ohio, during the Vicksburg Campaign (Paper Trail
  • Fully digitized. 
  • Five wartime letters by Dr. John B. Rice appear on Ohio Memory.

Rice, Robert S. (Surgeon), 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH-33
  • Papers, 1862-1863
  • Family collection, including Civil War letters (1862-1863) of Lt. Alfred H. Rice of the 72nd O.V.I. to his parents, Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Rice of Fremont, Ohio

Rule, Isaac P., 101st Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1863 
  • Civil War correspondence of Isaac Rule of Seneca County, Ohio, who served in the 101st O.V.I., seeing action at Stone's River, Nolensville, and in the Tullahoma Campaign. Rule died in 1863 from wounds received at Chickamauga (Photocopies)

Sandusky County, Ohio, Civil War Physical Examinations for Exemptions of Enrolled Militia, 1862

  • Location: LH-186, Dr. James Wilson Collection
  • Papers
  • Physical examinations and disability status of more than 1,100 enrolled militia of Sandusky County, Ohio, by Dr. James Wilson

Sandusky County, Ohio, Civil War Soldiers Database

  • Papers 
  • Service records of more than 4,000 soldiers who either enlisted from or resided in Sandusky County, Ohio, compiled from more than two dozen primary sources. The database features more than 100 identified photographs of soldiers and is searchable by name or regiment.

Sandusky County, Ohio, Military Records

  • Location: LH-220
  • Papers, 1848-1975
  • Miscellaneous Sandusky County, Ohio, military records including: Eugene Rawson Post G.A.R. records; Sandusky County, Ohio, Soldiers' Monument Association records; "Sandusky County Dead List" of 72nd O.V.I., 49th O.V.I., 3rdO.V.C.; Civil War militia enrollments of townships of Sandusky County; "Personal War Sketches" of Manville Moore Post G.A.R.; records of Committee of Military Statistics for Sandusky County; Relief Funds of the Several Townships, Sandusky County; "Civil War Men in Service;" miscellaneous scrapbooks of clippings related to the Civil War; roster of Memorial Post G.A.R.; Sandusky County, Ohio, Veterans' Burials.

Sherman, William T. (General)

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1862-1891
  • Miscellaneous correspondence, notes, telegrams, memos, vouchers, and testimonials written primarily after the Civil War. Principal correspondents include General Rutherford B. Hayes, Mary Audenreid, Joseph C. Audenreid, General Irvin McDowell, General E. O. C. Ord, and Horatio G. Wright

Skilton, Alvah Stone (Captain), 57th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: GA-45
  • Papers, 1861, 1864-1865
  • Civil War diaries (1861, 1864, 1865) of Captain Alvah Stone Skilton of Galion, Ohio. As an officer of the 57th O.V.I., Skilton saw action at Shiloh, Vicksburg, Missionary Ridge, Kennesaw Mountain, and Atlanta

Skilton/Davis-Heyman Family Papers, 57th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: GA-45
  • Papers, 1854-1887 
  • Family collection of Alvah Stone Skilton, containing his personal and business papers and correspondence. The collection also includes a reminiscence of Kennesaw Mountain and the Civil War diaries (1861, 1864, 1865) of Captain Alvah Stone Skilton of Galion, Ohio. As an officer of the 57th O.V.I., Skilton saw action at Shiloh, Vicksburg, Missionary Ridge, Kennesaw Mountain, and Atlanta. Included are: letters to Amanda Skilton; clothing, camp equipage, and ordnance accounts; special orders; payrolls; passes; furloughs of Co. I., 57th O.V.I.; and material concerning veterans' organizations, reunions, substitutes, and pension papers are also part of this collection.
  • Typed transcripts of diaries are available.

Slocum, E.W. (Sergeant), 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: SP-1
  • Papers, 1861-1863 
  • Notebook containing diary entries of Sergeant E. W. Slocum of Company G, 23rd O.V.I., from August 1861 through December 5, 1863

Slocum, Lydia Norton Russell, General James B. McPherson

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1841-1869
  • Ten letters written by the grandmother of General James B. McPherson to her daughter between the years 1841 to 1869. The letters written during the war years contain comments about McPherson, his death, and the family's reaction. Mrs. Slocum also comments on the war's emotional impact on Sandusky County residents.

