Croquet Club

The Croquet Club was established March 30, 2009. All are welcome to join. No experience is necessary. Members can learn as they play! 


Annual Membership Fee: $25 per person / $40 per couple

Benefits of membership in the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums Croquet Club:

  • Free use of HPLMCC equipment and courts. (Courts must be reserved at the Museum Reception Desk or by calling 419-332-2081.)
  • Members may invite non-members to play at the HPLMCC courts and use the equipment. (Member must be present during play. $5.00 fee for each non-member)
  • Participation in ALL club events.
  • Members also are eligible to join the United States Croquet Association at a cost of $30.00 per person or $45.00 per couple. Members are not required to join the USCA to be a member of the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums Croquet Club.
  • Membership card and information packet. 

2019 schedule and membership brochure 

For more information contact:

Joan Eckermann

Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator

[email protected]

419-332-2081 ext. 245

“Gentlemen and ladies play croquet wherever they please; the air is bright and bracing.”
From a letter written July 15, 1871 by Lucy Hayes to Rutherford during a trip to Vermont.



How to play Golf Croquet:

  • Equipment: Six wickets, one peg, four balls, and a mallet for each player (these can be shared).
  • Players: Croquet can be played doubles (four players) or singles (two players). In doubles, one side of two players uses the black and blue balls, the other side uses red and yellow. Each player is assigned a color to play with during the game. In singles each player plays both balls of the side.
  • Object: To be the first side to score seven points.
  • Points: A point is scored when a player’s ball is the first to pass through the current wicket. Once a ball goes through a wicket, play moves on to the next wicket. - If two balls go through the wicket on the same stroke, the point is scored by the ball that was nearest to the wicket before the stroke. - Each time a point is scored, the side scoring the point announces the score. - If after scoring 12 points the game is tied, wicket #3 is played again to break the tie.
  • Out of Bounds: A ball is out-of-bounds when it goes past the boundaries or its center lies directly over the boundary. When a ball goes out, it is placed just inside the boundary close to where it went out.
  • Halfway Rule: When a point is scored, any ball more than halfway to the next wicket is offside, and the opposing team can require that it be moved to the outer edge of the court. (This does not apply if the ball was knocked into the halfway spot by another ball during the stroke just played.)