Spring in Spiegel Grove

Every season affords vivid reminders of the incredible natural beauty of Spiegel Grove's 25 acres. Despite chillling temperatures, a snowfall's silvery backdrop and peaceful hush beckon an outdoor excursion.

Wildflowers over take the grass in this Springtime view of the grounds of Spiegel Grove.

Brilliant blue wildflowers burst from the area around Boffin's Bower, on the south side of the Hayes Home.

A Pink Dogwood bursts with flowers on the south side of the Hayes Home.

Springtime reveals how 'Spiegel Grove' got its name - large puddles of water form under the trees acting like perfect mirrors, or 'spiegels' in German.

Even the gravel surrounding a rock near the Grove's walking trails bursts with signs of Spring.

A tree peony, grown from a cutting planted by President Hayes, is in bloom near the Hayes Tomb.

Center photographer Gilbert Gonzalez made this close-up portrait of one of the Grove's most prolific wildflowers - Winter Aconite.

For sheer quantity and visual impact Siberian Squill is a wildflower that generates a lot of attention.