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Sandusky, Ohio Shipping Personnel


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The collection represents the research of Don J. Wood of Sandusky, Ohio. His interest in early shipping and shipbuilding along Lake Erie's western basin, led to his attempt to document individuals and businesses associated specifically with the city of Sandusky in Erie County, Ohio.

Biographical Sketch
Shipping and shipbuilding began among the pioneers of Lake Erie's western basin shortly before the War of 1812. Hides, fish, and lumber were transported to Buffalo, New York, Cleveland, Ohio, and Erie, Pennsylvania. In exchange, eastern markets provided manufactured goods, textiles, and finished lumber products. As more acreage in the Black Swamp came under cultivation, northwest Ohioans sought ways to transport their grain and livestock products to eastern markets. Water routes remained the safest and fastest means of transporting goods. New York merchants frequently joined forces with Ohio traders in financing the construction of ships capable of carrying large amounts of grain, fish, and lumber to other lake ports. Later, immigrants settling in the Midwest made frequent use of the passenger routes from Buffalo, New York to Sandusky, Ohio.

Scope and Content
The collection consists of Don J. Wood's documentation of individuals involved in shipping and shipbuilding in the city of Sandusky, Ohio (Erie County). Using biographical sketches, vessel registers, censuses, and estate records, Mr. Wood identified over 250 individuals. Although his research identifies shipping personnel as early as 1800 and as late as 1940, the bulk of those identified were employed during the latter half of the nineteenth century. The amount of individual data varies considerably. Profiles appear for six shipping companies that existed in Sandusky, Ohio during the twentieth century.

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2/3 linear ft.

Box 1


1. Monk, John E. - Estate records (1895-1902)
2. Monk, John E. - Inventory and appraisal
3. Merry, Elizabeth - (1892)
4. Hubbard, R. K. - (1904-1905)
5. Fordham, Henry K. - (1914)
6. Ball, Thomas J. - (1918)

Box 2

Folder 1:

Ackerman, George P.
Allard, Henry
Allard, Frank X.
Allard, Henri
Alore, Henry
Alvas, Jr., Albert
Baker, John
Banks, John R.
Banks, Robert
Barber, John T.
Barringer, Matthew
Bedford, George
Beer, Henry H.
Bell, Elizar Stewart
Bell, Stewart
Benjamin, Cornelius
Bergrew, A.
Bickley, Harry
Bickley, Joseph
Bickley, Thomas
Bird, James
Bixler, William
Blaich, C. F. E.
Boget, Frank
Brunning, George
Bannan, George D.
Brecksle, Thomas
Bright, Charles
Broket, John

Folder 2:

Caden, Jos
Canfield, John F.
Canfield, William "Willie"
Capman, George H.
Capman, James
Cavil, Inman
Chaney, William
Chapman, C. F.
Chapman, J.
Chapman, James
Chapman, William R.
Chapman, William F.
Christofel, Fred (
Church, Fairbanks
Coltart, James
Conklin, S. B.
Crane, W. D.
Curr, David
Curr, Alex
Currier, John

Folder 3:

Darby (Miss)
Dauch, Jacob J.
Davis, Adelbert B.
DeMars, George
DeMay, William B.
Devoe, L.
Dibble, Daniel
Dibble, Wakeman
Donnel, George
Douglas, Russell
Druwdell, Lewis
Dunn, Thos.
Durkee, Harry
Dussault/Dessault, David
Dussault,/Dessault, George
Dussault, Joseph
Dyar, John W.

Folder 4:

Eck, John S.Ellis, L.
Elwell, Onas. D./C.B.
Estes, John C.
Farwell, Jonathan W.
Floyd, Raymond G.
Flynn, Charles
Foley, James
Forde, William
Fordham, George
Fordham, Henry
Fordham, Leo
Fordham, Richard
Foster, Fred
Fox, Frank
Fox, Stewart
Fraser, Augustus
Frensen, Andrew
Freyensee, William

Folder 5:

Gay, James P.
Gay, Lewis
Geason, Charles William
Gerlach, Fred
Gerlach, Harry/Henry
Gerlach, Sen
Gerlach, William O.
Gerlach, Wm.
Gleason, Howard P.
Gleason, John
Haddock, W. H.
Hall, James
Hammond, R.
Hanna, W. R.
Hansen, Christ
Harris, Milo
Hartung, Walter, Jr.
Hauser, Gustav Adolph
Henkelmann, Chick
Henry, James A.
Hewitt, Abijah
Hickling, Thomas
Hoffman, George
Homeberger, John
Homegardner, John

Folder 6:

Icsman, Benedict
Imisch, Fred
Jackman, L.
Jackson, G.
Jackson, Louis/Lewis H./C.
Jackson, Palmer
Jackson, William
Jenkins, John
Johnston, Andrew
Jones, Augustus
Jones, William

Folder 7:

Kalb, Joshua, Jr.
Kalb, Joshua, Sr.
Karbler, John F.
Karcher/Kercher, John
Keating, Joseph M.
Keating, Patrick
Kline, William S.
Knowlton, Alex "Duck"
Kranz, Fred
Labarger, John
Labree, L.
Lafontaine, William M.
Lapree, Philip
Lang, P.
Larned, Jonathan
Lawler, James
Lawrence, John
Little, George
Littleton, George

Folder 8:

McAlpine, Frederick J.
McAllister, Neal
McCormick, Daniel
McKinney, Charles
McKenzie, G. R.
Mapes, David
Mapes, William
Marshal, Joseph T.
Mathers, Alexander
May, James
Merriam, J. P.
Merry, Henry
Meyers, Joseph
Meyers, C.
Meyers, Martin (?)
Meschler, Charles F.
Mitchell, Nicholas
Molyneaux, Harry/Henry
Monk, John

Folder 9:

Monk, John (cont.)
Monroe, William
Moss, Augustus C.
Moss, Augustus H.
Moss, Horace O.
Myers, F.W. ?
Myers, R. Daniel ?

Folder 10:

Neuman, John
Nissen, Nicolas
Novell, Adolph
O'Neil, Arthur
Parker, Charles
Parker, