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Lucy Hayes Hough Ackerman


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The Lucy Hough Ackerman collection, comprised of various items pertaining to descendents of President Rutherford B. and Lucy Webb Hayes, was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in November 2013 by Lucy Hough Ackerman of Simpsonville, South Carolina.

Biographical Sketch
Lucy Hough Ackerman is the great-great-granddaughter of Rutherford Birchard Hayes and Lucy Ware Webb Hayes.

The president’s oldest son, Birchard Austin Hayes, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio Nov.4, 1853 and married Mary Nancy Sherman of Norwalk, Ohio in 1886. Birchard was a lawyer and lived in Toledo, Ohio. Mary Sherman Hayes died June 22, 1924 and Birchard died Jan. 22, 1926.

Sherman Otis Hayes, son of Birchard and Mary Sherman Hayes, was born in Toledo, Ohio Oct. 11, 1888. He attended Oregon Agricultural School and married Beatrice Henrietta Baker in Newport, Oregon Feb. 14, 1912. Their only child was a daughter, Lucy Webb Hayes, born Jan. 8, 1915. Sherman was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army Infantry during World War I. Much of his business career was in the automotive industry. Beatrice died July 25, 1939 and Sherman died Feb. 22, 1949.

Lucy Webb Hayes graduated from Flintridge School for Girls, Flintridge, California and Chevy Chase Junior College, Washington, D.C. She married Lt. Col. Lloyd Webster Hough, a 1940 graduate of West Point Military Academy, at Spiegel Grove April 17, 1950. They had two children, Lucy Webb Hayes Hough and Lloyd Webster Hayes Hough. Lucy died July 30, 1963 and Lloyd died June 26, 1975.

Lucy Webb Hayes Hough was born Sept. 30, 1952 in Indianapolis, Indiana. She graduated in 1970 from Savannah Country Day School, Savannah, Georgia and received a B.S. in Biology from Emory University. Lucy was elected to the Macungie, Pennsylvania Borough Council and served from 1984 to 2009. She was President of the Council for 6 years and Vice President for 13 years. She also served on the Borough Zoning hearing Board as well as other county boards. She received numerous journalism awards from the Pennsylvania Press Club. Lucy married Hilery John Ackerman July 6, 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia. They are retired and living in South Carolina [2014].

Scope and Content
This collection, spanning the years 1878 to 2013, contains photographs, correspondence, and other records of descendants of Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the United States. A scrapbook of Birchard Austin Hayes, son of the president, containing photographs and newspaper clippings of his family is found here. Most of the items in this collection pertain to the president’s oldest grandchild, Sherman Otis Hayes and his family, especially daughter Lucy Webb Hayes and granddaughter Lucy Webb Hayes Hough. The collection contains a large number of photographs of Sherman during childhood; his youth, growing up with his 3 brothers; World War I service, and his marriage to Beatrice Baker. There are also many photographs of the only child of Sherman and Beatrice, Lucy Webb Hayes as she grew up, traveled to Europe, and married Lt. Col, Lloyd Hough. The collection also contains a scrapbook, documenting Lt. Col. Hough’s years (1936 – 1940) at West Point. 

The collection includes correspondence to Lucy Hayes Hough at the time of her marriage and birth of children Lucy and Lloyd. Photographs and newspaper clippings about the life and activities of Lucy Hough Ackerman complete the collection.

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Box 1


1 President and Mrs. Hayes Items
2 “Lucy Webb Hayes Reminiscences for Her Grandson” by One of Her Nieces
3 Birchard Hayes
4 Mary Sherman Hayes Trip to Europe with Sherman Otis Hayes, 1902
5 Mary Sherman Hayes
6 Webb C. Hayes
7 Fanny Hayes and family
8 Scott Hayes
9 Birchard Hayes family
10 Sherman Otis Hayes
11 Sherman Otis Hayes
12 Sherman Otis Hayes
13 Sherman Otis Hayes – World War I
14 Royal Flint Baker, Nettie Gore Baker
15 Walter Sherman Hayes
16 Scott R. Hayes
17 Sherman, Beatrice, and Lucy W. Hayes
18 Lucy W. Hayes (daughter of Sherman Otis Hayes)
19 Lucy W. Hayes trip to Europe 1938-1939 – Postcards, Photos
20 Lucy W. Hayes trip to Europe 1938-1939 – Photos
21 Lucy W. Hayes trip to Europe 1938-1939 – Mementos
22 Lucy W. Hayes trip to Europe 1938-1939 – Mementos
23 Lucy W. Hayes Hough Correspondence
24 Lucy W. Hayes Hough Newspaper Clippings
25 Lloyd Hough
26 Lucy Hough Ackerman    
27 Lloyd Hough (son of Lloyd and Lucy W. Hayes Hough)
28 Other Hayes family members
29 Bess Pease French
30 Fred Clark
31 Dr. William F. Pierce (president of Kenyon College)
32 Kenyon College
33 Mouse Island
34 Unidentified Photos
35 Pamphlets: Rock of the Marne (WW I); Why I Was Not Hung  (Civil War) 

