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As the nation’s first presidential library, the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums has made its historic, rare, and significant Manuscript Collections available to researchers for more than a century. Scholars, students, historians, educators, genealogists and journalists from throughout the United States and beyond travel to the institution each year to use its collections. Their work – whether a book, documentary, article, thesis, dissertation, or classroom lesson plan - provide all of us with a better understanding of America’s past and ourselves.

Continue the Tradition of Excellence

In the face of rising costs, donors and their gifts have played an increasingly important role in helping purchase original documents, diaries, letters, and records.

A donation to the Hayes Manuscripts Fund is much more than a financial contribution; it is an opportunity to become a partner in preserving the past for the future. Join us in our effort to continue the tradition of excellence by providing the highest quality research materials.

100% of every contribution goes directly to the purchase of important manuscripts that will be used intensively by researchers now and in the decades ahead.

Contribute Online By Mail  You can now donate to the Hayes Manuscripts Fund online in an easy-to-use format. All information is confidential.

Click here to donate online now  (Make sure to choose the "Manuscripts Fund" option located in the dropdown menu)

If you prefer, you can print out the Contribution Form and mail or fax it to us.

If you would like more information about the Hayes Manuscripts Fund, please feel free to contact :

Julie Mayle, Curator of Manuscripts  1/800-998-5771 Ext. 239  Fax: 419-332-4952  [email protected] 



Through their contributions to the Hayes Manuscripts Fund, these thoughtful donors have made possible the purchase of important collections that will be used by thousands of researchers who visit each year.

Ronald L. Stuckey, Ph.D.

Stan Filhart

Jon James

Olive and Ari Hoogenboom

Firelands Civil War Roundtable 

Thomas W. Waldsmith

Wallace Eberhard, Ph.D.

Barbara Stager 

Karen Meissner 

Cedar Point Amusement Park

Mrs. Wayne Darr 

Ron and Pam Tripp 

Marianne Punshon 

Alexander Kennedy 

Nan Card - In Memory of Margaret Nicely 

Pat Dwyer

Brett Kolcun 

James Gutowski

James Douglass 

Daniel H. Reigle 

U.S.S. President Hayes Reunion Association 

George A. Ulch, M.D. - In Memory of Harold Walter Ulch 

Darwin Stuckey 

T. R. Koba and Company 

Port Clinton Mothers of Twins Club

Michael Elliott

Connie J. Zingg - In Memory of Naomi Butler 

Gene Dear 

Sophia and Jim Draeger 

Arlene A. Carr 

Edith G. Walden 

James H. and Anne Harding 

William J. Ballard, D.D.S.

Larry Nesbitt 

Burns Iron and Metal 

Ted Mahr

Ray and Cindy Henderson 

Gale S. Hurd 

Robert H. Ballard, Jr. 

Mary Welch


Stuart Lutz

David S. Warner and Chelsie Adams - In Honor of Nan Card 

Ed Debevec

Denisa Cellar

Linda Huss 

Nancy Kleinhenz 

Joel Leite

Ann M. Kassing 

Professor Vincent P. De Santis 

Cosmopolitan Club of Fremont, Ohio

John M. Dempsey 

Zoe L. and Edward B. Titchener 

Jane L. Fox, Ph.D

Ann W. and James S. Reeve II - In Memory of Stephen and Lucy (nee Whittlesey) Buckland

The Ropers 

Jeanne Larson

Anonymous Donor

Carolyn Bahnsen

Anonymous Donor 

Jack Felt

Clark Hill 

Dr. and Mrs. Rodney B. Hurl 

Nan Card - In Memory of Allison Ansted 

Joal Y. Perteet 

Pat Pflieger

Ohio Society of the War of 1812

David Powell  Nat Rosenblatt - In Memory of General Ralph P. Buckland 

Theodore Rawson Crane, Ph.D. - In Memory of Marilyn Tiedtke  (Boston, MA 1940 - Boulder, CO 2006) 

