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Samuel Whitehead

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Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

Photocopies of the diary of Samuel Whitehead were donated by Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Whitehead of Clyde, Ohio, in 1979.

Biographical Sketch
Samuel Whitehead, son of Joseph and Matilda (Albon) Whitehead, was born in Huntingdonshire, England in 1839.  In 1851, Samuel immigrated to the United States with his parents and siblings by way of Quebec, eventually settling in Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio.  The family later moved to Townsend and Riley Townships of Sandusky County, Ohio.   Samuel enlisted as a private in Company K of the 100th Ohio Volunteer Infantry in August of 1862.  Samuel was seriously wounded at the Battle of Franklin in Tennessee.  He died of his wounds on December 19, 1864. His older brother Joseph and younger brother William served in the169th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Joseph and William were called to duty at Fort Ethan Allen outside Washington, D. C. in the spring of 1864. William died of disease contracted during his service at Fort Ethan Allen.    

Scope and Content
The collection includes photocopies of the Civil War diary of Samuel Whitehead, who kept a brief daily record of his wartime experiences from April 28, 1864 to November 27, 1864, three days before he was wounded in the Battle of Franklin.  Whitehead chronicles his journey from Clyde, Ohio to Camp Chase, his brief stay at Camp Dennison, and the regiment’s involvement in the Atlanta and Nashville campaigns. Whitehead also included a record of his expenses from May through August of 1864.  The diary was later used by Samuel’s father, Joseph Whitehead, Sr., during a return visit to England from August to October 1870. 

The typed transcription of Samuel Whitehead’s diary includes only his daily entries.  Photocopies of the original diary, including his 1864 expense account and Joseph Whitehead, Sr.’s record of his 1870 return visit to England, are part of the Samuel Whitehead Local History Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection.  

Ac. 4248

Civil War Diary of Samuel Whitehead
Private, Co. K., 100th O.V.I.

April 28, 1864 to November 26, 1864


Thursday APRIL 28.  1864
weather clear and plesant, my Brother William drove me to Clyde in a Buggy, and I and severel more of my comrades, took the 7 oclock train for Camp Chase Ohio, going by the way of Urbana, and ariveing in Camp about four oclock P.M.

Friday 29
weather clear and plesant, severel of us boys went to Franklin a small Village west of Columbus Ohio, to buy some paper and pens, and then  we went down to the River, to see some boys that were fishing

Saturday 30
weather cloudy and rainey in the afternoon our Company and most of all the other paroled forces were mustered for ten Months pay


Sunday MAY 1
weather clear and plesant, I with another soldier went to the Sabbath schoole, in Camp, in the afternoon there was agreat many clothing fetched into camp, I saw about twenty waggon loads

Monday 2
weather cold and rainey with some snow, I and my partner went to Columbus, to purchase a few little trifels that we stood in need of, and then we rode back to Camp in a buss for twenty cents

Tuesday 3
weather clear and cold, I left Camp in the morning at four oclock, and walked across lots to a railroad station, 10 miles from Columbus, and took the 7 oclock train for Clyde, ariveing there at five in the Evening

Wednesday MAY 4. 1864
I was at home I arived there from Clyde the night before  the weather was warm and plesant, our foulks were moveing corn out of one crib to another, and I helped them some

Thursday 5
weather cold and fine, the foulks were geting stomps out of the field where they were going to sow oats, and burning them

Friday 6
weather cloudy and warm, Father sowed some oats this morning, and I helped drag them in, and ploughed some in the afternoon, in the Eve, it rained considerable

Saturday MAY 7
morning weather fine, I helped the foulks drag in their oats, and in the afternoon I and Father went to a Sale and he bought a two year old colt, and then we went to Clyde

Sunday 8
clear and plesant in the forenoon, Joseph & William came home early this morning, and we fetched that wild colt home, in the afternoon S. Terry and I and three girls went up on the South ridge to meeting

Monday 9
I went down to Sandusky City; to drive two of my brothers down and three other Soldiers, that belonged to the National guards, P, 3 oclock I started back before I got home it rained like every thing

Tuesday MAY 10
weather cloudy, and rainey, I and the boys broke a colt to lead and too be tied so it dare no pull on the holtor, we tied it to a tree and then lift it till it threw itself down

Wednesday May 11
weather cloudy and dull, I and my Sister Betsy went out to Toledo on the cars and from there to Springfield Tp to make my Uncle and Aunt a visit, we arrived there about nine oclock in the Eve.

