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Admiral Webb and Martha Baker Hayes Photograph Collection

Hayes – PH-7


Biographical Sketch

Scope and Content



This collection consists of photographs of the naval career of Admiral Webb C. Hays II, the Admiral’s family, and the family of his wife Martha Baker Hayes. The contents of this collection were removed from the Hayes home in the 1990s.

Biographical Sketch

Admiral Webb C. Hayes II was born in Toledo, Ohio September 25, 1890, the third son of Birchard Austin and Mary Sherman Hayes. He was a grandson of President Rutherford B. Hayes and Lucy Webb Hayes. After attending Howe Military School, Hayes entered the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, graduating in 1911. He was commissioned lieutenant in 1912 and lieutenant commander in 1917. During World War I Hayes served as executive officer on the destroyer U.S.S. Trippe, operating in European waters under Admiral Simms. He was then a destroyer officer in the Queenstown Flotilla in 1917 and 1918. From 1918 until 1927 he commanded the United States ships Champlin, Wood, Moody, and Sinclair and then in 1927 and 1928 he commanded the U.S.S. Tracey as part of the Mediterranean Fleet. In March 1928 he transferred to the U.S. Naval Reserve. Shortly before World War II broke out Admiral Hayes was recalled to active duty in the Bureau of Navigation and in March 1942 was appointed Director of Recruiting and Induction for the United States Navy. In 1944 Hayes applied for active sea duty and was given command of the U.S.S. West Point, the largest troop transport ship of the U.S. Navy, transporting some 175,000 troops to forward combat areas. He was relieved of active duty in 1946 and promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral in 1955.

Martha Beatrice Baker was born, with her twin brother William, in Toledo, Ohio, December 22, 1896 to Arthur Ernest and Daisy Lorenz Baker. She had two younger brothers, Gerald Van Cleve Baker and Arthur Lorenz “Toot” Baker and an older half-sister Frances E. Baker. Her father, Arthur E. Baker, was founder of Baker Brothers, Inc.

Webb Hayes and Martha Baker were married in 1919.They became the parents of three sons: Webb Cook III, Arthur Baker, and Scott Birchard Hayes. Admiral Hayes died in Fremont, Ohio in 1957. Three years later Martha married Harry Wilder and moved to Perrysburg, Ohio. Martha died in Cleveland, Ohio in 1988.

Scope and Content

The Admiral Webb and Martha Baker Hayes collection spans the time period from the late 1890s to the 1970s. The first section is made up of photographs of the family of Martha Baker of Toledo, Ohio including her grandparents and parents as well as her brothers and their children. There are also two albums and a large number of photographs showing Martha’s childhood or high school friends and their activities.

Another part of this collection focuses on the naval career of Admiral Webb C. Hayes II spanning the years from his time as a student at the U.S. Naval Academy (class of 1911) through his service in World Wars I and II. This section includes photographs of the Admiral at various stages of his career, different ships to which he was assigned, and inscribed portraits of some of his fellow officers.

The final portion of the collection holds photographs of the Hayes family including the Admiral and his brothers growing up in Toledo, Ohio. Additional files contain photographs of the Admiral and Martha with their sons as they grow, their sons’ families, and other descendants of President Rutherford B. Hayes.


