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Michael Deady


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

This collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 1958 by Mrs. H. Shields of Cleveland, Ohio. This collection is part of the larger Special Collection 1, containing a number of Civil War manuscript collections.

Biographical Sketch
Michael Deady was born July 24, 1841 in Aurora, Ohio.  The family moved to Solon, Ohio, where Deady farmed.  He enlisted as a private in Company A of the 23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry on May 18, 1861.  He was discharged on a surgeon’s certificate of disability February 26, 1863. Following his discharge, Deady returned to Ohio and married in 1867.  He then moved to Hudson, Ohio, where he was employed by W. B. Straight and Son until the company was sold.  Deady then traveled as a mechanic for The Harvester Company of Akron, Ohio.  Following the death of his wife (1916), Deady lived with his daughter, Mrs. H. Shields in Cleveland, Ohio until his death in 1924.

Scope and Content
The collection consists of two small leather-bound diaries kept by Deady during his Civil War service and the months following his discharge (1862 and 1863); Deady’s discharge certificate; Roster of the Surviving Members of the Twenty-Third Regiment, O.V.V.I. dated August 1896; and an envelope with a Union image imprint are also part of this collection.

The diaries contain nearly daily entries, beginning January 7, 1862 through December 31, 1862 and from January 1, 1863 to November 14, 1863. 

Deady’s short entries consist of reports of weather, marches, camp activities, battle actions, and casualties of Company A.  Deady noted his return to Ohio on furlough in early January 1863 and his discharge, given at Camp Chase, February 26, 1863.   Returning to Solon, Deady recorded his travels to neighboring towns, visits with friends, his work, and the frequent loss of time due to illness.  In the final pages of the 1863 diary, Deady recorded the names of correspondents and dates of their letters.  He also listed the names of those individuals to whom he wrote and the dates on which his letters were written. The inventory contains a transcript of Deady’s 1862 and 1863 diaries prepared by Bowling Green State University student Jacci Penrose (2007).

Ac. 1133, 1224

1. Civil War discharge certificate of Michael Deady

2. Roster of the Surviving Members of the Twenty-Third Regiment, O.V.V.I. dated August, 1896

3. Envelope with Union imprint, n.d.

4. Deady Diary, 1862

5. Deady Diary, 1863

Deady Diary: 1862

Tuesday January 7, 1862.

List of killed, wounded and missing of Co. A 23d Reg

Sep 14th on South Mountain

Wednesday 8

List of killed
Private Thadeous A Ross
Private Joshuay Barns
Private John Punn

Corporal Asa Vansickle

Thursday 9

Private Robbert B. Cornwell
Private Thomas Connans
Private Edwin B. Cambell
Private Henry Burimuster
Private Henry Bradish
Private Emory Hewett
Private Joseph A. Joel

Friday, January 10, 1862.

Sep 14 List of missing

Private Henry Pragin
Private Jacob Howery

Saturday 11

List of killed wounded & missing Wednesday Sep 14th at antetiem creek
List of killed Corporal S.E.Pull

Sunday 12

List of Wounded Corporals
CH Morgan
Stephen Lejune

Monday, January 13, 1862.

Sep 17 Wounded

Private Wm Gill
Private Wm Walace
Private L. Hannah
Private E.E. Henry & Prisoner

Tuesday 14

Missing Isac Ulhman

Wednesday 15

Prisoner John Fitch

Sunday, February 9, 1862.

Monday 11

Left home Started from Bedford in company with Higby Harrs

Thursday 12

In Wheeling all all Day lef on boat at night for Gallipolis

Wednesday, February 13, 1862.

In Wheeling on Boat all day got to Gallipolis in evening

Thursday 13

Left Wheeling

Friday 14

Took Boat for up Kanawha got to Piatt at ten this evening

Saturday, February 15, 1862.

Pay on the Grand trunk at camp Piatt 25 cts it went for mush

Sunday 16

Myself Harris Higby & Thurston returned to camp took the Boart at Piatt for Loop Creek they went on foot to camp got there about 8 oclock

Monday 17

Received new of taking of Fort Donaldson, great rejoicing in camp

Tuesday, February 18, 1862.

John Black and C.N. Hickox went on Ferloughs

Wednesday 19

Received pair of light Blue pants from Government

Thursday 20

Recd orders to be ready to march at one Hours notice

Friday, February 21, 1862.

Reported capture of General Price & Staff in Missouria confirmed

Saturday 22

Geo. C. Thurston promoted to corporal Weather wet & rainy  firing of Canon at Fayettville to Selbrat Washintons Birth Day

Sunday 23

Weather cold & raining  return of Sart Chamberlin & Richards to camp

Monday, February 25, 1862.

Return of Wenborn Cowen weather cold snow falling in the fore part of the Day wind Blowing heavy

Tuesday 25

Weather very pleasant

Wednesday 26

Weather dull and cloudy part of the day raining

Thursday, February 27, 1862.

Nothing of importance

Friday 28

Musterd for pay

Saturday, March 1

Return of T.C. Hewitt J. Hill from Ferlough & H H Woodruff from Hospital

Sunday, March 2, 1862.

Return of N Kelley been Home on Ferlough

Monday 3

Weather cold and Stormy

Tuesday 4

Clear but cold

Wednesday, March 5, 1862.

Cold and Snow

Thursday 6

Corporal Lynne Started for home on Ferlough

Friday 7

12 men under corporal vansickle on detached duty to put up telegraph between Fayettevill &Raleigh

Saturday, March 8, 1862.

Return of H. Brastich had been Home on Ferlough

Sunday 9

Weather pleasant & clear A Ives Started Home on Ferlough

Monday 10

Weather dull with some rain

Tuesday, March 11, 1862.

Pleasant J. black returned to Camp from home been Home on Furlough

Wednesday 12

Pleasant Sarg. Killam returned to camp from Cleveland Ohio having been Home on Ferlough

Thursday 13

Stormy To Day

Friday, March 14, 1862.

Pleasant  8 cavalry ambushed 2 killed 2 wounded 2 taken prisoners 2 escaped. out by Shady Springs beyond Raleigh(Gilmore 

Saturday 15

Stormy and rainy

Sunday 16

Rainy C.N. Hickox returned to camp on guard

Monday, March 17, 1862


Tuesday 18


Wednesday 19

Rainy recd news of the Capt of Newburn N.C. by the Burnside expedition with a loss on our side of 400) Rebbel loss not reported Loss taken, also two Days fighting at Island No 10 on the Mississippi

Thursday, March 20, 1862

Cloudy nothing of importance in camp to Day

Friday 21

Cloudy News Recd of the taken of Fort Macon  corporal Morgan went to Raleigh with cattle for army use.

