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Tinney Family


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

This collection was given to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 1986 by Albert J. Wonderly.

Biographical Sketch
The Tinney family settled in Scott Township, Sandusky County, Ohio in 1839.  In the early 1830s, Stephen (1799-1848) and Julia Scott (1797-1848) Tinney and their children left the Niagara area of New York and made their way to Lenawee County, Michigan, where they lived for six years before removing to Scott Twp.  The Tinney family gave the name to the village of Tinney, formerly known as Greensburg, Ohio.  Many of the Tinneys resided in the southern portion of section 12 of Scott Twp. near the Jackson Twp. line. 

Stephen and Julia Tinney had three sons, Darwin Scott, Edwin C., and Jackson, who became prosperous farmers and raised families of their own.  The oldest, Darwin Scott Tinney (1826-1893), married Sarah Wiggins in 1850. They had three children:  Almeda Ann, Frank Jay (1826-1893), who later became principal of the Fostoria, Ohio, schools, and Eulalie Adelaide (1857-1931).  Eulalie married George F. Aldrich (1857-1920) of Scott Twp. on March 7, 1878.  Aldrich was a prominent educator in the township, conducting a normal school at Tinney.  He also was elected to the state legislature as a Democrat and served as justice of the peace, township census enumerator, and on the board of county examiners for four years. 

Edwin C. Tinney (1828-1900), the middle son of Stephen and Julia, lived in Tinney on a portion of the old family farm.  He married Catherine Wiggins (1837-1900), the daughter of John and Jane Kelly Wiggins of Tinney, on November 25, 1858.  Catherine was educated and also taught school in the township.  Edwin and Catherine had two children—Ida May (1860-1932) and Charles (1862-1885).  Charles graduated from Mansfield, Ohio Normal School and, like so many other members of his family, was a teacher in Scott Twp.  He also was an editor for two local Fremont, Ohio newspapers, the Herald and the Messenger, before his untimely death at age 22. 

Jackson (1832-1891), the youngest son of Stephen and Julia Tinney, married Sarah Inman (1841-1932) on July 4, 1863.  Sarah was the daughter of William Inman, a pioneer settler of Scott Twp.  In addition to being a successful farmer, Jackson Tinney served as township clerk and appraiser of real estate. 

Jackson’s son, Alfred W. Tinney (1864-1951) was a prominent teacher in Scott Twp. at the Tinney Select School as well as being a farmer.  A graduate of Ohio Normal University (Ohio Northern University) in Ada, Alfred also served on the Sandusky County Board of School Examiners from 1902 to 1911 and was superintendent of Scott Twp. Schools.  After 1911, he devoted all his time to farming.  He married Rilla Edeburn (     -1917) of Scio, Ohio on May 2, 1900.  Their daughter Ethel (1907-1983) was born seven years later.  She married Burdette F. Havens and was a speech therapist employed by the Fostoria City Schools.  Cora Tinney (1868-1950), Alfred’s sister, was married to Oscar Kleinhen on June 2, 1893. 

Scope and Content
This collection is largely made up of Tinney family correspondence and materials that are wide-ranging, both in time-span and content.  The correspondence, mostly letters from family and friends, but also concerning Sandusky County school business dates from 1836 to 1944 and consists of about 100 letters.  Other family mementos include obituaries, wedding announcements, a genealogical chart of the Tinney family, and a few photographs from 1899 and 1916.  There are also temperance pamphlets, insurance policies from the turn of the century, and materials relating to local politics and elections.  Of special interest pertaining to education in Sandusky County are end-of-year souvenir pamphlets listing the teacher and all of the pupils in the school, and also the results of individuals testing to obtain teaching certificates. 

Ac. 4892, 4900
1/3 linear ft.

1. Undated correspondence
2. Correspondence, 1836-1898
3. Correspondence, 1899-1944
4. Miscellaneous family memorabilia
5. Tinney Natural Gas Co.
6. Insurance policies
7. Invitations, newspaper clippings, obituaries, political materials
8. Sandusky County Schools business
9. Teaching Certificates
10. Short-Hand Writer (1883) and Western Penman (1885-1886)
11. Education
12. Photographs

Oversize Materials:

Exams, teaching newspapers, and newspaper from President Garfield’s assassination

Transferred to the Museum:

Lap robe, picture of Albert Tinney on copper plate, engraved steel plates of the wedding invitation and reception card for Marilyn Alicia Havens and Laurance William Beckler, and eight sets of educational and advertisement cards.