Box 2

- Birchard Hayes Scrapbook
- Lucy W. Hays European Trip 1938-1939 Photo Album
- Wedding Photo Album of Lucy W. Hayes and Lloyd Hough 

Box 3

- Lucy Hough/Lloyd Hough Photo Album
- Sherman Otis Hayes baby pictures
Wedding Book of Common Prayer Lucy W. Hayes and Lloyd Hough
- Mary Sherman Hayes European Trip 1902
- Photo Album of Sherman Otis Hayes baby pictures, etc.
- Lucy W. H. Hough International Science Fair Finalist Medal
Wedding Book of Common Prayer Sherman Otis Hayes and Beatrice Baker
A Message To You to Lucy W. Hayes from grandmother Baker 4/22/1924
- Lucy W. Hayes European Trip Itinerary 1938-1939
- Rolled photo of Sherman Otis Hayes – 4th Co. training 11/17/1917
- Rolled photo of Sherman Otis Hayes – officers of 14th Infantry 

Box 4

- Lucy W. Hayes European Trip 1938-1939 Photo Album
- Lucy W. Hayes European Trip 1938-1939 Photo Album
- Lloyd Hough West Point Scrapbook 1936-1940
- “L’Illustrazione Italiana” Feb. 5, 1939


Scope and Content
Lucy Hough Ackerman donated additional material in 2016. These items include a folder regarding the Parsons family (friends and neighbors of Birchard A. Hayes) at Mouse Island, numerous photographs of Sherman Otis Hayes at different ages, and pictures of Sherman, Beatrice, and their daughter Lucy Webb Hayes. School yearbooks, correspondence and photographs of Lucy Webb Hayes Hough with her children are found here as is information regarding the military career of her husband, Lloyd Hough. An extensive genealogical record, “The Descendants of William Hough Who Came to Plymouth, Mass. in 1640” is added. 

Other items in this section relate to Lucy Hough Ackerman’s youth and political career. 

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Box 5


1 Sherman Otis Hayes Military
2 Sherman Otis Hays Correspondence – 1907-1947
3 Sherman Otis Hayes – Miscellaneous
4 Sherman Otis Hayes – Photographs
5 Sherman, Beatrice, Lucy Webb Hayes – Photographs Prior to 1920
6 Sherman, Beatrice, Lucy Webb Hayes – Photographs 1921-1929
7 Sherman, Beatrice, Lucy Webb Hayes – Photographs 1930-1936
8 Sherman Hayes, Beatrice Hayes, Scott Hayes, Fred Clark Photographs
9 Otis Family Genealogy
10 Lucy Webb Hayes – School Yearbook 1929
11 Lucy Webb Hayes – School Yearbook 1932
12 Lucy Webb Hayes – School Yearbook 1933
13 Lucy Webb Hayes – School Yearbook 1936
14 Lucy Webb Hayes – School Yearbook 1937
15 Lucy Webb Hayes – European Trip 1937-1938
16 Lucy Webb Hayes Hough – Photographs
17 Lucy Webb Hayes Hough – Miscellaneous
18 Lucy Webb Hayes Hough – Correspondence
19 Lucy Webb Hayes Hough – Correspondence with Omar Bradley
20 Lucy Webb Hayes Hough & Children – Photographs
21 Lucy Webb Hayes Hough & Children – France 1955-1958
22 Lloyd Hough – West Point
23 Lloyd Hough – Correspondence
24 Lloyd Hough – World War II – India
25 Lloyd Hough – World War II – China
26 Lloyd Hough – Korean War
27 Lloyd Hough – France
28 Lloyd Hough – Miscellaneous
29 Lucy Hough Ackerman – School, Including Science Prize
30 Lucy Hough Ackerman – Political Career
31 Lucy Hough Ackerman – Miscellaneous
32 Mouse Island – Parsons Family
Binder – “The Descendants of William Hough Who Came to Plymouth, Mass. in 1640”