Saturday 22

Weather dull and snow

Sunday, March 23, 1862

Nothing of importance in camp to day Moderate weather

Monday 24

Nothing of importance in Camp to Day weather Moderate

Tuesday 25

Pleasant  Nothing of importance  to Day

Wednesday, March 26, 1862

Squad sent down to escort the Paymaster up on Guard now in front of our quarters Guard to Day

Thursday 27

Lieut Kennedy assigned 1st Lieutenant of Co. A has not took command yet

Friday 28

15 prisoners passed on their way to Columbus Paymaster unwell Return of corp Lyne from Home been on Ferlough

Saturday, March 29, 1862

Weather Raining

Sunday 30

clear and Pleasant

Monday 31

Pleasant & clear

Tuesday, April 1, 1862

Pleasant & clear

Wednesday 2

Pleasant & clear

Thursday 3

Recd marching orders for Raleigh Paid of[f]  Sent Home $50.00 40 to Father 10 to Mother  got letter from O.E.L. one from M.J.W. one from M.J.D.  Received 78.00

Friday, April 4, 1862

Company Started at 8 and Stoped at at Fayetteville till ½ past 9 Resumed the line of March camped at night at a Log House owned by a man by the name of Blake 15 ½ miles

Saturday 5

arived at Raleigh at about three oclock P.M. Regt Band escorted the company into town pitched our tents and camped misty all day JS, JP. Myself went hed got breakfast.

Sunday 6

Genera cleaning up of equipments dess pirade at six oclock and Co I will P.M. received 1 Blouse of Government

Monday, April 7, 1862

heavy rains

Tuesday 8

heavy Rain

Wednesday 9

Wet and Cold

Thursday, April 10, 1862.

Wet and cold

Friday 11

Pleasant & clear news recd of the capture of island no 10 With 6,000 Prisoners. Rout of the Rebls under Beauregard at Cornith Death of Gen Johnston Beauregard wounded in the right arm

Saturday 12

Pleasant indications of Battalion Drill this morning squad went out under Srgt Chamberlin to capture some Rebbels returned this morning without them shots fired one supposed badly wounded.

Sunday, April 13, 1862

Cloudy company Inspection

Monday 14

Rainy on Guard

Tuesday 15


Wednesday, April 16, 1862

Pleasant plenty of Drill

Thursday 17

do do

Friday 18

Company moved one mile to Gen Becklys

Saturday, April 19, 1862

Orders to march raining

Sunday 20

Still, remaining camp sickly on account of the heavy rain which has raised the Big Piney so high that we cant cross we will probably start tomorrow if the rain seaces to Day

Monday 21

Still in camp the rain has ceased this morning and has the appearances of our I how we will be on the march by that time.

Tuesday, April 22, 1862.

The sun has been seen this morning but still it has the appearances of rain no marching to be done this morning

Wednesday 23

Weather Somewhat pleasanter than for the last four Days

Thursday 24

at about ½ 9 the Regiment struck tents, and too, up their line of March crossed Big Piney River then Big Beaver and afterward little Beaver and encamped near the stream the whole distans M was three miles after pitching tents commenced raining and rained all night

Friday, April 25, 1862

The rain has Seased but the Steams are up so that they cannot be crossed Co C orderd to be ready to march at midnight

Saturday 26

A detachment of the 23d consisting of C. A. E. C. & H.  Started on a scout at 121/2 oclock night expecting to find a body of Busa at Jumper Branch distance from camp 18 miles found non then to Blue Stone 8 miles on where we camped for the night on Guard

Sunday 27

at 8 oclock Co A Started for camp after going about 1 mile was joined by Co G Q Miles further by Co H & E reached Shady Springs at 4 ½ where the rest of the Reg. was camped whole distance 1st Day 25 miles 2d Day 21 miles

Monday, April 28, 1862

Weather Pleasant Corporal Vansickle returned to camp Brought me letters from Home one from town and Some other thugs Ben & Sugar

Tuesday 29

Raining Co C went out on a scout. Camp No 2

Wednesday 30

Musterd for pay at 5 ½ oclock A.M. at 8 oclock the Reg started on the march camping at night on flat top N  No 3

Thursday May 1, 1862

the reg Started on the march after proceding about 5 m. we camp upon the Co C who had been fighting Bushwhack  one man killed 20 wounded enemy loss Cap 3 privates 30 wounded Co A deployed around at princton after marching 22 miles  affull muddy

Friday 2

all quiet  weather pleasant  nothing doing only laying in camp

Saturday 3

Train arived leaving our tents Halpin returned to camp from Ferlough.

Sunday, May 4, 1862

Provision train camp up and one company of the 30 Regt cloudy appearance of rain on Grand Guard on Giles road Post No 1 raind after part of the night

Monday 5

Raining relieved this morning took half a hog n to camp received letter from Magie

Tuesday 6

weather pleasant  arrival of Col E. P. Scammon and the 30 reg from Raleigh 5 companies   Started for Giles C H H T & K

Wednesday, May 7, 1862

the Balance of 23rd Started  made a force march to Giles arived at 5 Oclock the co that proceded us captured a Rebel Col Major and 13 men besides all their commissary Stores

Thursday 8

Teams arived with our cooking utencils all quiet  Detachment of Cavalry Send out to riconiter 16 miles See 2500 Enemy in line of Battle Short Skermish one Rebel officer killed none of ours injuried.

Friday 9

Report the Rebbls are reinforced uring the night and are preparing to attack us fortifying 14 miles from here we expect reinforcements ot night of the 30d Regt and one Batter of five guns one Parot

Saturday, May 10, 1862

At five oclock this morning we was alarmed by the appearance of the Rebbels in force  there was five Battalions with 11 pieces of artilery we retreated 9 miles met our Reinforcements loss one Infantry 2 Cavalry

Sunday 11

we bivouacked last night on the Bank of N. river 9 miles from G.C.H. at one oclock we fell Back three miles to a narrow pass in the M. and camped 12 Reg arived mail arived

Monday 12

Forage party crost the River all quiet around Camp

Tuesday, May 13, 1862

Dress Pirade at six oclock first Brigade all here 23d 30 & 12 Rebts under comand of E.P. Scammond comanding Brigade

Wednesday 14

Weather Dull with rain Don my washing to Day one Shirt 2 Handerchiefs pair Socks

Thursday 15

Cloudy General Cox expected to Day  all quiet on N. River this camp situated on N.R. a the mouth of East River

Friday, May 16, 1862

Cloudy no rations yet Rebbels tried to Surround our Pickets attack antissipated by E.P. Scamon long Roll Batallion in line Co A deployed as Skermishers in the age of woods relieve every 4 Hours

Saturday 17

Called out at 2 Oc by Col Hayse deployed in the age of woods again Soon went Back commenced retreat rear arived at Princton at Dark Rebbel occupied withville road Slep on our arms in an open field

Sunday 18

Roused up at 2 oclock with the intention of as was supposed of attacting the Enemy we sill continued our retreat camping at night 9 miles from Random Co A packin up to go on Picket Guard on Guard

Monday, May 19, 1862

went back as far as flat Top mountain where we Bivouacked

Tuesday 20

Bivouacked on Flat Top Mountain misty all day

Wednesday 21

Had Battalion Drill on top of the Mountain 2 Oclock  A detachment of 23d Co A E & K one howitzer and Dquad of Cavalry under Major Cromney left flat Top taking B.S.R. marched 7 miles Stoped in an old Bar over night

Thursday, May 22, 1862

Resumed our March toward to Blue Stone and Halted for orders Cols Scammon & Ewing rode forward to examin the roads not passable forded the river back again and Bivouacked for the night.

