Richard Stotz WWII Photographs

A Navy Corpsman (M. Abbor?) dresses a backwound of a Marine who was hit by the enemy during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

Tent Camp #2 at Camp Pendleton

Camp Pendleton

Areas 13-14-15 at Camp Pendleton

Photo lab of Richard Stotz

Working at the base photo lab

Photo lab of Richard Stotz and the 28th Marines

Don Stotz, brother of Richard Stotz, at Cherry Point

Charlie Stotz, brother of Richard Stotz, in New Guinea

Don Stotz at Marine Air Station at Cherry Point

Richard Stotz

Richard Stotz writing a letter by lantern light

Richard Stotz and Roscoe, the mascot of the 5th Marine Division

Capt. Neubert, R-2 officer of the 28th Marines

Louie Burmeister on liberty

Ruchard Stotz with Jack Soraino at camp

Lt. O'Donnel, Capt. Neubert and Lt. Kleber--28th Regiment R-2 officers

Louie Burmeister

Corp. Lou Givvin at base, 1943

20th Century Fox Photograph School