Along with our general book collection and President Hayes’s own collection, the Hayes Presidential Library owns a variety of specialized groupings of books which attract scholars and amateur historians.

  • Lyman Lincoln Collection - Abraham Lincoln and his era, Over 1600 books, pamphlets, articles, and other items. Donated by the Grand Lodge of Ohio, Independent Order of Odd Fellows
  • William Dean Howells Collection - · Writings of Howells; · Manuscripts and correspondence; · First editions and variation copies collected by H. Reid Coleman
  • Rendell Rhoades Croquet Collection - Books, pamphlets and articles about the classic Gilded Age game. Donated by Mrs. Rendell Rhoades
  • John Sherman Collection - Over 8,000 pamphlets collected by John Sherman, Secretary of the Treasury under the Hayes administration - Deals with slavery, Reconstruction, railroad history, bridge construction, Mormonism, and the tariff and the currency question.

- Charles E. Frohman Collection -  Deals with the history and growth of Erie County and Sandusky,  Ohio railroad development,  the theater form the mid-19th to early 20th century;  books, manuscripts, pamphlets, and photographs ; Sandusky newspapers, 1822-present; · Subject and name index to the newspapers and photos

  • Reinhardt N. Ausmus Collection: Pioneering aircraft design and early aviation
  • Capt. Frank E. Hamilton Collection: photos, shipping registers, and other papers pertaining to Great Lakes shipping history
  • Paul F. Laning Railroad Collection - Railroad history in Ohio and elsewhere, late 1800’s to 1980 - Books, timetables, photos, memorabilia, and miscellaneous manuscript material
  • Janet L. Wood Food and Family Collection - 19th century cookbooks, plus books on etiquette and home management

All books are cataloged and can be found on Bowling Green State University’s online catalog