Friday 23

Cols E P Scammon & Ewing returned to Flat Top on Guard Picket with Chapman & Connars on New B. S. River

Saturday 24

Raining commenced March at 10 Co A went down Pack ferry road 3 miles ordered Back in 10 minutes to Flat Top I got some Butter Bread Eggs milk put them on the wagon in charge of H or H went within 6 miles of Flat Top M  So Dark could go no further So Dark could not see the road

Sunday, May 25, 1862

at 5 oclock we resumed our March arived at Flat Top M at 7 ½ every thing quiet Glorious news from Corinth but what it is we cannot find out received our mail

Monday 26

In Camp company Drill  Dress Pirade

Tuesday 27

weather warm report that our troops are in possession of Corinth taking 20,000 prisoners

Wednesday, May 28, 1862

Raining Report of the Evacuation of Richmond

Thursday 29

on Grand Guard Supunary

Friday 30

Heavy thunder storm Lighting Stuck 3 trees in close to camp

Saturday, May 31, 1862

General Inspection  Corinth Evacuated

Sunday, June 1

Warm   2 Co of 23d 3 of 30th have Started for packs Ferry with Howtzars and company of Gilmons cavalry

Monday 1

Cloudy with some rain Signed Pay Rolls preparatory to being Paid one of the 23d Reg Shot off his thumb this morning another Battle near Richmond which results in disorder of the Rebbels

Tuesday, June 3, 1862


Wednesday 4

Still raining

Thursday 5

Received Pay weather warm & pleasant but muddy Sent Home $15.00 10 to N. V. 5 to Wm Deady

Friday, June 6, 1862

News from Corinth an English Rebel Officer Deserted & came into our lines Reported 50,000 troops deserted from Beauregarde Army principally Luisianians & Missippians & Alabamians

Saturday 7

Weather Pleasant

Sunday 8

Cold appearance of rain

Monday, June 9, 1862

Misty Report that Memphis has surrendered to Fedral Fleet within four miles Charleston S.C.

Thursday 10

Raining and muddy

Wednesday 11

Campany Drill  from 9 till 10 A.M. & from 3 till 4 PM on top the mountain one pair Drawers

Thursday, June 12, 1862

Clear and pleasant company Drill

Friday 13

Camp Jones  Raining & cool in morning pleasant after noon went out on pack Ferry R to pitch tents Mitchell Hayn Pralace C. Chamberlin & Green & myself Stoped all night

Saturday 14

Pleasant Day clearing up camp

Sunday, June 15, 1862

Heavy thunder shower

Monday 16

Cold & windy rather Damp

Tuesday 17

Clear and pleasant Higby & myself went to creek washed Shirt Drawers Socks and Bathed

Wednesday, June 18, 1862

Company & Battalion Drill Raining in the afternoon on regimental Guard Post one cold raind most all night

Thursday 19

Company Drill Rain in the Afternoon

Friday 20

clear and pleasant

Saturday, June 21, 1862

Battalion & company Drill weather Pleasant cool wind on police duty chopped and Hawld wood to Hd Quarters

Sunday 22

Weather Pleasant but clouded up in the after noon done my washing

Monday 23

clear & pleasant Battalion & company Drill

Tuesday, June 24, 1862

wrote three letters went picked some Wintergreens tended to Drills weather Pleasant & warm received 4 letters one paper

Wednesday 25

Battalion Drill & company Drill manual of Arms in afternoon got 1 pair shews one Blouse  weather pleasant teamsters alarmed by A woman wrote to C. E. Richards

Thursday 26

Weather pleasant  all quiet in camp Battalion Drill & Company Drill forenoon & afternoon also received 3 letters by mail  one from M. W. A. W, & C. P. Bald

Friday, June 27, 1862

Weather pleasant & warm on Grand Guard  Post one Lieut Thompson officer of Guard 23d went to bathe

Thursday 28

relieved this morning fogy & Irishing rain  wrote 2 Letters to A.L.M., M.H.W. received letter from Martin no Drill to Day Dress Parade at 6 oclock  pleasant this afternoon

Sunday 29

Cloudy with cool wind inspection of quarters by Dr. McCarty & Weber & Colonel Hayse at 8 A.M. Letter to Mart, & to Mother Been Burring  Al quiet in camp nothing going on but Dress pirade at 8

Monday, June 30, 1862

Cloudy & cool with little rain mustered for Pay at 8 oclock A.M. no Drill today Dress Pirade quite pleasant this afternoon.

Tuesday, July 1

Pleasat Drill in the fore noon clouded up the afternoon & commended raining & raind all night

Wednesday 2

this morning raing raind all fore noon cleard off in the afternoon remains cloudy no Drill or Dress Pirade weather cool anemerriment

Thursday, July 3, 1862

Pleasant Sun Shines Bright all things out airing  Battalion Drill in forenoon Co Drill & Dress Pirade afternoon

Friday 4

Band Played at 4 A.M. 3 Beautifull tunes no Drill all well and feel prety well in camp weather Pleasant  Boys build a low House & have a Dance in evening have a good time officers take pat  prety well run

Saturday 5

Pleasant very warm on Grand Guard Post No 1 Lieut. Jackson officer of Grand Guard one prisoner sent in from pipe Stem Settlement he says

Sunday, July 6, 1862

nice and warm cool Breeze come of Guard this A.M. done my wasthing &c! Dress Pirade Mail came none for me

Monday 7

Pleasant & warm recd news of the fight before Richmond first 2 days fighting

Tuesday 8

warm and Pleasant Drill of 1 hour before Breakfast in preference to Drilling at 9 A.M. Battalion Drill after Dress Pirade all quiet

Wednesday, July 9, 1862

All Quiet & Pleasant Drill Before Breakfast & after Dress Pirade Battalion Drill Recd news of the two Days fight at Richmond

Thursday 10

All Quiet & Pleasant & verry warm in the forenoon clouded up and rained in afternoon mail came Recd three Letters M.H. and D.O.E.

Friday 11

Cloudy and rainy no Drill till Dress Pirade recd paper stamps16 envelops from Home wrote to M.A and M to Mag misty most all Day.