Thursday 12
weather clear and plesant in the forenoon I drove teams for Uncle when he was ploughing in the Evening, we went to see an old friend

Friday MAY 20
weather clear and very warm, I andmy Brother George have been ploughing to day with two ploughs and two teams

Saturday 21
weather clear and pleasant, I ploughed in a field North west of the house for Father where he is going to plant corn this season

Sunday 22
morning weather plesant, I and the foulks went to the brick school house, to meating the preache[r] did not come, P,M, I and my Sister and a nother girl went up on the North Ridge in the open buggy

Monday 23
weather clear, I left home to go to Camp Chase Ohio, with five other boys of my Company we arived in Camp about four oclock in the afternoon, and reported for duty, we had’ent any blankets to sleep on

Tuesday 24
morning weather rainey and warm, we left Camp Chase, and reported to Todds Barracks for transpertation we left Columbus on the 9 oclock train the Eve. for Cincinnati

May 24th 1864

List of letters that I have wrote home since May the 24th 1864,

In May I wrote two letters, one to Father & one to Mother,

June two, to Betsey and George,

July 3 to Father Mother and Thomas - - - - - -

August 2 Betsey and Mother

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sept 3 Father George Betsey

30 th wrote to Father,

Oct. wrote 1. 1 Joseph & Mother,

November wrote to B.1 1. J. B.1

Wednesday 25
weather clear, we arived in Cincinnati 4 oclock this morning, and then we were marched to the Lytle Barracks, and they were the filthest Barracks that ever saw , and we were not allowed to go out

Thursday 26
we marched down to the Ohio River, and got on the boat General Lytle for Louisville Ky which is 150 miles from Cin, ariveing in Louisville about 1 A.M.

Friday 27
weather clear and plesant, we left Louisville on the seven oclock train for Nashville Tennesee crossing the Cumberland River

Saturday 28
weather clear and plesant, we arived here in Nashville about four oclock A,M, about noon we left on the train,we passed through Murfresboro, and crossing severel Rivers, Stone and Elk River

Sunday 29
weather clear and warm, we are in Stevenson, Alabama about 75 miles from Nashville, 3 P,M, we left for Chattanooga 70 East of Stevenson, two of our rear Cars, were knocked off the track by another Engine

Monday 30
weather clear, we moved Camp and then drew new shelter tents wrote to Mother

Tuesday 31
weather very warm, we have drawn cooking utensils, we are Camped on the Est side of Chattanooga Tennessee, on a hill where we can see lookout Mountain on the South West side of us and Missionary Ridge on the South and East, and the Tennessee on the North, the fences are all torn down or burnt up for there is not scarcley one to bee  seen and all most all the trees have been cut down, most of the buildings have been distroyed, there are agreat many fortifications all around the place


Wednesday JUNE 1
weather warm and clear, I wrote one letter to a friend near home, and I wrote off a song and, sent it in the letter, called the Heights of Belle Isle, I sent it for B,W

Thursday 2
morning weather cloudy and warm, it rained here allmost all the afternoon, pretty hard and considerable through the night

Friday 3
weather rainey and warm, we were detailed to work down by the River, to help raise timbers up on the Bridge with rope and pullies

Saturday 4
weather smokey and warm in the afternoon, rainey most all the afternoon  we draw rations here every afternoon, I drew for our Company to day

Sunday 5
morning weather rainey, and warm, I was all around town this morning, the streets are very muddy, there is nothing but Government goods to be seen

Monday 6
weather very hot, we was down to the Bridge loading and unloading timber, it thundred, lightened and rained very hard this Evening

Tuesday JUNE 7
weather very warm in the forenoon I cooked for myself and six more of our company, in the afternoon wrote one letter to my Uncle, I went down to the River and done some washing

Wednesday 8
weather very warm and rainey I am not very well to day, for I have got the Diarreah very bad, and I am very weak

Thursday 9
weather cloudy, and warm, our corps drew Springfield guns this morning, and cartridge boxes & 40 rounds of cartridges

Friday 10
morning weather warm and cloudy this morning we got orders to leave Chattanooga for the front, our Corps, went to the Depot to take the cars for Kingston we passed through Dalton Georgia this Evening about 7 oclock

Saturday 11
weather rainey were arived in Kingston about 5 oclock this morning, this place is about 100 miles S. East of Chattanooga, we are now waiting here untill our men finish building a bridge 7 P,M, we arived in Cartersville, Georgia

Sunday 12. 1864
weather warm and rainey we have just drawn two days rations, this is a very muddy place, I purchased a bottal of ink and a diary for sixty five cents

Monday JUNE 13
weather cold and rainey, we left Cartersville 6 A,M, and arived at Big Shanty about 4 P,M, we were then about 1½ mile from the picket line, and we could here the cannonadeing very plane

Tuesday 14
weather cloudy and cold, we got to our regt,about 10 A,M, and found the boys all well and they were camped about 400 yards from the scirmish line, some of the rebels balls come right into Camp, I wrote one letter to Betsy

Wednesday 15
morning weather clear and plesant our men are still skirmishing with the rebels, and some of their rifle balls come flying over our heads into camp, wrote to Tilly, drove the rebels about one mile

