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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

St. John’s Baseline United Church of Christ



Agency History
Scope and Content



The original collection consists of  a single roll of negative microfilm donated in 1969 by Rev. Gary Miller.  The film duplicates the church’s register (1895-1934) and other church records written in German. The records cover the years from 1863 to 1942.  The microfilm may be found in the Library Reading Room filed under “Crawford County...”.  The film also contains the church register for the Chatfield Windfall Church, Crawford County, Ohio.  Photocopies of the St. John’s Baseline United Church of Christ church register may be found within collection LH-158. In 1998, Dr. Ronald L. Stuckey donated material that appears as an addenda to the original collection. 


Agency History

 The St. John’s Baseline United Church of Christ originated with several German Reformed and German Lutheran families who, in 1850,  joined Pastor John Bantz for worship in a school house in Section 6 of Lykens Twp. Crawford County, Ohio.  Later, the group met at the John Klaiss farm.  By 1855, the group had built a small brick church on land purchased from the John Klaisses.  During the pastorate of the Rev. John Winter, the Reformers wrote a constitution, and in 1862 became incorporated as the St. John’s Reformed Congregation.  In 1869, the fifty-two-member congregation purchased land from Daniel and Margaret Stuckey.  The congregation began construction of its new edifice only fifty feet from the original structure.  Two year later, the old church was dismantled. The congregation used the building for worship services for the next eighty-two years.  The church dedicated its third structure in June of 1951. It was located within Seneca County on one acre of land in the southeast corner of what was then the Harvey Keller farm. Membership had reached 164 and over two hundred worshipers attended Sunday school services.

Until, 1907, the congregation worshiped in the German language. Although Sunday School services were added shortly after 1900, a Christian education youth program was not created for another forty years.


Scope and Content

The collection includes photocopies of the church register from the years 1894-1934, and other records of the church spanning the years from 1863 to 1942. The church register and record from the years 1863 to 1879 are written in German.  The meetings of the consistory (1882 to 1909) are recorded in both German and English. The addenda (1878-1998)  includes records (incomplete), church bulletins from St. John’s Baseline as well as some from other churches, including College Hill United Church of Christ. Hymnals, Sunday School books, a St. John’s Baseline recipe collection, and news clippings offer additional information about the church’s worship services, activities, and its membership.



 Ac. 1936, 5480, 5566, 5914   

2/3 linear ft.

Box 1

  1. Constitution [English]
  2. Church register, 1863-1879 [German]
  3. Church record book, 1879 [German]
  4. Practical church register, 1894-1942 [English]
  5. Meetings of the Consistory, 1882-1909 [German and English]
  6. Ledger of names and amounts of money for construction of church (12 pages) [Ac. 5914]
  1. Reports, bulletins, booklets, 1959-1997
  2. St. John’s United Church of Christ Special Services
  3. Women’s Guild Program Booklets. 1976-1994 [9]
  4. College Hill United Church of Christ History
  5. College Hill United Church of Christ Special Services
  6. Combined St. John’s Baseline and College Hill, 1974-1998
  7. Miscellaneous material from other churches
  8. Newspaper clippings
  9. Scrapbook
  10. Dr. Ronald L. Stuckey
  11. Church bulletins1950-1987 (62 items). [Ac. 5566]
  12. Clippings, misc. church material and bulletins [Ac. 5566]


Box 2

Gabriel’s Vineyard Songs, n.d.

Reformed Church Hymnal with Tunes, 1878 ?

Kindly Light, 1896

Royal Hymnal for the Sunday School, 1898

The Sunday School Hymnal, 1899

The Shining Way Combined, 1902

Sunday School Hymns, No.2, 1912

Hymns of Praise, Number 2, 1925

Tabernacle Hymns, Number 3, 1936

The Hymnal, 1941

Baseline’s Recipe Collection, 1996


Box 3

Obituaries (arranged chronologically and also entered in Ohio Obituary Index)

1936 – 1970


Box 4

Obituaries (arranged chronologically and also entered in Ohio Obituary Index)

1971 - 2000


Confirmation certificate for Laurette L. Young, Dec. 31, 1899.  Marriage certificate for David H. Hartschuh and Loretta L. Young, Dec. 27, 1905 [Ac. 5566]