Saturday July 12, 1862

Cloudy & foggy in the forenoon recd three letters & one papers & letter from Y Potter & from Mrs Morgan recd marching orders

Sunday 13

revirce at 4 oclock got up and got Breakfast took up the line of march at 7 arived at this place at 4 12 miles Distant with knapsacks on wagons come with tents at Sun set Tremendous out

Monday 14

Pleasant Detald for Guard on guard on Blue stone road post No 3 Co. F & H gon to Blue Stone on a scout offull warm this is came Green Meadows

Tuesday, July 15, 1862

relieved came to camp  company getting ready to go to Packs Ferry  weather very warm got one letter from Lib

Wednesday 16

weather warm and Hot Detaild for fatigue fixed Bathing trough clouded up in the Eve and raind

Thursday 17

weather mougy & warm cleard off pleasant in afternoon mail and recd: 3 letters one from Mart & Glen & Maria Dress Pirade in evening  wrote one letter to Mart—

Friday, July 18th, 1862

drawed 1 pair Pants  weather wet and rainy nothing doing in camp wrote one letter to Ellen this day cleard of had Dress Pirade and Battalion Drill

Saturday 19

weather cloudy & cool Chaomand & myself went to packs ferry to day all night & Higby also went Frishing & Pathing

Sunday 20

Started from the ferry at 8 A.M. to our Camp at 12 weather warm clouded up in the afternoon and raind Some  no pirade

Monday, July 21, 1862

Cloudy & fogy cleared of the reg went out target shooting Dress pirade mail cam got three letters N.S. O.E.S. cake in one from Mans drawed one pair Drawers

Tuesday 22

weather pleasant on Guard on picket post No 1 at Blacksmith Shop Cap Skiles officer of Day company 3 Ladies in after noon

Wednesday 23

weather pleasant & cloudy relieved mail came got 3 letters one from M.S. M.D. M.J.D. wrote two or three company gon to blue Stone to bathe I wrote three letters Dress Pirade and Drill.

Thursday, July 24, 1862

weather Pleasant Battalion Drill in forenoon allquiet in camp Mail came got one letter from B  A  R

Friday 25

weather pleasant  orders to be ready to march at 1 oclock with one days rations went within one mile of Ferry Stoped till Dark then crossed took out in to Leshiama clung in the night till tomorrow morning

Saturday 26

got Breakfast at Day light Started for camp Came by land draft ford got to camp 12 ½ came by Blue Stone boys got here in evening.

Sunday, July 27, 1862

Weather Pleasant no inspection no nothing

Monday 28

Weather Pleasant Drill after Guard mounting Col Hays gon to Flat Top Mail came  letter from Mart one from E. F.

Tuesday 29

Wather Pleasant  unwell to Day Mitchell Palmer Harris No Drill for me or Dress Pirade

Wednesday, July 30, 1862

Weather Pleasant  M.W.A  S.W.

Thursday 31

Weather rainy raind all Day Steady wrote one letter under the Doctors care yet

Friday, August 1

Weather cloudy & misty cleard off in afternoon all quiet in camp

Saturday, August 2, 1862

Somewhat cloudy Sun rose clear for to Day

Sunday 3

Pleasant in the foremoon our company was target shooting Mail cam No mail for me wrote 1 letter to E. Shor I

Monday 4

Weather Pleasant  rather warm Battalion Drill in forenoon Co Drill aftger noon practiced loadg Kneelin & laying down wrote to Mart

Tuesday, August 5, 1862

Weather Pleasant with cool Breeze I did not drill today mail came one letter for me from Ellen F.W. Burrill died between 4 and 6 in the evening.

Wednesday 6

Weather Pleasant Pickets cam in from ble stone report Four thousand Rebbels marching on to Packs Ferry our company ordered to Pack knapsack one Days rations in haversack to march wrote to Ellen fighting struck guard house Stunning Chat Connars Black Bermaster Barns tearing two or three Guns to pieces & cartirige Boxes  tearing their boots and clothes off and buring them very bad.

Thursday 7

This morning foggy and misty Buletin up 300,000 malitia called for  Mail cam 2 letters for me from Mart & E. Hale

Friday, August 8, 1862

Weather Pleasant moved our tents changed our front to the South camp more pleasant now wrote to E Hale

Saturday 9

Weather Pleasant Company E. H. & R. gon to Cromps Bottoms Started at 5 oclock in Evening some of our Boys gone Mail none for me

Sunday 10

Pleasant no inspection today only of quarters wrote to Mart our boys came in the Cavalry had 3 Horses wounded & lost one one man has not returned yet I suppose a prisoner

Monday, August 11, 1862

Weather nice & warm orders to be ready for General inspection cleand all up at night the Enemie tried to Suround our Pickets Co. K. went out Pickets all right

Tuesday 12

Pleasant Detaild for Guard was called up at 4 to pack Napsack and fix our rations ready for action

Wednesday 13

Pleasant nothing doing received marching orders in Evening to cook 3 Days rations which we did

Thursday, August 14, 1862

got up at 3 in the morning Started  went as far as Raleigh & bivouacked for the night to start the next morn.

Friday 15

weather warm marched on

Saturday 16

weather very warm got to Fayette in the Evening & Fritch wounded accidently

Sunday, August 17, 1862

got  up in the morning early marched to Carrelton  camped for the night

Monday 18

Started early got to Camp Piatt about noon took the boat about 3, the 12 & 30 Started before us the Boat lay over below Charleston

Tuesday 19

At Day we Started going up the Ohio the boat Stoped at Pomroy the treated us to cakes & Apples & cheers all Day

Wednesday, August 20, 1862

got of marched to Portland got a good Breakfast located very well Stoped till after noon took another Boat went within 5 miles Parkersburgh & stoped

Thursday 21

the Glenwood came we moved our Baggage on to her & went up to Parkersburgh when the 30  2 & 36 left for Washington

Friday 22

in Parkersburgh been down town See the City & all went up to Parkers burgh when the 30  2 & 36  Started on the cars. 23d left on the cars in the Eve

Saturday, August 23, 1862

Pleasant on the road toward Washington

Sunday 24

Still on the Rail cars arived at Washington City at 9 in the Evening

Monday 25

visited the Capital and National museum got Breakfast to a private House & dinner

Tuesday, August 28, 1862

Marched in afternoon in Direction of Alexandra 3 miles and bivouacked for the night

Wednesday 27

Start for Alexandria arived thare about 9 oclock camped in a little lot close to the Depot got Boy 12 & 11 in a Skermish at Bull Run

Thursday 28

Pleasant in fore noon Rain in afternoon troops of McClellans army passing all Day Pitched tents for night

Friday, August 29, 1862

orders to march at 8 oclock marched to Falls Chruch & camped close to Fort Uptons.

Saturday 31

this morning very Rainy & cloudy all Day mustered to Day got mail

Monday, September 1, 1862

Pleasant nothing much doing troops passing too & frow all Day got letter from E. J. & Picture

Tuesday 2

Pleasant on Guard Post No. 1. Mcdowell Divison  came in toward night McClellan & Pope along

Wednesday 3

To Day Pleasant and of Guard in afternoon 1100 Prisoners on Paroll came throughwe gave them everything we had to ate letter from 41 Reg

Thursday, September 4, 1862

Pleasant wrote to Ellen in forenoon  all quite in Camp Flag of Truce gon out

Friday 5

Pleasant & Drill to Day got orders to be ready to march at a minutes notice

Saturday 6

got up at 3 oclock Struck tents got ready marched at 6 from camp Upton to George town thence through Pennsylvania out three miles from the capital and camped for the night.

