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Rutherford Platt Hayes


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

Typed transcripts of Rutherford Platt Hayes' correspondence with his parents and his letter book (1884-1894) of business correspondence are available. Also included in the Center's holdings are Rutherford Platt Haye'= photograph album of Cornell University scenes (1880) and several group photographs of Cornell students.

Biographical Sketch
Rutherford Platt Hayes was the third son of Rutherford B. Hayes, nineteenth president of the United  States,  and Lucy W. Hayes.  He was born on June 24, 1858 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rutherford attended Michigan State University and in 1880 graduated with a B.S. degree from Cornell University. Later he pursued postgraduate work at the Boston Institute of Technology. In 1882 he returned to Fremont, Ohio and immediately became associated with the Fremont Savings Bank. He became the cashier a few years later and carried the bank successfully through the Panic of 1893.

On October 24, 1894, Mr. Hayes married Lucy Platt. She was the daughter of William A. Platt of Columbus, Ohio. They had three children, Rutherford Birchard, William Platt, and Birchard Platt.

Soon after his arrival in Fremont, the Birchard Library was founded by Sardis Birchard, President Hayes= uncle.  Rutherford Platt Hayes was appointed one of the trustees. He devoted most of his time outside business hours to the library and introduced progressive ideas to its management. To make the library attractive to children, he arranged small desks and chairs and a large collection of books suitable for them. Boxes of books were sent to nearby towns, thus anticipating the present traveling libraries. He established a catalogue which was published by installments in a local paper. He was among the founders of the Ohio Library Association in 1895 and instrumental in getting a bill through the legislature for the appointment of a state library commission. The governor appointed him commissioner for six years.

After leaving Ohio, Mr. Hayes resided for a short time in Chicago, Illinois where he organized library work and developed a traveling library, and then moved to Asheville, North Carolina. In that region he acquired large holdings of land, including a tract on Deaver View Mountain, and Falconhurst, a farm near the city. There he engaged in scientific farming on a large scale, using his valuable knowledge of soils to considerable advantage. Mr. Hayes was an active promoter of the western North Carolina Fair which was held at Asheville, and as president guided its activities for several years. He was also president of the Buckeye Water Co., and member of the board of directors of the Blue Ridge Building and Loan Association. He was active in the early development of Asheville as a resort and business center of western North Carolina and prominently connected with numerous projects there.

During the last fifteen years of his life he spent his winters in Florida. First at Umatilla and in 1920 located permanently in Clearwater. As chairman of the board of directors of the Clearwater Savings and Loan Association, and the First Mortgage Investment Co., he promoted the business interests of the city and encouraged people to own homes of their own. He was interested in the organization of a Republican party in Florida and was one of the founders of the Lincoln Memorial Association, the purpose of which was to draw the northern and southern elements of the community into a closer bond of friendship. Prior to his death he devoted much of his time to the study of plans for vocational education. Throughout his life, he maintained his interest in library matters, promoting those of Asheville and Clearwater and retaining his membership on the board of trustees of the library in Fremont. For many years he was secretary of the American Library Association and also served as vice president and acting president. He was a member of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, the Commandery of Ohio, and the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.  Rutherford Platt Hayes died July 31, 1927 in Tampa, Florida.

Scope and Content
This collection is composed primarily of Hayes= correspondence with family members, mainly his siblings, as well as correspondence with his sons during World War I. Land investments, deed and insurance policies, and materials related to Rutherford Birchard Hayes= estate are also included. Greatly interested in botany, Hayes was an avid collector of specimens.  Samples of his botanical specimens and pressed leaves are preserved within this collection.

4.5 linear ft.

