Hayes Research Library

Rules for use of Library & Manuscript Material


All visitors:

1. All Library visitors are asked to present a photo ID and to complete a visitor registry signing in with full name and address.

2. All Library visitors must place coats, briefcases, tote bags, backpacks, and similar items on the coat rack or in the adjoining lockers before they enter the Library’s Reading Room.

3. No cameras or scanning devices are permitted in the Library.

4. All books and other materials will be re-shelved by Library staff.

5. For matters involving copyright and permission to publish, please consult Librarian or Curator of Manuscripts. Instructions on how to cite our collections can be provided.

6. Photocopying, photographic and digitization services are available at the Library for most material. Patrons are permitted to use the copier themselves unless material is fragile. Please ask staff member for assistance. Rates are posted.

7. No food is permitted in the library.

Visitors requesting rare books, manuscripts or photographic materials have additional requirements:

1. Visitors are required to surrender their photo IDs to the Library staff before being permitted access to these materials. The photo ID will be returned only after the research materials have been returned and checked by Library staff. Anyone not presenting a photo ID will not be permitted access to these materials.

2. These researchers are required to use them in a specially designated area. The only objects permitted in the designated area are a laptop computer or a pencil and paper notepad. Anytime an individual leaves the designated area, resource materials will be re-shelved or retained at the desk of a Library staff member.