Sunday, September 7, 1862

March this morning So many have to move  slow march toward the ferry where Jackson crossed Splendid country marched 10 miles

Monday 8

Mitchell Palmer and myself went about one mile to wash a shirt orders to march in evening marched till one A.M. about 12 miles

Tuesday 9

marched  five or six miles and camped very warm and dusty

Wednesday, September 10, 1862

remain in camp till after noon got orders to march orders countermanded and we Stay all night

Thursday 11

Marched 12 miles to Day passed some fine farms Reports say Jackson is a few miles ahead All in good spirits.

Friday 12

Rains during the night  Mitchell Palmer and I had a little tent did not get wet marched to Federick City had a Skermish with the enemy we took possession and camped westand Picket all night

Saturday, September 13, 1862

In afternoon march 8 miles to Midleton get in after Dark Shifted Camp one Rebs Burnt the Bridge Cavalry drove the Rebs out of town befor we got here

Sunday 14

Marched on find the Enemy in the Woods on C mountain 23d Reg in advance to Day Co A deployed our Divison make 3 charges Ross Dum killed & 11 of our Boys wounded

Monday 15

Detailed to bury the Dead me & Mitchell from our co bury our own men and mark each grave our loss 33 killed one Hundred and five wounded.

Tuesday, September 16, 1862

Went to Midletown to get Prisoners to bury their Dead could not come back and went at it  Buried 200 Rebes they lay prety thick 75 of us to work.

Wednesday 17

up and at work burying  Still heavy canonaiding all Day big fight ahead bury 250 to Day reports are our men are diving the Enemy

Thursday 18

Same old work affull smell to work by to Day finish to Day and glad of it visited corps

Friday, September 19, 1862

come up to the Regiment Regt moved cross the ckeek two miles Enemy falling back cannonading heavy in Evening

Saturday 20

Day in camp went and see G McCoughlin from 17 Michigan Volunteer had a good long talk about old times wrote to Father and Ellen

Sunday 21

Still in camp I write a litter to Mart heavy canonaiding and has been for the last ten Days got letter from Mart last night

Monday, September 22, 1862

Still in camp near Shapsburg all quiet in camp warm and pleasant

Tuesday 23

called up at 3 oclock to Roll call orders to Sleep on arms to march at a moments notice countermanded do not move

Wednesday 24

Still in camp Weather warm & pleasant rain in afternoon

Thursday, September 25, 1862

Weather Pleasant no news in Camp

Friday 26

Pleasant moved crost antetium to new camping Ground Camp Mansfield near Antetium

Saturday 27

Pleasant Name of Camp Mansfield those before here

Sunday, September 28, 1862

Pleasant Dress Pirade in Evening got a loaf of Bread to Day for 25 cts

Monday 29

Pleasant  no nuse in camp  al quiet two Drills and Dres pirade

Tuesday 30

on Guard to Day Coxes Head Quarters  E.B. Poinbell recd Commission Lieut

Wednesday, October 1, 1862

rain in Evening Bull & Taylor here all feeling well to see them  going to stop over night

Thursday 2

about to rais the body of our comrad S. E. Bull all the solon boys went  placed it in coffin to take Home they Departed for home at 1 oclock

Friday 3

Pass in review Gen’s Burnside & McClellan an Presidnet Abe all here Great time  Dress Pirade in Evening

Saturday, October 4, 1862

Pleasant  all quiet in camp

Sunday 5

Pleasant got Mail 6 letters fel in to ranks to part with Gen Cox over to the 17 in with Wm N Marshall to See McCoughney

Monday 6

All quiet in camp nothing doing to speak of

Tuesday, October 7, 1862

Pleasant orders in Evening to march & cook 3 Days rations

Wednesday 8

Left Camp Mansfield marched to Haggerstown 17 miles offull warm & dusty the report is two Died on the march from fatigue

Thursday 9

Started for Hancock 12 miles to Clear Springs the Regt Stoped for night  me and 2 other Boys went on 4 miles Stoped all night to a Mr Henry Wards

Friday, October 10, 1862

Started out before Day for Hancock 8 miles to go Stoped to a House & took Breakfast got to this place about 9 oclock forded the river to Depot & camped for the night riain all night

Saturday 11

Rainy about noon we got onto a train lay on it all Day & night

Sunday 12

Our Brigade and Sumerian Battery left the cars recorss the river marched to little cove valy 20 miles to opperate on some Reb Cavalry if they come that way raind all night

Monday, October 13, 1862

Some rainy in morning  marched back to Hancock and got on the cars again Jones & I got dinner to the old place again got on at 3 the cars left for Cumberlin at 9

Tuesday 14

Arived at Cumberlin toward morning run about 2 miles out of the city and Stopped moved on all day and all night

Wednesday 15

Left Cumberlin got to Parksburg before Day light Stoped in cars till noon where we got off marched to this place about one mile & are now in camp

Thursday, October 16, 1862

Nothing doing in camp to Day only resting & writing to our friends all quiet in camp

Friday 17

All quiet and Pleasant nothing doing to Day Dress pirade offull cold nights Palmer went and got some milk & onions Had Bread & milky onions

Saturday 19

cool morning Detaild for Guard Grand on Post No 1 Guarded 5 Prisoners Scarmon came along about Day light and give me fits for noise in Camp

Sunday, October 18, 1862

Pleasant nothing doing to Day in camp

Monday 20

Cold frosty morning come of Guard wrote to Martin then went to sleep till noon  Panner cooked onions and has Bread & milk  Has your after milk now drawed Blank to Day $244.

Tuesday 21

Weather Pleasant find Days and cool nights

Wednesday, October 22, 1862

Weather Pleasant get tents to Day

Thursday 23

I done A big washing to Day all quiet in Camp nothing much doing Caps father has come to see him

Friday 24

Pleasant  C.H. Moore starts for home to Day Banel leaves to Day for home some talk of marching all will in camp

Sunday October 26, 1862

rains all Day march 15 miles 3 miles past Weston on Jackson road and Camp for night all wet Still raining  get rations & Whiskey

Saturday 25

Pleasant to Day leave Clarksburg march toward Weston go 12 miles and camp for the night rains all night

Monday 27

Get up & march to Jackson  12 miles & Camp for the Night

Tuesday October 28, 1862

we remain in Camp to Day toward night get orders to be ready to march at 7 oclock in the morning

Wednesday 29

After Breakfast we start & march 16 miles to Salt lick Brige and camp for the night

Thursday 30

Pleasant march again to day we go to Sutton 11 miles and camped for the night on Sutton Hill

Friday, October 31, 1862

Weather pleasant remain in Camp to Day waiting for rations to come up

Saturday November 1st

March to Burch river 16 miles and camp for the Night

Sunday 2

Pleasant to Day we march to Summerville 21 miles pretty hard march over the big Burch

Monday, November 3, 1862

Still in camp and out of crackers and none to get  there is none to be drawn

Tuesday 4

Weather Pleasant all quite in Camp nothing doing crackers scarce yet

Wednesday 5

weather cool rains in the Evening and Snows towards morning two Recruits to come tonight

Thursday, November 6, 1862

Cold & cloudy to Day no news in camp crackers scarce yet

Friday 7

Cold windy and Snowey nothing doing in camp

Saturday 8

Cold & Stormey Still Snowing crackers scarce as every none to be had

Sunday, November 9, 1862

Pleasant with snow on the ground Palmer & I went out in country got Dinner to Mr John Dorseys got two canteens of milk and killed one squirrel got back & wrote two letters

Monday 10

Pleasant orderly Starts for home this morning carys letters for the Boys. orders in Evening to march at 7 oclock in morning.