Ottawa County Genealogical Society 

Doris Flack 

Anonymous Donor

Dr. Earl J. Hess 

Danielle Beauchea and Nick Veneris 

Daniel J. Becker 

Barbara Phillips Reid 

Carolyn Elder - In Memory of Henry I. and Emily Elder 

Jane L. Fox - In Memory of June Smith Rice 

Madison McKinley Chapter Daughters of the War of 1812 

Firelands Civil War Roundtable 

Zoe L. Titchener 

John D. Rathbun

Thomas W. Waldsmith 

Barbara Reid - In Honor of Theodore Rawson Crane, Ph.D.

 Robert T. Jackson 

Alexander W. Kennedy

 Ronald L. Stuckey, Ph.D. 

Paul Joseph Coppa 

Nat Rosenblatt

Barbara Phillips Reid - In Memory of the Dickinson Family 

Edith G. Walden 

Daniel Becker - In Honor of the 160th Anniversary of Hayes' Arrival in Cincinnati: Christmas Eve 1849

Gale S. Hurd 

Dr. Wallace B. Eberhard 

Dr. David and Mary Hockenbery - In Memory of Pastor Bill and Helen Slates

Leanna Shaberly 

Ann W. and James S. Reeve II - In Memory of Stephen and Lucy (nee Whittlesey) Buckland

Pat Dwyer 

Glen and Bondetta Cutcher

Jack and Carolyn Zeigler 

Sue and Terry Pelton

Stuart M. Pekarsky

Lawrence J. and Jancie E. Holland

Francis D. and Madelyn C. Gardner

Pamela A. Russell

Thomas J. and Helen Hileman

Robert M. and Ardith O. Masters 

Elwood A. and Martha R. Nieman

Robert E. and Lorene I. Zumbrunn

Rebecca L. Stooksbury

Sarah K. Stringer

Thomas J. and Joyce A. Breidenbach 

Charles H. Bechtel

Eric and Kim Binns 

Mike Zeigler 

Greg and Jan Russell 

Dale and Kathleen Zeigler 

Vicky S. Glaze - In Memory of Joyce Zeigler 

Nan Card  - In Memory of Joan Gillis 

Tom and Dorene Paul - In Memory of Joyce Parker Orshoski

Donald M. Roper 

Sandra Zenser 

Mary Wonderly, M.D.

Robert Conrad 

Jon Jay Shultz - In Memory of Archie and Alma Klotz Shultz 

Kermit Weeks, Fantasy of Flight: Weeks Aviation 

Rich and Linda Geyman - In Memory of Beulah Sours 

Mervin Hall 

Rev. Mary Staley 

Steven A. Anderson & Kathy Hammell 

Memorial Health Care System - In Honor of Dr. Mary Wonderly 

Gage Ricard 

Robert Crall 

Gene Slaymaker

Susan L. Meyn, Ph.D. 

Dan and Katrina James

Nancy Platt Rayfield 

Cosmopolitan Club

Ed Debevec

Rich and Linda Geyman - In Memory of Marian E. Hoffert 

Rich and Linda Geyman - In Memory of Janice Ruth Kastor  

Rich and Linda Geyman - In Memory of Peg Hetrick 

James H. Dunmyer and Jan M. Dunmyer 

Patty D. Pascoe - In Memory of her father Christopher Dahm, WWII Veteran 

Father Marion Charboneau 

Kristie Miller 

Paula Welty 

American Legion, John Fodor Post, Oak Harbor, Ohio 

Mary B. Wonderly, M.D 

Gail Meade - In Memory of Francis Raymond Madden 

David Van Doren 

Johan and Marie Hildebrandt Foundation 

Sidney Frohman Foundation 

Ann Cain 

Dorothy Scott Tyree Alves & Bradford Alves -  In Memory of My Parents Dorothy & Lewis Tyree

Carolyn Bahnsen - In Honor of the Port Clinton Mothers of Twins