Wednesday JUNE 22
weather clear and plesant, we are relived from picket, I am pretty sick to day our regt is in front building brest works for they expect they will have some fighting here

Thursday 23
nd warm,I have been takeing some medicen this morning, I got one of the boys to do some washing for me for I was not able to do it myself, last night there was pretty heavy cannon-ading on our left

Friday 24
morning we were called up in line to battle, before day light weather warm and clear, wrote to Brother George

Saturday 25
weather clear and plesant, some of the boys drew knapsacks and shoes, we are now Camped eight miles south of Marietta in the wilderness of Georgia

Sunday 26
weather very warm, we moved about one mile nearer the rebels works in line of battle, and lade there all day, our men through a great rain shells over our heads in to the rebels works, one man of Co, K, was killed this morning

Monday 27
weather very warm our Co was on picket last night, this morning we advanced the picket line and we soon drove the rebels out of their works, advanced about two or three miles to day

Tuesday JUNE 28
weather clear and plesant I wrote one letter to William and one to Sarah Sow, we are camped in the woods behind brest works that we built last Evening

Wednesday 29
weather warm and plesant, they are making out the muster rolls to day, we drew half rations of hard bread last Evening

Thursday 30
cloudy and very warm, I was detailed for picket this morning out of our Company rained most all the afternoon pretty hard, we drew full rations this Evening - - - -


Friday JULY 1. 1864
weather cloudy and very warm, I was relieved from picket earley this morning, this morning we had orders to be ready to move but we did not move but there was agood many troops moved forward to day

Saturday 2
morning weather cloudy and very warm, rainey most all the afternoon, I wrote one letter to a Friend in Snagsville, and borrowed a stamp to put on it.

Sunday 3
weather very warm Co,K. went out to pickt this morning but I did not go for I had the tooth ache very bad, troops have been passing by here all day, -

Monday JULY 4. 1864
weather cloudy, and warm, I wrote to my Brother Thomas this afternoon troops have been passing by here all day some of them come from Marietta about eight miles North of here

Tuesday 5
weather very warm, I received a letter from Father, we moved about two miles towards Atlanta, and then camped for the night, some of our boys killed a beef

Wednesday 6
weather clear and very warm we marched about five miles and camped in the woods over night, we crossed over the railroad this morning

Thursday JULY 7. 1864
weather clear and plesant, we marche about 3 miles to day, and camped in woods again with the expectation of stoping there a few days, for we cleared the ground off very neat and clean

Friday 8
weather clear and very warm we marched 3 or 4 miles toward the River this morning,P,M, they fixed a pontoone across the River Chattahoochee and our Brigade passed over in the Evening about nine oclock

Saturday 9
weather clear and hot we marched about one mile & ½ south of the River, and then commenced building brestworks but before we got them done, we had to move to a nother place

Sunday JULY 10
weather cloudy in the forenoon, we partly built breast wokrs last night and this morning we finished them,this P,M,I washed my shirt and drawers and after I got done we had a pretty heavy thunder storm & rain

Monday 11
weather clear  and plesant, I was on picket with a corporal of our Company wrote one letter to a friend in Snagsville Townsent Tp, this Evening the 2nd Brigade move in where ours was and we moved back on another ridge

Tuesday 12
weather cloudy and warm, the first Division of the fourth Corps passed here this morning, I wrote to Father this morning, this afternoon the Doctor came around and inspected our teeth - - -

Wednesday JULY 13
weather clear and plesant, nothing of any importance going on in camp this morning, this afternoon some of the boys drew new pants and socks, I received a letter from Mother this Evening

Thursday 14
morning weather clear and coole, in the afternoon our regt went out reconnoitering and captured and captured (sic) about 25 head of cattle, 7 oclock in the evening we had very heavy rain storm with thunder, one officer of a Ky regt. was killed by a tree falling on him and soon 3 more wounded

Friday 15
weather cloudy and very warm an officer of a Ky regt was buried this morning

Saturday JULY 16. 1864
weather clear and warm, we are in Camp  now about one mile South of Chattahoochee River in the rear of some of the other troops with our tents in the shade of the spreading Chestnut trees and the spreading oaks, and lofty Pines

Sunday 17
weather cloudy and warm, we marched about ten miles to day our Brigade in the advance, and camped in a Pine grove ove[r] night

Monday 18
clear and plesant weather, I went out and picked two or three quarts, of about has large blackberryes as I ever saw, we supported our skirmishers in the A,M, and made a charge and got ahead of some of them

Tuesday JULY 19
weather clear and warm we marched five miles in the forenoon crossing Peachtree Creek, in the afternoon we marched two miles going one mile North of Decator,our men drove the rebels out of that place about two oclock P M

Wednesday 20
weather cloudy and very warm, our regt.. was presented with new colors by the Citizens of Toledo Ohio, we marched one mile this morning, and then lade in line of battle nearly all day,some pretty skirmishing to day

Thursday 21
morning clear, and very warm, our company was on the skirmishing line, last night, and we had pretty sharp skirmishing all day and night, we was within two miles and a half of Atlanta Ga.