Tuesday 11

Pleasant Ground froze we march to Day 16 miles toward Canley & camp for the night in the woods on a Little revene

Wednesday, November 12, 1862

Ganley Bridge commenced to rain resume our march in rain raind all Day march 5 miles below Ganey in all 20 miles all wet Still raining  got Blouse of Government

Thursday 13

Pleasant this morning Sun Shines  no prospect of marching yet to Day Stop in Camp all Day to be ready to march in morning boys feel well all holler at roll call

Friday 14

Pleaseant no ove  to Day all quite in Camp get up wood in forenoon

Saturday, November 15, 1862

Still in camp weather pleasant not martch to Day orders to march at 6 oclock in morning

Sunday 16

Pleaseant after grub  Strike tents and march up to Montgomery Ferry cross & camp talk about Building winter Quarters

Monday 17

Pleaseant A detail Sent out to cut logs for Baracks

Tuesday, November 18, 1862

Pleaseant another detail sent to cut timber for logs and roll them Down the mt

Wednesday 19

Rather lowery worked on the Shanties chopped Saddles all day

Thursday 20

Lowry to Day Some work on buildings  I worked on the Houses to Day

Friday, November 21, 1862

worked on Houses to Day Some cutting logs Some on the Houses Some cutting logs for Shakes all busy

Saturday 22

pleaseant all at work at our winter quarters all busy

Sunday 23

Palmer and myself and two others went out 3 miles got feed for our oxen that we have working getting logs

Monday, November 24, 1862

pleasant at work on Houses again  all at work

Tuesday 25

Hin [?] in the Evening have worked all day on buildings

Wednesday 26

Snowey & Stormy Boys of cutting logs for Shakes on the Mountain I work thare in the afternoon

Thursday, November 27, 1862

pleaseant worked on the Shanties in forenoon Prepair for moving Shakes in afternoon

Friday 28

pleaseant commenced Shakes to Day four hundred

Saturday 29

pleaseant Shakes to Day all Day misty most of the afternoon

Sunday, November 30, 1862

Quite pleasant worked all Day Shakes for Shanties

Monday, December 1

Is Cloudy & Stormy & rainy  raind all night  quite windy

Tuesday 2


Wednesday, December 3, 1862

Do Do

Thursday 4

Do Do

Friday 5

Snowy & Stormy  F. Harris joind company to Day from Hospital

Saturday, December 6, 1862

Cold & Stormy S H Fitch joined Company to Day from Hospital

Sunday 7

Cool with  Some Snow

Monday 8

Weather Pleasant working on Buildings No news in Camp

Tuesday, December 9, 1862

Pleaseant Sargant more returned from Town with boxes for company I am on Guard on fayett road

Wednesday 10

(Pleasant) received Cheese, Butter Apples Peaches socks Shirts Tea &c

Thursday 11

Weather Pleaseant (nothing doing in Camp to Day

Friday, December 12, 1862

Pleasant & clear

Saturday 13

Pleaseant G. O. Connars Joind company from Hospital

Sunday 14

Pleaseant nothing Doing all quiet in Camp

Monday, December 15, 1862

Clear & Pleaseant

Tuesday 16

Do Do

Wednesday 17

Do Do

Thursday December 18, 1862

Clear & Pleaseant

Friday 19

Pleaseant Major McIlrath & Private Hayne leave for Cleveland Ohio this morning

Saturday 20

all quiet in Camp Rhumor that Burnsid is whipped and Drove across the Rapahanoc

Sunday, December 21, 1862

Clear & Pleaseant nothing Doing to Day

Monday 22

Weather Pleasant  Somewhat unwell

Wednesday, December 24, 1862

Pleaseant & cloudy to Day Franklin Straton leaves for home on Furlough

Thursday 25

Pleasant today went out Target Shooting with the colonel then the Boys shot for A turkey shooting around all Day  ome of the Boys gon out in the country to get Dinner Cap gives Two Bottles of wine to each mess for Christmas

Friday 26

Pleaseant nothing doing in Camp Some of the Boys working on Cape House

Saturday, December 27, 1862

Pleaseant nothing Doing to Day mail came to night got four letters

Sunday 28

Pleasant Inspection by Colonel Hayse and Adjutant Thompson wrote letters Home to Day took walk up the River Sun Shines bright to Day

Monday 29

Clear & Pleaseant this morning been and drawed Bread Soft Bread all quiet in Camp to Day

Tuesday, December 30, 1862

Pleaseant in fore noon Rain in after noon nothing doing to Day

Wednesday 31

Snowing and blustering all day mustered to day list of Killed & wounded in Battle Sept 14th (Maryland)

   Corporal S. E. Bull
   Private J. Dunn
   Private T A Ross

   Joshuay Barns

Died of wounds
  Corp U. Vansickle arm off
  T. O. Connars
  R. B Cornwell
  E. Cambell
  H Bradish

December 31st  Eighteen hundred and 62

Deady Diary: 1863

Thursday, January 1, 1863

Pleasant nothing of importance going on in Camp today  Some Target shooting &c.

Friday 2

Moderate all quiet in Camp on Guard to Day on picket up the River Road  A A.Jerome starts for home on Furlough to Day

Saturday 3

Relieved this morning appearances of a nice Day James Owls returns from home joins Co to Day having been home on Furlough

Sunday, January 4, 1863

orders to prepair for inspection Inspected by Colonel Hays Boys all writing to pass of time

Monday 5                                                                                        

All quiet in Camp Boys working on Cook House wrote to Mart to Day

Tuesday 6

Weather lowery and Rainy all Day nothing doing in Camp Got 10 pies cooked at Bakery to Day.

Wednesday, January 7, 1863

To Day is Pleasant work getting out shakes and working on Cook House Chapman & Burcat start for Home to Day  mail came

Thursday 8

Weather lowery Snow and Rain all Day nothing doing in Camp Colonel R.B. Hays commanding the Brigade Canby comand the Regiment at present

Friday 9

Pleasant to Day getting out shakes to cover Cook House all quiet in Camp

Saturday, January 10, 1863.

Weather stormy all Day but Slow nothing of Importance in Camp to Day

Sunday 11

Weather Moderate with little Snow Davis T.S.Howe starts for Gallipolis  mail came

Monday 12

Weather pleasant working on Cook House  all quiet in Camp.

Tuesday, January 13, 1863.

“)  Nothing doing in Camp to Day Some working on chimney to Day

Wednesday 14

“)  All quiet in Camp Boys working on Cook House to Day

Thursday 15

Weather Rainy most of the Day rained all night plenty of bitters in Evening all feeling well

Friday, January 16, 1863.

