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Thurn Family


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The Thurn family materials were donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by Dr. Richard Thurn in 2003. Additional materials on the Thurn Family may be found in the Hayes Center’s Biographical File and in The History of the Von Thurn/Thurn Family: from Eusserthal, Germany to Ottawa and Sandusky County, Ohio by James Blum. The Thurn family genealogy is located in the reading room.

Biographical Sketch
Born in 1808 in Eusserthal, (Bavaria) Germany, Johann Jacob Von Thurn was the eldest of the six children of Johann Friedrich Adam Von Thurn (1784-1849) and Maria Catherina Hopfinger (1786-1863). At the age of 24, Johan Jacob immigrated to the United States with his father. They settled in Sandusky, Ohio, and later moved to Bay Township, Ottawa County, Ohio. Jacob married Elisabeth Shef in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1838. Ten years later, the couple divorced. The couple’s two children remained with their mother. Jacob then married Maria Catherine Waggoner who had emigrated from Alsace-Lorraine in 1844. They settled in Rice Township, Sandusky County, Ohio, where they raised ten children. Jacob continued to farm in Bay Township until March 1864 when he purchased 80 acres in Scott Township, Sandusky County, Ohio. He resided on this farm until his death in 1874. He is buried in the Metzgar Cemetery in Scott Township. Maria Catherine married James William Barnes two years later. She died in 1896 and was buried beside Jacob in the Metzgar Cemetery.

Scope and Content
The collection consists of original documents of the Von Thurn/Thurn family, dating from 1784 to 1923. The bulk of the material is vital records documents abstracted from German church and civil records. Only the land grant of William McFarland, the valedictory address of Russell Eugene Thurn, and the confirmation certificate of Gustavus Adolphus Thurn are written in the English language. However, Thurn family descendants have included descriptive explanations of each document.

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9 items

1. Von Thurn family record listing the father, grandfather, great grandfather and great great grandfather of
    Friederich Adam Von Thurn, who was born in 1784. The document was abstracted from the church
    records of Eusserthal, Germany, on 30 January 1789, by Johannes Heyer, "priest."

2. Baptismal certificate of Johann Friederich Adam Von Thurn, 1784, abstracted from the Lutheran Church,
    Godramstein, Germany, 1789.

3. Marriage record, Georg Friedrich Von Thurn and Dorothy Eschermann, 1782, abstracted from the Lutheran
    Church, Godramstein, Germany, 1789.

4. Marriage record of Friedrich Adam Von Thurn and Maria Catherina Hopfinger, 1807, and baptismal record
    of the children of Friedrich Adam Von Thurn and Maria Catharina Hopfinger.

5. Document executed by the mayor of Albersweiler regarding the immigration of Friederich Adam Von Thurn
    to the United States in 1832.

6. Document executed by the mayor Eusserthal, Bavaria, on behalf of Friederich Adam Von Thurn, 1832.

7. Passport of Friedrich Adam Von Thurn, dated 16 June 1832, Bavaria,(includes a physical description of
    Von Thurn).

8. United States federal land grant, William McFarland, Crawford County, Ohio, 1835.

9. Document dated 1844, Luxemburg, written in the French language with German translation. The document
    also includes the names of the children of Jacob Von Thurn and wife Maria Catharine Waggoner who
    were born between the years of 1845 and 1856.

10. Confirmation certificate of Gustavus Adolphus Thurn, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fremont, Ohio, 1884.

11. Valedictory address of Russell Eugene Thurn and commencement program, Jackson Township High School,
      Sandusky County, Ohio, 1923.