Solce, Christian, 82nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1862
  • Civil War correspondence: February 15, 1862; April 21, 1862; April 26, 1862

Stahl, William, 49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1861-1931
  • Typed transcriptions of the Civil War journal entries of William Stahl, who enlisted in the 49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry from Seneca County, Ohio. Also included are photocopies of Stahl's enlistment forms, muster roll forms, appointment to rank of sergeant, discharge papers, pension records, and newspaper clippings.

Stem Family, 101st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, General James B. McPherson 

  • Location: LH-180
  • Papers, 1852-1875 
  • Correspondence of the Stem family of Green Springs, Ohio, including the Civil War correspondence of Col. Leander Stem of the 101st O.V.I., who died of wounds received at the Battle of Stone's River. The collection also contains letters written by General James B. McPherson to Stem family members while at the United States Military Academy and during his Civil War service.

Stem, Leander (Colonel), 101st Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

  • Location: LH-180, Stem Family Collection
  • Papers, 1862 
  • Civil War correspondence of Col. Leander Stem of the 101st O.V.I., who died of wounds received at the Battle of Stone's River

Walters, Alexander R., 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry & 169th Ohio National Guard

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1865
  • The collection includes a single document, the discharge papers of Alexander R. Walters, a resident of Sandusky County, Ohio, who served several months in the 8th O.V.I. and was discharged for disability. Later, he enlisted in the 169th O.N.G.

Whitehead, Samuel (Private), 100th Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1864-1870
  • Daily diary kept by Samuel Whitehead while serving in the 100th O.V.I. from April to November of 1864. Accounts of the 100th O.V.I.'s involvement in the Atlanta and Nashville Campaigns, as well as his expense record from May to August of 1864 (Photocopies)

Whittlesey, Charles Austin, Joseph F. Whittlesey, 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry 

  • Location: LH-227
  • Papers, 1863-1865
  • Diary kept by Joseph F. Whittlesey, an Akron, Ohio, lumber dealer who enlisted in August 1862 and was mustered out in June 1865. Some of the engagements in which the 104th participated were Danville, the Atlanta Campaign, and the battles of Nashville and Kennesaw Mountain. The diary is part of the papers of his son, Charles Austin Whittlesey. The collection also includes military and pension papers of Union Civil War veteran Henry Bruner and four reports by Confederate officers during the early part of the war.

Wight, Alexander (Musician), 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: SP-1, Civil War Collection
  • Papers, 1861-1862 
  • Civil War diary (1862) for a musician in the 23rd O.V.I., as well as photocopies and typed transcripts of approximately 50 assorted letters written by Wight and various family members during the years of 1861 and 1862.

Williams, Ammi, 169th Ohio National Guard & 49th Ohio Volunteer Calvary 

  • Location: LH MSS, Civil War Collection
  • Papers, 1861-1869
  • Typed transcripts of 21 letters written during the Civil War by school director Ammi Williams of Fremont, Ohio, to his half brother Henry Williams of New York City. Williams' correspondence relates news of his sons' Civil War service, experiences, illnesses, and deaths during their service in the 169th O.N.G., 3rd O.V.C., and the 49th O.V.I.

Wing, Cyrus (Private), 72nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry

  • Location: LH MSS
  • Papers, 1865 
  • Civil War diary of Cyrus Wing; from January to April 1865. Daily entries while at Mobile and Spanish Fort. Letters to widow of Cyrus Wing, 1865
  • Fully digitized

Zahm, Victor J. (Lieutenant), 3rd Ohio Volunteer Calvary & 164th Ohio National Guard

  • Location: LH-177
  • Papers, 1858-1900
  • Civil War letters written from 1861 through August 1864 by Zahm of the 3rd O.V.C. and the 164th O.N.G. to family members living in Seneca County, Ohio. The collection also includes diaries kept by Zahm during 1861, 1862, and 1863.
  • Typed transcripts of letters available