Friday JULY 22, 1864
weather cloudy we marched within one mile of Atlanta Ga, we passed through some strong works of the rebels, P, M, we were ordered back nearley to Decator to keep the rebels from raiding on our wagon train we built up light works

Saturday 23
weather cloudy and coole, I wrote to Mother, we drew three days rations this afternoon of bread coffee bacon suga[r] salt rice beans and desicated potatoes and fresh beef

Sunday 24
weather coole and plesant,pretty heavy cannonadeing this morning near Atlanta Ga. we had preaching in camp this morning

Monday JULY 25
morning weather cold and clear, and the last three nights have been very cold for this time of the year, wrote to Uncle Albon

Tuesday 26
weather cloudy, heavy cannonadeing in and about Atlanta Georgia, we drew three days rations to day, our Company was out on the skirmishline this afternoon, One mile west of Decatur

Wednesday 27
cloudy and rainey our Brigade marched within about two miles of Atlanta, and us skirmishers moved up to,pretty heavy cannonadeing, about noon to day –

Thrusday JULY 28. 1864
weather clear and plesant, we are camped about two miles from Atlanta behind crest works, that the rebels partily built, received two letters this A,M, one from friend Kittie and the other from my cousin

Friday 29
weather cloudy and very warm, cannonadeing all last night and this morning (wrote a letter to a Friend of mine) our Brigade was out all day reconnoitering, we went about 5 miles from camp

Saturday 30
morning weather clear and plesant our Company was put on the skirmish line last night about ten oclock, this P,M,we had rain

Sunday JULY 31
weather cloudy and rainey, we drew some new clothing this forenoon, I drew one shirt and one pair of shoes, and one of the boys drew two pair of socks for me, to pay for a pair he took of mine when our regt. was in Knoxville Tennessee, this afternoon I was detailed for guard, to guard a spring just a few yards out side of camp,it rained here most all this Evening, but I only had to stand two hours and I did’nt have to stand in the night


Monday AUGUST. 1. 1864
weather cloudy and very warm and rainey, we have marching orders to be ready this Evening at 7 oclock, we are going around about eight miles to the right. - - - - -

Tuesday 2
weather warm and plesant we marched 3 miles last night and then layed down in the woods to sleep, this morning we eat ou[r] breakfast and then resumed our march again going some 7 or eight miles

Wednesday 3
weather very warm, we are camped in the woods behind brest works, again we finish them this morning, I received four letters one from Betsy & George, & one from Sarah Ann’ C N,Richards & one from Ls.Hay

Thursday AUGUST. 4
very warm last night I with 3 more boys of co K was on picket, wrote to Betsy yesterday, heaving cannonading last Evening on boath sides wounding quite a number and killing some, we moved forward about one mile yesterday Eve

Friday 5
morning cloudy and warm, last Eve.our Brigade was drawn up in five lines of battle our regt in the 3d line, this mornind (sic) one man of Co.E. was wounded & two out of the 104 O.V.I. with stray balls this P,M,we moved to the right

Saturday 6
weather cloudy, our Brigade charged the rebels works, and got badly repulsed, looseing a good many men in killed and wounded, our Regt lost over 100 men, two in co K. killed Kline & Elliot Nichols in boath legs wounded

Sunday AUGUST. 7. 1864
weather clear and plesant, wrote to my friend Kitti, our men drove the rebels out of their works and captured some prisoners, our Brigade marched about two miles and camped in the woods, we crossed over the old battle field

Monday 8
weather very warm and rainey our regt. supported the skirmishers this morning untill they dug new rifell pits  I received a letter from my friend lib, Sargant Furgerson got back to the regt this A,M,

Tuesday 9
weather cloudy and rainey, our regt went out to support the skirmishers, while they advanced their posts and dud (sic) new rifel pits

Wednesday AUGUST 10
cloudy with some rain, our Company was on the skirmish line last night and all day to day, we had pretty sharp skirmishings we got relieved about ten oclock last Evening

Thursday 11
weather clear and pleasant, I wrote to my Sister Sarah, this morning I and my partner pitched our tent and built up a stockade to shield us from the stray balls that the rebels shoot in Camp

Friday 12
weather cloudy and rainey, our Brigade was out reconno[i]tering all day, we were out some three miles and saw some rebels, we got in camp about ten oclock in the Eve

Saturday AUGUST 13
weather very warm, wrote to my Cousin Tillie, sent the Bellisle song and some caster oil beans, we are Camped in the open field on a large plantation that belonged to some rich southerner I suppose