Weather Snowey and Blustering River raising fast

Saturday 17

Weather cold and windy with little Snow River raised four feet Still vaising  J.C.Cowen joins Co to Day

Sunday 18

Pleasant and cool Inspection of Quarters by Dr Barrett

Monday, January 19, 1863.

Pleasant  Co A I & R gone to Tomkins Farms on Picket for one week Jenkins Cowen and myself left here to keep House pass of time by Cord playing

Tuesday 20

Weather moderate nothing doing in Camp all quiet to Day

Wednesday 21

Weather Pleasant no news of importance in Camp Hall come none for me

Thursday, January 22, 1863.

Nothing doing in Camp to Day

Mail came  none for me

Friday 23

Went to Look Creek with Jenkins after Hay got Home at 2 oclock

Mail came got letter from Mort

Saturday 24

Went to Piatt with Jenk took four prisoners two male & 2 Female  camped 14 miles from Camp Reynolds

Sunday, January 25, 1863.

Rose Early hitch up and move on for Piatt at 2 oclock got plenty of Cider and camp for the night  Jenk went to Charleston got gall of cider to go back on

Monday 26

Hitch up and start Back Stop at night where we did going down  Had a good time with some Gals Va gals played Eucher &c.

Tuesday 27

Rose Early got Breakfast and start for camp at 10 oclock got to Camp about 3 oclock

Rainy all Day not very Hard though

Wednesday, January 28, 1863,

Stormy Snow and Rain all Day River Raising fast

Thursday 29

Stormy with plenty of Snow

Friday 30

Moderate some little Snow all quiet in Camp

Saturday January 31, 1863.

All quiet in Camp  Mose Richards Ren Harris Hart Hickox cam here from Soler  good times in Evening visiting also Major McGroth & Liewt Wm Chamberlin return

Sunday, February 1

Pleasant all quiet been out walking with the Boys up to the Falls and around  Having good times all around

Monday 2

Weather pleasant nothing new in Camp Having good times walking around  Lip Scroyer joines company to Day.

Tuesday, February 3, 1863.

Snowed last night Snowing this morning Wise Post & Ren go out with the Boys to cut wood on the mountain Snowing like fury. John Chapman joined company

Wednesday 4

Weather cool with some wind Rev Hart Mose and some of the other Boys gone to Hawk’s nest on Lewisburg road 10 miles from here

Thursday 5

Snowing got my Furlough this morning for 20 Days and start for the Boat landing  J Hill with me go about 20 miles and stop quite unduly bad walking

Friday, February 6, 1863.

Snowing this Morning we are now 5 miles from Piatt after Breakfast at about 5 oclock take Boat and go to Charleston and stop for the night

Saturday 7

Weather Pleasant but cold  Start down the River at 6 oclock go to Point Pleasant and take of Hourses and put on Buns to arrive there crost the River got to Gallipolis at 6 oclock put up at American

Sunday 8

Weather pleasant all quiet church Bells ringing got Breakfast no boat going out to Day  Boat arrives from Kanawha in forenoon go on board the monitor in Evening

Monday, February 9, 1863.

Some rain start out at 3 oclock up Ohio River full of Ice  Slow getting along

Tuesday 10

Arrive at Parkersburg 1. Oclock at night go on Board the Eagle for Wheeling weather pleasant got to Wheeling at five in the morning and crossed over to Bridgeport

Wednesday 11

took cars for Wellesville and for Bedford got to Bedford at 8 oclock in Evening.  Stoped with Uragin all night (rainy)

Thursday, February 12, 1863.

Got up at 8 oclock got Breakfast and started for Home stoped to Baldwins to the Senter got Home at noon all well very stormy Snowey

Friday 13

Pleasant went down to the old place in forenoon to the Senter in afternoon had oyster supper in Evening bets Ome & Frank & Mary was Here

Saturday 14 

Went over to Horn’s then to Morgenses then to Richards hitched on Omes buggy went to Senter ( ) back and stayed with Ome all night rainy in Eve

Sunday, February 15, 1863.

Got Home about 11. folks gone to Meeting write to Martin went up to H Baldwins stayed all night

Monday 16 

Pleasant went to the Falls with Baldwin in forenoon got Home at noon went over to Smiths in Eve then down to Balies in Evening

Tuesday 17

Stoped to Richd all night went down to Harrisen then over to Gusts then to Wards round Home by the Sentre and went to bed

Wednesday, February 18, 1863.

funeral at Senter to Day a Soldier from 103 Regt Ohio VI. went  to Senter then down to Harises in Eve to Smiths with Ome Rev Fran Stoped all night

Thursday 19

Rainy stay around all Day go up to the Sentre Miron with me come Home with me Stoped all night  Had a game of Cards Wish Mathews was here Elen cam Home

Friday 20

Snowed last night ellen gone back playin g all Day Mose R brings me some letters from camp Mathews gone Home S. still here

Saturday, February 21, 1863.

Pleasant go to Sentre in morning then home & go over to Smiths  Lute come Home with me stayed all night  Ellen Home Ome R here & Ase Chain

Sunday 22

Snowey cold and windy not much getting out to Day. Snowey all Day go down to Browns and to Siles in Evening

Monday 23

Go to Senter then to Sils and to Smiths Harrisess Stayed to Dens all night Wen & Ome there in Evening pleaseant

Tuesday, February 24, 1863.

Pl. went to Sentre in forenoon in after noon went to the falls with Lil Sciwyer  pleaseant

Wednesday 25

Start for Columbus go to Cleveland on morning train take Evening train for Columbus get there at 2 oclock in morning pleaseant 

Thursday 26 

Get up report at Capt Dade office sent me to Camp Chase Examined by Surgeon get my Discharge all out by 3 oclock Start Home on train at 6 rainy to Day 

Friday, February 27, 1863. 

Pleaseant get in to Cleveland at 5 oclock take Mahoning for Solon at 7:15 get to Solon 8 oclo. Go to Exibition in Evening 

Saturday 28 

Pleaseant arrange things in my trunk Harris stayed with me last night go to Sentre to Baldwins then to Gusts Bush from there to Home Lute & George here in Eve 

Sunday March 1 

Snowey & stormy Maria was here all night writing to Day wrote to Harris & to Jenkins 

Monday, March 2, 1863. 

Weather quite went to Sentre in morning then Home tap Sugar Bush in afternoon go over to Dens Stay all night. 

Tuesday 3 

rather Stormy Den and I go to Centre Den Father and I go to see Jas cows Father bought 10 go up to Baldwins Stay all night 

Wednesday 4 

Cool with little Snow go to Centre then Home Doing nothing today wrote to Martin 

Saturday 7 

Pleaseant at the Centre this Morning 

Sunday, March 8, 1863. 

Pleaseant some Snow Bill & I go out walking to Day 

Monday 9 

Weather pleaseant Archy R. and myself go to the Chagrin Falls on foot 

Tuesday 10 

In Evening go to North Solon to Exibition Oliver Almon Williams & My Self 

Tuesday, March 17, 1863. 

