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Honoring the memory of Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th U.S. president, the Hayes family established a presidential library, the first in the United States. Opened in 1916, this library preserves President Hayes' 12,000-volume personal library along with archival material from his military and political career, particularly his presidency (1877-1881). Over the years, the staff has expanded the collection to over 80,000 books which reflect Hayes' special interests, including genealogy, local history, and the Gilded Age period in which he lived.

Our library has many resources, spanning not only printed materials but also online access to many digital databases. A gift of $100 a month could help pay for our subscription to one such site, MyHeritage. A genealogical database, MyHeritage is used by many researchers who visit as well as by our members from home.


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As the nation’s first presidential library, the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums has made its historic, rare, and significant Manuscript Collections available to researchers for more than a century. Scholars, students, historians, educators, genealogists and journalists from throughout the United States and beyond travel to the institution each year to use its collections.

In the face of rising costs, donors and their gifts have played an increasingly important role in helping purchase original documents, diaries, letters, and records.

A gift of $50/month can provide the preservation materials for two collections.


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Rutherford B. Hayes was a history enthusiast who collected historical artifacts and saved his letters, diaries, and other documents. He believed these items could connect a person to a place and time like nothing else.

HPLM houses more than 20,000 three-dimensional objects and more than 30,000 images of these objects.

Some of these items were collected by Hayes. Other items belonged to him and Lucy, their family, and donors located throughout the United States.

Civil War weapons, Spanish-American uniforms, Hayes administration state china, artifacts owned by other presidents, and 19th-century toys are just a few of the object catalog records available

A monthly gift of $25 helps make it possible for the public to view our artifact catalog online. 


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Spiegel Grove is the name given to the estate of 19th U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes. It was so named for the large puddles of rainwater that collect beneath the towering trees following a storm. "Spiegel" is the German word for mirror - an accurate description for these nature-made reflecting pools. The Hayes Presidential Library & Museums is located within 25-acres of the President's original estate.

These grounds also are a staple of our city, providing a scenic spot for photographs of events such as proms or weddings as well as being a haven for dog walkers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

A monthly gift can help care for these historic grounds, the trees, the walking paths, and our beautiful gardens. 


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