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Sherman and Hayes


Agency History
Scope and Content

The Sherman and Hayes records are part of the Rutherford B. Hayes Family Papers. The collection represents the business interests of Mary Miller Hayes, wife of Webb C. Hayes, a son of President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife, Lucy Webb Hayes. The partnership was created by John M. Sherman and Samuel Brinkerhoff of Fremont, Ohio. After Brinkerhoff's death in 1906, his interest passed to his widow, Mary Miller Brinkerhoff who later married Webb C. Hayes.

Agency History
The partnership between Sherman and Brinkerhoff, two Sandusky County, Ohio entrepreneurs, began in the 1890's. Its purpose was to drill for oil throughout several Northwest Ohio counties where oil had been recently discovered. The business rented and owned land in Seneca, Wood, Ottawa, and western Sandusky counties. The partnership also held partial interests in other oil companies such as: S. Brinkerhoff Co., Royal Oil Co., Odel Oil Co., and S. M. Sherman Co. It also purchased leases from the Pennel Co. The partnership controlled 240 wells by 1901. This fell to 169 wells in 1921 and 144 by 1930. Oil was sold to the Paragon Refining Co. of Toledo, Ohio. Walter Hovis, a" contractor and producer of oil" served as the field superintendent until 1928 when S. C. Richards assumed these duties. In 1930, Sherman and Hayes sold their interests in S. Brinkerhoff Co., J. M. Sherman Co., and Oden Oil Co. to Joseph Fritz and the Mechanics Bank of Bradner, Ohio. At the same time, Mary Miller Hayes sold her working interest in several other leases to W. C. Richards.

Scope and Content
The collection consists primarily of the business correspondence of Samuel Brinkerhoff and later Mary Miller Hayes with John Sherman, Walter Hovis, and W. C. Richards. The correspondence describes experiences and conditions drilling the various oil wells and the state of the oil market. The collection also includes production statements of various oil wells and pipeline company account statements. Business records, extending from 1892 and continuing through 1931, include monthly settlement statements for the partners, invoices, drilling bills, and payroll records as well as a cash journal, bank statements, and canceled checks. Reports to the U.S. Geological Survey, the commerce Department and the Ohio Industrial Commission. There are also numerous oil leases and land records, including real estate tax receipts.

3 linear ft. 

Box 1 - Correspondence and Financial Papers

1. Undated
2. 1892-1904
3. 1908-1909
4. 1909
5. 1910
6. 1908
7. 1911
8. 1912
9. 1913
28.Oil Production Record, 1907-1929
29.Pipeline Co. Statements, 1895-1897
30.Pipeline Co. Statements, 1902-1903
31.Pipeline Co. Statements, 1903-1904
32.Pipeline Co. Statements, 1920
33.Tax Returns, 1917-1929
34.Blank Forms
35.Bank Statements, 1917-1930
36.Cash Journal, 1909-1910
37.Check Books and Canceled Checks, 1920-1930

Box 2

1. Leases, Lease Records, Contracts, and Agreements
2. Leases, Lease Records, Contracts, and Agreements
3. Summary, List of Properties, 1898
4. Descriptions of Leases, Abstract of Title
5. Lease Bills, Account Statements, 1895-1906
6. Lease Bills, Account Statements, 1907-1908
7. Lease Bills, Account Statements, 1909-1912
8. Lease Bills, Account Statements, 1913-1917
9. Drilling Bills, 1895-1908
10. Drilling Bills, 1899-1902
11. Drilling Bills, 1903-1907
12. Drilling Bills, 1914-1916
13. Property Tax Records
14. Maps
15. Rawson Farm
16. Misc. Record Books
17. Misc. Record Books
18. Misc.