Sunday 14
weather very warm, it rained some this P,M, I just heard very bad news by way of one of the neighbor boys that was that my Dear Brother William was dead, he died in the Hospital at Forth Eathan Allen, -

Monday 15
weather very warm and some rainey I was sent to the Division Hospital this morning by order of the surgan

Tuesday AUGUST 16
weather very warm, myself and two more of our boys took the cars near Atlanta and came to Marietta and then we were sent to the 3rd Division Hospital

Wednesday 17
weather very warm this morning some of us drew two days rations and were sent to the Provost Marshal to be sent to our Commands, this afternoon I was all over town, it is a pretty looking place

Thursday 18
weather clear and plesant, we left Marietta this morning on bocks cars we came as far as Vincing station and stayed there over night

Friday AUGUST 19
weather warm we marched two miles on the railroad to the Chattahoochee River, and eat diner, and in the afternoon we marched two or three miles and then camped for the night in a log house

Saturday 20
weather rainey we marched six or seven miles dureing that day, but we were all some sick, we camped over night in corn cribs and other outbuildings

Sunday 21
weather rainey I arived at the regt. this morning after marching four miles,found one letter for myself, from an old friend

Monday AUGUST 22
weather very warm I was sick all day we are camped behind brest works in a field among the corn stalks, not far from the railroad that leads into Alabama - - - - - -

Tuesday 23
weather clear, and plesant, I received a letter from Mother this morning stating the death of my poor Brother William that died in the Hospital Saturday morning July 30th 1864

Wednesday 24
weather clear and plesant, I wrote to Mother yesterday afternoon wrote to William Richards we have marching orders to be redy on 26

Thursday AUGUST 25
weather cloudy and warm, I received a letter from my Br. Joseph last Even from Fort Ethen Allen, I reported sick three days this week but I am geding well now

Friday 26
weather warm this Evening we were told we could not send anyletters out till further orders our skirmishers are pretty still this week, I was on Camp guard this night, it rained some

Saturday 27
weather cloudy and warm, we put up two lines of sharpe stakes in front of our brest works to hold back the rebels so they could not rush on to us

Sunday AUGUST 28. 1864
weather clear and plesant, we had orders to be ready to march by daylight this morning, but we did not before about 3 P,M, and then we marched about two miles and put up light brest works

Monday 29
weather clear and plesant, we marched nearly four miles, passing through a good many clearings, we passed by a church we put up pretty stout brest works in the woods in the Evening, & drew rations

Tuesday 30
weather clear and warm, we marched about two miles & a half over a level cleared up country crossing the west point and Mobile Rail Road

Wednesday AUGUST 31
cloudy and warm, last night we built brest works, this morning we were ordered to get our break first, and be ready to march by daylight, troops are passing here now, we marched two miles this forenoon our regt, marching in the rear to guard the wagon train,we marched about seven miles, and then stoped for diner in nearby partly shady places on the north side of a patch of woods, P,M, we marched two other miles, passing over a productive country where there were some large fields of corn we had all the green corn  we wanted to  eat, and some fresh pork

weather clear & plesant, we marched about five miles to day passing a good many large plantations our men drove the rebels to day, this Eve,, we crossed the Macon Rail Road, the ties were burning


Thursday SEPTEMBER 1

Friday 2
weather cloudy and warm, last night we saw about eighty  wounded rebels that they had to leave back,to keep out of the way of our men this Eve, we marched six miles we saw a good many wounded rebels laying in the woods

Saturday 3
weather cloudy & rainey friday our men got in to Atlanta about 11 A,M, the rebels left the night before, they burnt 80 car loads of ammunition, this Eve, we drew full rations

weather clear and warm last Eve,,we marched about five miles and passed through Jonesboro a small place on the Macon Railroad, we camped over night about one mile from town, this morning we started North for Atlanta

Monday 5
cloudy & rainey,yesterday we marched through Jonesboro North about 23 miles to Atlanta we arived there about 7 P,M,we marched through town & camped on the East side this P,M, I was about Town & saw quite a number of shatered buildings

Tuesday 6
weather very warm,most all the boys have gone out foraging or to guard the wagon train, last Eve, I received a letter from Father, this Eve, we drew salt fish

Wednesday SEPTEMBER 7. 1864
weather cloudy,I wrote a letter to Father this forenoon I was down Town and saw the ruins of 80 or 85 cars that the rebes set fire to before they left they were loaded with small arms & ammunition they fired four Engines and severele machines hops

Thursday 8
cloudy & cold, this morning we left Atlanta and marched about six miles East to Decatur, we arived there about noone and marched on through Town, and camped about one mile East in the woods

Friday 9
weather clear & warm I wrote one letter to a Friend, we have comenced to build brest works, we are camped in a very plesant place

Saturday SEPTEMBER 10
weather plesant this morning I cleaned my gun and helped to cook meat for dinner, we had fresh pork & salt fish & corn cakes & coffee, we drew five days rations this A,M, we drew salt fish for one day

