A New Path Forward Campaign

This campaign is structured in a way that allows your gift to help NOW and for the FUTURE.

We are asking you to stretch in your giving for a total gift that will be allocated over a 3-year period. This will allow the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees to implement an on-going three year plan for the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums’ infrastructure and educational programming.

Unless specifically requested differently by you, the donor, your gift will be distributed the following way:

  • 25% Educational Programming: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM), History Roundtables, Speakers, etc.
  • 25% Gateway to the Future Annual Appeal: Funding the organization as a whole, such as climate control for artifacts and collections, maintaining the grounds of  Spiegel Grove, the Hayes Home, Museum, Library, Carriage House, etc.
  • 25% Preservation of Collections and Artifacts: Prevent damage to and minimize deterioration of     museum objects; hands-on work of museum artifact/preservation.
  • 25% Hayes Presidential Library & Museums’ Endowment:Funds will be a match to the Frohman Foundation Challenge Gift for the Manuscript and Photograph Collection Endowment

Your gift will help us revolutionize the way people learn about Rutherford and Lucy Hayes by helping them apply skills demonstrated by the president and first lady, such as conflict resolution, to modern situations. Our goal is to teach good history while helping people develop tools for addressing real life problems such as racism, bullying and drug addiction. We also want to create an educated American citizenry who understands how government functions and the role they can play in it.

The New Path Forward Campaign will ensure that we are a dynamic and evolving organization, responsive to the needs of the public we serve and prepared to take our place on a national stage.

Click on the button below to see the full New Path Forward Campaign form.

 New path forward campaign form