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Clifford Hayes Smith


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The Clifford Hayes Smith Collection was donated to the Hayes Presidential Center in 1972 by Howard Votey Smith.

Biographical Sketch
Clifford Hayes Smith, a Vermont Congregational minister, was born Aug. 17, 1856 in Brattleboro, VT and died June 12, 1948 in Proctor, VT. He was a first cousin once removed of Pres. Rutherford B. Hayes (great-grandparents Rutherford Hayes, Sr. and Chloe Smith Hayes; grandparents Linda Hayes and second husband Samuel Elliott; parents Sophie Elliott and Samuel Smith). Clifford married Nellie Bartlett in 1882 and she died in 1885. He then married Martha (Mattie) Louisa Votey in 1887 and she survived him. Clifford and Mattie were the parents of two children: a son, Howard Votey Smith born in 1887 and died in 1982; and a daughter, Nellie, who died before October 1890.

Scope and Content
The collection consists primarily of correspondence to and from Clifford, Nellie, and Mattie from 1870 to 1900, concerning family matters and events in his several congregations as well as miscellaneous correspondence of his parents, sisters, and cousins. There are several writings of Samuel Elliott and also a considerable amount of Elliott family genealogical material. Other items in this collection include writings and journal/cash books of Clifford Hayes Smith as a student at Dartmouth College and Yale Seminary, a scrapbook of newspaper clippings of Clifford’s speeches and writings, and newspaper clippings of Rutherford B. Hayes’s visit to Brattleboro in 1887. There are also three photo albums and numerous loose photos of family and friends, trips and Vermont locations including Brattleboro. An item-level description and an index to all correspondents in this collection are available in the library reading room.

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Box 1

1 Writings of Samuel Elliott
2 Elliott Family Letters 1834 - 1845 (Transcriptions & Index)
3 Elliott Genealogy
4 Early Education
5 Dartmouth Writings
6 Yale Seminary Writings
7 Dartmouth College Journal & Cash Book 1875 - 1879
8 Yale Seminary Journal & Cash Book 1881 - 1884
9 Outgoing Correspondence Index
10 Outgoing Correspondence n.d. - 1870
11 Outgoing Correspondence 1879
12 Outgoing Correspondence 1880
13 Outgoing Correspondence 1881
14 Outgoing Correspondence 1882
15 Outgoing Correspondence 1883
16 Outgoing Correspondence 1884
17 Outgoing Correspondence 1885
18 Outgoing Correspondence 1886
19 Outgoing Correspondence 1887
20 Outgoing Correspondence 1888
21 Outgoing Correspondence 1889
22 Outgoing Correspondence 1890
23 Outgoing Correspondence 1891
24 Outgoing Correspondence 1900
25 Incoming Correspondence Index
26 Incoming Correspondence 1890
27 Incoming Correspondence 1891
28 Miscellaneous Correspondence 1835 - 1949
29 Newspaper Clippings
30 Howard Votey Smith
31 Scrapbook
32 Photo Album - European Trip
33 Photo Album - 1936 - 1937
34 Rocky Mountain Outing 1903 Journal with Photos
35 Loose Photos - Vermont, including Brattleboro

Box 2

Family Photo Album
1 Loose Photos - Family & Friends
2 Elliott Genealogy
3 Miscellaneous