Sunday 11
weather pleasant, last Eve.,I was detailed to go to Atlanta with other soldiers to guard wagon train, this morning we report but we did not go any further than Decatur for the officer did not want us

Monday 12
pleasant weather yesterday Peater lost his Meals this Eve., I was on dress perade for the first time in thirteen months,, I was over to the 111 regt. the Eve to see the boys

Tuesday 13
morning weather clear & coole, nothing of any importance going on this morning in Camp, this Evening received a letter from a friend near home stating that the body of my poor Brother William had reached home what a dreadfull site it must be

Wednesday 14
pleasant weather I wrote to George and a part of this letter to Mother & mailed it P,M, yesterday I got my watch cleaned for one dollar,I pay it the next time we are paid off, I sent home the account of the battle before Atlanta

Thursday 15
weather clear this morning, we had roll call at 5 A,M, we had to come out with harversacks on and accuterments on, we have roll call three times a day, I am on Camp guard

Friday 16
weather pleasant last Evening I received a letter from S.A.Sow, this A,M,wrote to Lib, the rail road is cut again so we get no mail, this morning we were to have inspection but the officer that was to have been there did not come so it plade out

Saturday 17
weather clear and warm,P,M, we moved camp about 100 yds  Taylor & Fuller  came to the regt,, this afternoon we put up our tents and then we had dressparade

Sunday 18
weather cloudy, and rainey, we had inspection this morning, Capt Hunt and a Lieut S. came back to the regt Received A letter from Betsy

Monday 19. SEPTEMBER 1864
weather cloudy and coole,I helped police Camp this morning and Wrote one letter home to my Sister Betsy, this Eve.,we drew five days rations, one day soft bread and four of hard bread and corn meal

Tuesday 20
cloudy and rainey this morning we had General inspection the inspector gave our regt the prase, a Union Victory garned in the Shanandoah Valley 9 stands of Colors & 2.000 prisoners captured Sept 19, 64

Wednesday 21
rainey all day we rebuilt our tent, I was on guard at Brigade quarters last night, Received a letter from Tillie Gales signed pay rolls

Thursday SEPTEMBER 22
cloudy weather the whole of our regt were sent out to build brest works, we build them very strong eight feet on the top & twelve on the base, we had a very hard rainstorm this Eve

Friday 23
morning cloudy and clear, we were working at the brest works this afternoon and nearly finished them, having rain this afternoon, I was washing my clothes very hard rain storm to night

Saturday 24
morning cloudy and rainey, I was on picket about five hundred yards from camp, in the night, the wind blew pretty cold

Sunday SEPTEMBER 25. 1864
weather clear and coole, we had General inspection this morning and in the Eve,,we had Dress parade our whole Brigade was out and General Riley and Cox was out to seeing Our old Colonel Hayes had charge of us he came back yesterday he was taken prisoner Sept. 8th 63 we (sic) was gone from the regt 12 months and about 12 days

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Monday the 26
clear and pleasant weather, six of our Bell Island boys came back to the regt this A,M, they are tough looking  chaps

Tuesday 27
pleasant weather, I was detailed for Camp guard this A.M. we had a game of ball this afternoon,I stood two tricks of guard only

Wednesday SEPTEMBER 28
cloudy and rainey weather played cards for pass time this fore noon, this afternoon I was writing home, this Evening we had dressparade, - -

Thursday 29
morning cloudy and rainey, our brigade went out foraging about ten miles we went pretty close to Stone Mountain, we loaded the wagons and got back in camp about dark

Friday 30
morning cloudy and very warm, I have been finishing write a letter and cleaning my gun very hard rain this Evening


Saturday OCTOBER. 1. 1864
weather cloudy and warm, nine Companies of the 100 reg. was payed to day by Maj. Cravein [?], our company was not payed for he did not have time, we had no drill or dressparad to day

Sunday 2
cloudy and warm weather, this afternoon Co. K were marched down to Decatur to get our pay, I received four months pay one hundred and ninty four dollars, wrote a letter to Sarah Ann Sow of Riley Tp.

