A note included with Gateway to the Future donation (received January 2015):

“I am currently in the U.S. Navy and am stationed overseas. My father ... grew up in Fremont, Ohio, where his brother ... currently lives. My husband and I toured the museum right before we left for overseas, and I am receiving the newsletter. I am very impressed with this organization and wanted to contribute to such a worthwhile cause.”

Email dated Jan. 1, 2015:

“Last weekend, my wife and I, along with my daughter and her husband, made it up to the Rutherford B. Hayes Center on Saturday. It had been many years since we had been there. What a pleasant and enjoyable day we had touring the museum and the home as well as having a horse-drawn carriage ride. We received and read so much good information there is no way I can remember it all. Even saw an Arlington High School classmate who had his whole family there. We even got on the same house tour as they were on.

We had a day to remember and we wanted to congratulate you on the fine work you and your staff are doing. By the way, your staff was very accommodating.”