Papers, 1864-1911

Box 1


1.  Diary - 1871
     Diary - 1879

2.   Social Cards - n.d.

3.  Cornell University - Miscellaneous

4.   School Papers - Miscellaneous

5.   Deeds & Insurance Policies

6.   Land Investments

7.   Miscellaneous

8.   Correspondence - Brothers/Sister - n.d.

9.   Correspondence - n.d.

10. Correspondence - 1864-1872

11. Correspondence - 1873-1874

12. Correspondence - 1875

13. Correspondence - January-June 1876

14. Correspondence - July-December 1876

15. Correspondence - January-April 1877

16. Correspondence - May-August 1877

17. Correspondence - September-December 1877

18. Correspondence - January-April 1878

19. Correspondence - May-August 1878

20. Correspondence - September-December 1878

21. Correspondence - January-March 1879

22. Correspondence - April-June 1879

23. Correspondence - July-September 1879

24. Correspondence - October-December 1879

25. Correspondence - January-March 1880

26. Correspondence - April-June 1880

27. Correspondence - July-September 1880

28. Correspondence - October-December 1880

Box 2


1.  Correspondence - January-March 1881

2.  Correspondence - April-December 1881

3.  Correspondence - 1882

4.  Correspondence - 1883

5.  Correspondence - January-July 1884

6.  Correspondence - August-December 1884

7.  Correspondence - 1885

8.  Correspondence - January-March 1886

9.  Correspondence - April-August 1886

10.Correspondence - September-December 1886

11.Correspondence - January-March 1887

12.Correspondence - April-June 1887

13.Correspondence - July-September 1887

14.Correspondence - October-December 1887

15.Correspondence - January-March 1888

16.Correspondence - April-June 1888

17.Correspondence - July-September 1888

18.Correspondence - October-December 1888

19.Correspondence - January-March 1889

20.Correspondence - April-June 1889

21.Correspondence - July-September 1889

22.Correspondence - October-December 1889

23.Correspondence - January-March 1890

24.Correspondence - April-June 1890

25.Correspondence - July-September 1890

26.Correspondence - October-December 1890

27.Correspondence - January-July 1891

28.Correspondence - August-December 1891

29.Correspondence - January-May 1892

30.Correspondence - June-December 1892

31.Correspondence - January 1893

32.Correspondence - February-June 1893

33.Correspondence - July-September 1893

34.Letter book of business correspondence - 1884-1894

Box 3


1. Correspondence - October-December 1893

2. Correspondence - January-February 1894

3. Correspondence - March-April 1894

4. Correspondence - May-June 1894

5. Correspondence - July-August 1894

6. Correspondence - September-December 1894

7. Correspondence - 1895

8. Correspondence - 1896

9. Correspondence - 1897

10. Correspondence - 1898

11. Correspondence - 1899

12. Correspondence - 1900-1916

13. Correspondence - 1917-1920

14. Correspondence - 1921-1930

15. Valentines received by children of President & Mrs. Rutherford B. Hayes

16. Rutherford Hayes Platt - Portraits

17. American Library Association - Group and Travel Images - 1887

18. Group Images - Spiegel Grove - August 1888

19. Lucy Platt Hayes - 1900

20. William Platt and Rutherford Platt Hayes - 1900

21. William Platt Hayes - 1914

22. Falconhurst Cabin and Cottage - Asheville, North Carolina

Box 4

Ledger - Miscellaneous Legal Forms

Box 5

Botanical Specimens and Pressed Leaves

Box 5A

Botanical Specimens and Pressed Leaves

Box 6

Botanical Specimens and Pressed Leaves

Box 7

Botanical Specimens and Pressed Leaves

Box 8

Rutherford Platt Hayes - Portrait

Cornell University photographs (1880)

Wellesley College Female Rowing Crew - 1882

Group images of Cornell University students

Unidentified image of picnicking couple

Unidentified cabinet cards (7) [Ac. 5810]

Ac. 5810

Rutherford Platt Hayes:

Diploma, Cornell University, Bachelor of Science, 17 June 1880

Marriage application (Lucy H. Platt), 23 October 1894, Franklin County, Ohio

Marriage certificate (Lucy H. Platt) 24 October 1894, Franklin County, Ohio

Membership certificate, State of Ohio Board of Library Commissioners, 24 April 1896

Certificate, MOLLUS “Companion of the First Class” (First Lt. James Dewees Webb, Assistant Surgeon, 12th Ohio Infantry), 7 April 1886

Birchard Platt Hayes

Diploma, University of Wisconsin, Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), 22 June 1925

Dorothy Ruth Toohey

Diploma, University of Wisconsin, Bachelor of Arts, 21 June 1926

Dorothy Ruth Toohey Hayes, Ph.D.

Certificate, Inclusion in the Library of Human Resources of the American Bicentennial Research Institute, 31 January 1974