Monday 3
cloudy and rainey this morning we had orders to be ready to march by one oclock P,M, but the order was countermaned I sent home by the State Agent $180.00 one hundred and eighty dollars

Tuesday OCTOBER. 4
weather cloudy & rainey we left Decatur earley this morning and marched about 12 miles crossing the Chattahoochee River on a Pontoon Bridge, we camped that night on a low piece of wet ground by the side of the River one mile from the Bridge

Wednesday 5
weather very warm we eat our breakfast and resume our march going about 11 miles and camped behind brest works, we passed through Marietta and camped North west of Hencraw [?] Mountain on a high ridge and a valley in front of us

Thursday 6
morning very rainey and unpleasant marching the roads were very muddy and hilley blankets and tents wet and heavy, yet we marched some five miles and camped behind works that the rebs just built

Friday OCTOBER 7. 1864
weather clear and pleasant, we have been expecting to march to day but now we are going to stay and draw rations for three days we drew hard bread beans coffee sugar and soap, -

Saturday 8
cold and clear, the wind blowing pretty cold from the North, this P,M, we marched some 9 miles passing through a small place called Ackworth and arived in Altoney about dark and camped East of town

Sunday 9
weather cold but pleasant, I was in town this morning and saw one or two hundred wounded rebels they were wounded on the sixth, they lost 1500 killed wounded & prisoners our loss 700

Monday OCTOBER. 10
weather clear there was frost on our blankets this morning, we marched 15 miles crossing the Altoney Mountain, and crossed a River East of Cartersville two miles we marched to Cassville and then our whole regt, were sent out on picket

Tuesday 11
clear and pleasant, we marched about 9 miles passing through Kingston a small place on the rail raod we Camped S.W. of Tenyson the Rome road in the woods in the afternoon we had rations I received 3 letters one from Mother, one from Joseph and the other Jones

Wednesday 12
clear and pleasant we marched about 12 miles and camped North West of Rome about 800 yards, we passed over a very hilley Country we heard cannonadeing

Thursday OCTOBER. 12
weather clear and pleasant our Division was out reconitering  six or seven miles west of Rome, and captured two pieces of Artilery and the cannonnears and their horses and about 25 prisoners we drew two days rations this Eve

Friday 14
morning cold and clear we left Rome about six oclock A M, and marched North East on the Calhoune road, we marched about 12 miles over a very pleasant Country crossing many beautiful streams of water & passing many splendid homes

Saturday 15
weather cloudy, we marched about 17 miles passing through a small Town by the name of Calhoune and Resacca and camped about one mile West of town

Sunday OCTOBER. 16
weather clear and pleasant for marching we marched about 15 miles passing through Snake Creek Gap, the rebels fell threes to blockade the rode, but they were soon cut out again

Monday 17
weather warm last night we camped in the woods, and are laying here waiting for further orders, the train [h]as been passing here all day and all last night,we drew one day’s rations to day

Tuesday 18
weather clear and plesant we marched twenty miles South East toward Rome passing many very rich old plantations and crossing many beautiful streams of water

Alabama Wednesday OCTOBER 19
weather fine we marched seventeen miles to day we passed in sight of Summerville Georgia, we passed over a very productive country there were plenty of forage

Thursday 20
weather clear and pleasant, we marched about 9 miles and came to Alabama line & marched 7 miles further, and camped we passed through a small town by the name Galesville

Friday 21
weather clear and pleasant we are now camped about one mile from Gailsburg on the North side of the Chattooga River, a part of the 4th and 15th Corps passed here to day

Saturday OCTOBER 22. 1864
Camp near Galesville Alabama, weather here this morning clear and cold, I wrote two letters one to Mary Richards and the other to Mother and sent my receipt home it was no 2, it calls for one hundred and eighty dollars

Sunday 23
weather clear and pleasant we had Company inspection this forenoon we are Camped near Galesville Alabama, the Country round here is level and rich the greater part of it is under cultivation

Monday 24
weather clear and warm we had general inspection this morning and then moved Camp about one mile North,  we fixed up a very nice bunk in our tent to day

Tuesday OCTOBER 25. 1864
clear and cold we had orders to be ready to march at eight A,M, we marched South East crossing the Chatooga River, we marched about three miles passing through Cederbluff

Wednesday 26
weather cloudy we are Camped on the North side of the   our Division was out reconnoitering about 7 miles to Centre South West of here across the River, we saw one rebel Cavalry man in the woods

Thursday 27
morning rainey and warm, yesterday I saw the prettiest Pine Trees that I ever saw in my life, wrot  to my Cousin Tillie

Friday OCTOBER 28
morning cloudy and coole I washed my shirt 12 A,M, we got marching orders to move right away we marched ten miles through Pine woods, we crossed the Coosa River at Ceaderbluff and march South West I received a letter from a friend

Saturday 29
weather cold and frosty in the morning, we marched 22 miles crossing the state line into Georgia we passed through Cave Springs a pretty little town and camped over night East of Town, the country round there is very productive

Sunday 30
clear and pleasant we marched 16 miles to Rome crossing the Etowah River, Rome is in the forke of the Etowah & Coosa River it is pretty good sized place, we marched 4 miles East making in all 20 miles

Monday OCTOBER 31
weather cloudy and coole last night we drew three days rations of hard bread Coffee sugar rice and Salt, we marched nineteen miles North East from nea[r] Rome to within about one mile of Calhoune a small place on the Chattanooga Railroad, we passed some very very rich old plantations where the Confederates yoused to raise hundred acres of cotton before this war broke out, but now their houses and fences are burned down or other ways distroyed and also their barns, and their cattle and hogs killed or drove off by the yanks, - - - - - - -


Tuesday NOVEMBER. 1. 1864
weather clear and warm we marched fourteen miles passing through Calhoune and Resacca, and camped at Tilton, I received a letter from Betsey, we expect to take the Cars here for Chattanooga Tenn.

