Images from Josh Brown’s lecture, "Seeing Boom and Bust: Capital and Labor in the Gilded Age Pictorial Press," Illustrating the Gilded Age: Political Cartoons and the Press in American Politics and Culture, 1877-1901, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums, Fremont, Ohio, May 20/June 6, 2008.

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59. Completion of Transcontinental Railroad, Harper's Weekly, 6/5/1869
60. Railroad building on the Great Plains, Harper's Weekly, 7/17/1875
61. "The Great Corliss Engine," Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 5/20/1876
62. Centennial opening, Harper's Weekly, 5/27/1876
63. Interior of main building, Harper's Weekly
64. Centennial innovations--Alexander Graham Bell and Telephone, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
65. Charity ball at the Metropolitan Opera, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1/12/1884
66. Railroad accident – Ashtabula, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
67. "Virginia.—The fatal explosion at the Midlothian coal mine, February 3d—Carrying from the shaft-cage a rescue party overcome by gas." F. C. Burroughs, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 2/18/1882
68. "Caught in the Shafting," National Police Gazette, 5/28/1892
69. "The great financial panic.--Closing the doors of the Stock Exchange on its members, Saturday, Sept. 20th." Wood engraving, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper (supplement), 10/4/1873
70. Station House Lodgers, Harper's Weekly, 2/7/1874 (Winslow Homer)
71. "Waiting for the second table.—Inmates of the poor-house on Randall's Island, East River, at New York City, forming in line for dinner." Joseph Becker (Matthew Somerville Morgan, Del.), Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 2/13/1875
72. Delmonico’s Soup Kitchen, Harper's Weekly, 5/7/1874
73. "The red flag in New York.—Riotous communist workingmen driven from Tompkins Square by the mounted police, Tuesday, January 13th." Matthew Somerville Morgan, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 1/31/1874
74."The police prevent a demonstration by working-men on Tompkins’ Square, N.Y. City, January 13. Charge of the mounted police on First Avenue." The Days’ Doings, 1/24/1874
75. "New York City.—A tramp's ablutions—An early morning scene in Madison Square." Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 7/21/1877
76. "The Tramp," Harper's Weekly, 9/2/1876
77. "Tramp’s Terror," Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 4/ 7/1877
78. "New York City.—Early morning at a police station—Turning out the vagrant night lodgers." Wood engraving based on a sketch by Fernando Miranda, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 2/10/1877, 377
79. "The shoemakers' strike in Lynn, Mass.—Procession, in the midst of a snow-storm, of eight hundred women operatives joining in the strike, with banners, inscriptions, and working tools, preceded by the Lynn City Guards with music, and followed by four thousand workmen, firemen, &c., March 7, 1860." Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 3/17/1860
80. New England factory life—“Bell Time,” Harper's Weekly, 7/25/1868 (Winslow Homer)
81. "New York City.--Great eight-hour labor demonstration--The procession of workingmen as it appeared on passing the Cooper Institute." Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 9/30/1871
82. "New York City.—The Eight-hour Movement—Procession of workingmen on a 'strike,' in the Bowery, June 10th, 1872." Matthew Somerville Morgan, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 6/29/1872, 253
83. "The Great Strike—The Seed and Its Fruit. The Seed. The conclave of the strikers.—The beautiful International, Judith Marx, initiating a numberof workmen as members of' 'the Secret Order of the Sun.'" The Days' Doings, 6/29/1872
84. "Pennsylvania.—The last loaf—A scene in the coal region during the recent strike." Joseph Becker, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 3/13/1875
85. "The Strike in the Coal Mines—Meeting of 'Molly M’guire' Men," Harper's Weekly, 1/31/1874 (Frenzeny and Tavernier)
86. "The great strike—The Sixth Maryland Regiment fighting its way through Baltimore." Wood engraving based on a photograph by D. Bendann, Harper's Weekly, 8/11/1877
87. New York Daily Graphic, Thursday, July 26, 1877
88. "Pennsylvania.—The railroad riot in Pittsburgh—The Philadelphia militia firing on the mob, at the Twenty-eighth Street crossing, near the Union Depot of the Pennsylvania Railroad, on Saturday afternoon, July 21st." John Donaghy, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper (suppl.), 8/4/1877
89. "'Is sercierty to be reorganized? Is the wurkin' man to hev his eights? That's what I wants to know,'" Harper's Weekly, 9/14/1878
90. "California.--The Chinese agitation in San Francisco--A meeting of the Workingmen's Party on the sand lots." Wood engraving based on a sketch by H. A. Rodgers, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 3/20/1880
91. "The great labor strike in Maryland and Pennsylvania—Its incidents and results.—1.—Strikers and those who suffer: A scene at Eckhart, Md,” Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 6/17/1882
92. "Maryland.—The labor troubles in the Cumberland region—Merchants in the mining town of Frostburg closing their stores by order of the Knights of Labor." John N. Hyde, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 6/17/1882
93. "The Great Labor Parade of September 1st," Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 9/13/1884
94. "Virginia.--Tenth annual convention of the Knights of Labor, at Richmond--Frank J. Farrell [sic], colored delegate of District Assembly No. 49, introducing General Master Workman Powderly to the convention." Joseph Becker, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, October 16, 1886
95. Haymarket – Harper's Weekly, 5/15/1886
96. "Illinois.—The anarchist trials at Chicago—A scene at police headquarters—Photographing criminals." Wood engraving based on a sketch by Charles Upham, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 7/31/1886
97. New York Streetcar Workers Strike, March 1886, Thure de Thulstrup, Harper’s Weekly, 3/13/1886
98. "Massachusetts.—Incidents of the street-car troubles in South Boston and Cambridge.—1. Passengers escaping from a bombarded car." Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 3/5/1887, 40
99. "The tyranny of the walking delegate.—Ordering workmen to 'go on strike.'" Wood engraving based on a sketch by J. Durkin, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 9/21/1889
100. Homestead strike, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, 7/16/1892
101. Homestead strike, Harper's Weekly, 7/16/1892 - 1
102. Homestead strike, Harper's Weekly, 7/16/1892 - 2
103. Homestead strike, Scientific American
104. "An Awful Battle at Homestead, Pa." National Police Gazette, 7/23/1892
105. Pullman, Harper's Weekly, 7/28/1894
106. Pullman, Chicago Herald, 7/3/1894
107. "Chicago Under the Mob," Frederic Remington, Harper’s Weekly, July 21, 1894