Why is a young man 20 years old like a young squirrel 

Saturday 20 

Washed shirt in forenoon lost time in afternoon one half day lost time 

Tuesday, June 9, 1863 

Worked on Road Lost one half Day
Mollie A Johnson
Coals Mouth
Western Va 

Friday, June 12, 1863. 

Received of Henry Baldwin 3.00 in full on work 

Saturday 13 

Lost time to Day Saturday 13 1863 

Thursday 2 

Received of B. Baldwin Fifteen Dollars $15.00 In cash 

Friday, July 3, 1863. 

Time Lost to Day went to Wy & So Bedford to Party at Fountain House 

Saturday 4 

Time Lost this Morning go to the Falls Chagrin took Breakfast there I go to Wy get back at 1 oclock 

Friday 10 

Time Lost to Day To Day Had to Stop work on Account of being sick 

Saturday 11 

Time Lost to Day on account of being unwell 

Monday 13 

Monday July 13th 1863

Let to Henry Baldwin to Day $75.00 Seventy five Dollars in cash till called for M. Deady 

Friday 31 

Received of H Baldwin this Day five Dollars in cash Friday July 31th 

Friday 7 

Lost time Friday this 7th all Day 

Saturday 15 

Received of H. Baldwin Five Dollars ($5.00) In cash 

Thursday, August 20, 1863. 

Thursday Recd. Of H Baldwin ($4.00) In cash 

Friday 21 

James F. Hill
James A Hill 

Saturday 22 

Lost Half Day 

Sunday, August, 23, 1863. 

Woodslee Essex Co.
E. Johnson 

Monday 24 

Woodslee Essex Co

Thursday, September 1, 1863. 

Time Lost half Day 

Saturday 5 

Recd of Baldwin one Dollar (Cash) 

Thursday, September 10, 1863. 

Received of H Baldwin five Dollars (Cash) 

Friday 11 

Time Lost 

Saturday 12 

Time Lost 

Tuesday 15 

Recd in Cash of Baldwin 25 Dollars

Wednesday, September 16, 1863 

Lost time 

Thursday 17 

Do “ [Ditto] 

Friday 18 

Do “ [Ditto] 

Saturday, September 19, 1863 

Do. lost time
Nellie May Deady 20 

Tuesday 29 

Lost time 

Thursday, October 1, 1863 

Lost time 

Friday 2 

Do [Ditto] 

Tuesday, October 13, 1863. 

Lost a half Day 

Saturday 17 

Recd not amount one hundred and Sixteen Dollars to pay to Taylor 

Tuesday 27 

Accept a heart
That’s always true
That beats for one
That one is you



I am thine in thy gladness
I am thine in thy tears
My love it can change not
In absence of years

M E 

Thursday 5 

For A dungeon thy dwelling
My home it would be
Fir its gloom would be sunshine
If I wer with thee

Saturday 14 

Recd Cash $200

List of Letters wrote 

Since Jan 1st 1863
Jan 1st William Deady
Jan 2d Maggie
Jan 4th Martin Deady FK
Jan 7 Ellen
Jan 7 Mother
Jan 8 Mary J Ward
Jan 9 Betsey Harris
Jan 9 Mary A Harris
Jan 9 William J Deady
Jan 10 Edward E Henry
Jan 12 Martin V Deady
Jan 14 Miron V Smith
Jan 14 Gloria Stone
Jan 14 Lorinda Neers
Jan 18 Ellen J Denby
Jan 21 Martin Franklin
Jan 22 Lizzie Deady
Jan 22 Ruth A Rhoades
Jan 23d Martin V. Deady
Jan 23d Herman Rhodes 

Letters wrote
Jan 28 William J Deady
Jan 28 Martin V Deady
Jan 28 To Mother
Jan 28 To Hattie Crosby
Jan 29 Maggie J Deady
Feb 12 J Mitchell
Feb 15 Martin Deady
Feb 17 To Columbus James A. Hill
Feb 27 Martin V Deady
Feb 27 John Chapman
Feb 27 James Mitchel
Feb 28 James Palmer
Mar 1st James Hill
Mar 1st G W Jenkins
Mar 1st F.O. Harris
Mar 4 Martin V Deady Lex
Mar 8 Ottis Button
Mar 8 Henry Trowbridge
Mar 8 Alfred Button
Mar 8 Oassius Mather
Mar 15 Martin O Deady
Mar 15 Alfred Jerome
Mar 15 James Palmer
Mar 15 William Thomas
Mar 22 Alfred Buttn
Mar 22 G W Jenkins
Mar 24 James S Mitchell
Mar 25 Alfred Jerome
Mar 25 M V Deady
Mar 25 Ottis Button Esq
Mar 26 James A Hill
Mar 28 James Palmer
Mar 29 James Mitchell
April 1st Ottis Button
April 1st Martin V Deady
April 1st Martin O Deady
April 7 Alfred Button
April 8 James Dickson

Letters Recd Since Jan 1 1863
Jan 1st Maggie Deady
Jan 7 From Mother
Jan 7 Miron Smith
Jan 7 Mary J Ward
Jan 9 Mary A Harris
Jan 9 Betsey Harris
Jan 9 Edward E Henry
          William J Deady
Jan 11 Martin V Deady
Jan 11 Ellen
Jan 11 Matilda A Ward
Jan 13 Martin V Deady
Jan 14 Ellen J Deady
Jan 14 Otis Button
Jan 19 Maria Franklin
Jan 19 Ellen J Deady
Jan 19 Ruthe A Rhoads
Jan 23 Martin V. Deady
Jan 23 Herman Rhoads
Jan 27 Elen J Deady

Jan 27 Maggie J Deady
Jan 27 Hattie Crosby
Jan 27 From Mother
Jan 27 Mary J Ward
Jan 27 Martin V. Deady
Jan 27 William J Deady
Jan 29 Thomas Potter
Jan 29 Clonie Stone
Jan 31 From Father
Jan 31 S.S. Bull
Jan 31 Maggie J Deady
Feb 3d Robert Smith
Feb 3d Mary A Harris
Feb 3d Martin V. Deady
Feb 3d Ellen J Deady
Feb 4 William J Deady
Feb 4 Maggie J Deady
Feb 4 Mollie Mather
Feb 10 C.S.Mather
Feb 10 Maria Franklin
Feb 20 Received
Feb 20 Jennie M Smith
Feb 20 Elizabeth Deady
March 1st James Mitchel A
March 1st James A Hill A 23
March 1st Herman I Rhoads Co G 103
March 14 AA Jerome Co A 23
March 14 John S Chapman Co A
March 14 James Palmer Co A
March 15 Note from Jerome
March 15 Alfed Button I O V Cav
March 15 R H Rhoads
March 15 Martin O Deady
March 18 Alfred Button
March 18 G W Jenkins
March 18 Cassius S Mather
March 18 Henry Trowbridge
March 23 Otis Button
March 24 James S Mitchell
March 25 Alfred Jerome
March 25 James S Mitchell
March 27 James Palmer
April 1st W L Thomas
April 1st Alfred Button
April 4 Geo Jenkins
April 5 MV Deady