Membership 411 Sessions

One of our previous benefits for members at all levels was a quarterly Membership 411 session. We have adapted this program and it is now the Hayes Member Video Series.

You can still access the old 411s below.

Membership 411 Videos

Click to access the June 2016 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Exposition of 1876
  • Library:
  • Grounds: Peggy Fleming Tree

Click to access the September 2016 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Presidential Campaign
  • Library: **benefit no longer offered**
  • Grounds: Tomb

Click to access the November 2016 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Travel and Administration & Issues
  • Library: Hayes Family Genealogy
  • Grounds: White House Gates

Click to access the March 2017 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Life in the White House
  • Manuscripts: The President's Collection
  • Grounds: Boffin's Bower

Click to access the June 2017 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Former President: Private Citizen, Social Advocate Gallery
  • Manuscripts: The Frohman Collection on the Great Lakes & Erie Islands
  • Grounds: Tree Naming

Click to access the September 2017 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Life & Times of the United States Mural
  • Manuscripts: Northwest Ohio Veterans' Oral History Project
  • Grounds: Sandusky Scioto Indian Trail-Harrison Trail of the War of 1812

Click to access the November 2017 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Rotunda
  • Library: Ohio Obituary Index
  • Grounds: Grounds as the Hayes Family had them

Click to access the March 2018 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Hayes Family Gallery
  • Library: Tracing your House's History
  • Grounds: Grave sites of Old Ned & Old Whitey, Hayes Family Horses

Click to access the June 2018 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Presidents Gallery
  • Manuscripts: Local History Collection--Western Theatre of the Civil War
  • Grounds: Bicentennial Oak

Click to access the September 2018 Membership 411 Session

  • Museum: Weapons Room
  • Manuscripts: Local History Collection--Women's Manuscript Collections
  • Grounds: Carriage House

Click to access the November 2018 Membership 411 Session 

  • Museum: History of Fremont
  • Library: Using the Online Book Catalog and
  • Grounds: Soldiers Memorial Tablet

Follow the menu on the left to explore past Membership 411 sessions. Check out the PowerPoints and videos of each topic covered in the 411 session.