Box 1

1 George and Martha Lorenz (Martha’s grandparents)

2 Arthur E. Baker

3 Daisy Lorenz Baker

4 Arthur E. and Daisy Baker

4-A Photo Album – Martha Baker Hayes’ family

4-B Photo Album – Daisy Baker

5 Martha Baker Hayes & Twin Brother William as Children

6 William Baker, Twin Brother of Martha Baker Hayes

7 Jean M. Baker, daughter of William Baker

8 Arthur L. “Toot” Baker

9 Mrs. Arthur L. Baker and Daughters

10 Gerald Baker

11 Frances Baker Williams and Children

12 Lloyd Williams

13 Misc. Baker Family Members

14 Baker Family Photos

15 Early Baker Family Photos – unidentified

16 Early Baker Family Photos – Daytona Beach, Florida

17 Martha Baker Hayes

18 Photo Album - Martha Baker & Friends – Camping Trip to Lake Erie Area (WWI era)

19 Photo Album – Martha Baker High School

20 The Misses Master’s School

21 Martha Baker – Group Photos

22 Martha Baker – WWI Nurses

23 Martha Baker Hayes Wedding Photos

Box 2

1Martha Baker Hayes – Photos of Friends and Events

2 Martha Baker Hayes at Various Stages of Life

3 Martha Baker Hayes at Another Wedding

4 Martha Baker Hayes at Spiegel Grove

5 Harry Wilder

6 Spiegel Grove

7 Webb C. Hayes I and Siblings

8 Birchard Hayes Family

9 Mary Sherman Hayes

10 Hospice Marcotte – Lewiston, Maine

11 Sherman Hayes

12 Scott Russell Hayes

13 Webb C. Hayes II as a Child

14 Webb C. Hayes II and Lucy Elliot Keeler

15 Academy Photos

16 Hayes Family at Spiegel Grove

17 Baptism of Arthur Baker Hayes

18 Hayes and Baker Families at Spiegel Grove

19 Webb C. Hayes II

20 Webb C. Hayes II and Martha at Beach With Friends

21 Admiral Webb C. Hayes II – Early Naval Career

22 Admiral Webb C. Hayes II – 1925, Woodmen of the World – Haiti

23 Captain Webb C. Hayes – Letter of Thanks Ceremony July 1944

24 Captain Webb C. Hayes Receiving Navy Commendation Letter

25 Admiral Webb C. Hayes II in Uniform

26 Admiral Webb C. Hayes II in Uniform

27 Admiral Webb C. Hayes II Navigating Ship

28 Webb C. Hayes With Navy Officers and Crew

29 Webb C. Hayes and Arthur in Uniform

30 U.S.S. Washington

31 S.S. America

32 U.S.S. West Point

33 Launching of U.S.S. Norman Scott

34 Unidentified Navy Ships

35 Ned Whiteup

36 Travis Rayby

37 J.O. Richardson

38 Rear Admiral Norman Scott

39 Unidentified Naval Friends of Webb C. Hayes II

40 Military Photos of Martha Baker Hayes

41 Military Hospital 1943

42 Christy Cabanne and Commander Herbert A. Jones

43 Launching of U.S.S. Spiegel Grove 1955

Box 3

1WebbC. Hayes II in Later Years

2 Webb C. Hayes II and Martha Hayes

3 Webb C. Hayes II and His Sons

4 Sons of Webb C. Hayes II at Spiegel Grove

5 Martha Hayes and Children

6 Martha Hayes and Webb III

7 Webb C. Hayes II, Martha, and Webb III

8 Webb C. Hayes II, Martha, Their Children & Grandchildren

9 Webb C. Hayes & Martha Hayes Photo Album

10 Postcards – Martha Baker Hayes

11 Travel Photos of Webb C. Hayes II & Martha

12 Webb C. Hayes & Martha On “Lively Lady” and Other Boats

13 Sons of Webb C. Hayes II – Young

14 Webb III, Arthur, Scott Hayes

15 Scott and Webb C. Hayes III – Boxing

16 Webb C. Hayes III – Childhood

17 Webb C. Hayes III – Military Service

18 Webb C. Hayes III – Adulthood

19 Webb III and Betty Hayes

20 Betty Hayes and Children

21 Children of Webb C. Hayes III

22 Webb C. Hayes III and Children

23 Webb C. Hayes IV

24 Webb C. Hayes V

25 Webb III and Arthur Hayes

26 Arthur Hayes – Childhood

27 Arthur Hayes – Adulthood

28 Arthur and June Feltman Hayes

29 June Feltman Hayes

30 Leslie Hayes

31 Arthur and Scott Hayes

32 Scott Hayes – Childhood

33 Scott Hayes – Adulthood

Box 4

1 Scott and Dee Dee Hayes

2 Chloe Hayes (Dalton’s daughter)

3 William Platt Hayes – Alaska Trip, 1916

4 Birchard P. Hayes Family

5 James Hayes

6 William Taylor Hayes

7 Walter “Sandy” Hayes, Jr. – Family

8 Rachel (Carr), Hayes, Betty (Carr) Slade, Louise (Carr) Yerxa

9 Lucy Webb Hayes (Daughter of Sherman Hayes)

10 Wedding of Lucy Webb Hayes & Lloyd Hough

11 William Taylor Hayes

12 Margaret Hiett

13 Troxel Family

14 Bernard Baker

15 Harold Boeschenstein

16 Marvin Rorick and Family

17 Fielding Lewis Family

18 Friend of Webb C. Hayes II Bill (Dunkak?)

19 Burt Tolhurst

20 Allen Montgomery

21 Japanese Officers & Civilians – WW II

22 Unidentified Friends of Martha Baker Hayes ? c. 1910-1920

23 Unidentified Adults

24 Unidentified Adults – 1960s

25 Unidentified Babies and Children

26 Unidentified Houses – Exterior and Interior Views

27 Unidentified Sailing Ships

28 Unidentified Boats and Water Scenes

29 Unidentified Outdoor Scenes

30 Unidentified Photos with Horses

31 Unidentified WW I

32 Unidentified Hunting

33 Unidentified

34 Photo Album of Trip to Greece, Portugal, Azores (by whom?)

Rolled Photo – 42nd Battalion Aug. 7, 1944, Great Lakes, IL

Rolled Photo - U.S. Naval Academy 1910 – Army/Navy Game

Rolled Photo – Unidentified Sailing Ship Crew

16 mm Home Movie dated 1949 (transferred to HPC film vault)

16 mm Home Movie dated 1955 (transferred to HPC film vault)


Box 5 Oversized

1 George and Martha Lorenz

2 Bill Baker

3 Arthur Baker’s Family

4 Gerald Baker

5 Frances Baker Williams’ Children

6 Baker Family Photos

7 Martha Baker Hayes

8 Martha Baker Hayes Wedding

9 Spiegel Grove

10 Baptism of Arthur Baker Hayes

11 Webb C. Hayes I at Spiegel Grove

12 U.S.S. Delaware

13 Unknown People

Box 6 Oversized

1 Webb C. Hayes II in Uniform

2 Webb C. Hayes II in Uniform - WW II

3 U.S.S. Delaware

4 Unidentified Naval Ships

5 S.S. America

6 U.S.S. West Point

7 Launching of U.S.S. Spiegel Grove

8 Webb and Martha Hayes

9 Martha and Webb C. Hayes III

10 Martha, Webb III, and Arthur Hayes

11 Webb C. Hayes II – Family

12 Webb C. Hayes III

13 Webb C. Hayes III – College Years

14 Webb C. Hayes III – Wedding

15 Betty Hayes

16 Arthur Hayes

17 Arthur Hayes – Children

18 Scott Hayes

19 Lucy Hayes Hough

20 Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

21 George Murray

22 Rear Admiral Arthur S. Carpender

23 Rear Admiral Randall Jacobs

24 Arthur Johnson

25 Unidentified Sailing Vessels

Box 7

Unsorted Negatives