Wednesday 2
rainey all the fore noon, I drew one pair of drawers, 12 oclock P,M, we resumed our marched (sic) and went to Dalton nine miles through the mud and Camp in Town, near the railroad

Thursday 3
weather cold and rainey we was expecting to leave here on the Cars to Chattanooga but by some cause or other we did not some say we will leave to night —

Friday NOVEMBER 4. 1864
weather cold we are still in Dalton Georgia and expect to be all day to day so I wrote a letter to Sister Betsey, this Evening it rains some and the weather is pretty cold

Saturday 5
weather cloudy and cold, some of the boys drew two pair of shoes this afternoon, we pull down old houses and barns to get wood to burn

Sunday 6
weather cloudy and cold this morning we were marched down to the Depot to take the Cars for Chattanooga, and arived there about noon 2 P,M, we left for Nashville Tennessee

Monday NOVEMBER. 7
weather cold and rainey we passed through Tulahoma Bell Buckle and Murfresboro and arrived in Nashville at 5 oclock P,M, we slept in the Cars that night but the Cars were crouded very full, - - - - - -

Tuesday 8
cold and rainey, I was about Town this morning and purchased braces for $1.00 and purchased ten postage stamps, our regt voated to day the election was in one of the box Cars, we lef[t] Nashville about 5 P,M, on the Railroad running south

Wednesday 9
rainey all day this morning we passed through Franklin on the Cars, and went on as far as Spring Hill about thirty four miles South of Nashville, Tennessee

Thursday NOVEMBER. 10. 1864
weather cold and pleasant we are now Camped near Spring Hill, Tennessee near the Rail Road in a very pleasant place

Friday 11
weather clear and pleasant cold and frosty in the morning I wrote a letter to one of my old correspondance received a letter from a friend in snagsville, & wrote one to my sister Betsey

Saturday 12
clear and pleasant weather our regt, and the 104 O,V,I went out about 7 miles South West of Camp reconitering, we passed severel very rich plantations, I sent my gold pen to Louisville Ky, to get it repaired

Sunday NOVEMBER. 13
morning weather clear and frosty we left Spring Hill and marched on the pike South 12 to Columbia and Camped on the west side of Duck River, I rode the Doctors Horse about three miles for I was under the weather

Monday 14
cloudy and cold we marched South 18 miles, the Country pretty Hilley I rode on a wagon nearly all day, we Camped at Linville, roads pretty good, we passed by a great many fields of Cotton

Tuesday 15
weather rainey and very muddy we marched about twelve miles Country pretty level, we went in Camp about noon, and we are camped near Pulaski, Tenn

Wednesday NOVEMBER. 16. 1864
weather here cloudy rainey and cold and our camp pretty muddy, we drew five days hard bread coffee sugar rice soap and salt and two of pickled pork

Thursday 17
cloudy and pleasant weather, a very small package of mail came for our Company this morning

Friday 18
weather cloudy and rainey, we drew clothing this morning and shelter tents, I drew a blanket and one shirt

Saturday NOVEMBER 19
cold and rainey and wood rather scarce and our camp pretty muddy

Sunday 20
rainey and cold this afternoon we were ordered to be ready to march at a moments warning, our Cavelry skirmished with the rebels some a few miles from hear to day, wrote to Joseph

Monday 21
weather cold and snowey all day, this Evening I was detailed for picket it froze pretty hard for the time of the year

Tuesday 22
very cold and clear this morning we marched 13 miles on the pike North West to a small place called Linville, most of the houses have been burnt down, the Country around here is pretty hilley

Wednesday 23
cold and clear weather, we had orders to be ready to move earley this morning but we did not till about 3 P,M, then we left and marched about eleven miles and Camped in the woods, North of the pike

Thursday 24
weather clear and pleasant, this morning we struck tents about five A M, and marched down the pike 7 miles to Columbia, and we had a fight soon as we got there Seargant King was killed

Friday NOVEMBER. 25. 1864
weather cloudy received a letter from my sister Betsey stateing that my dear Mother was dead she died on the 14 of November at half past nine oclock in the Evening, oh what sorrowful news for me,  Received my pen from Louisville Ky, fixed   for writeing for 50 cents

Saturday 26
weather cloudy and rainey last night we moved across the Duck River and we are now Camped west of the pike about one mile from Town, our men are skirmishing pretty lively to day there are considerable cannonading on our side but the rebels are pretty quiet

Sunday 27
rainey and cold skirmishing still going on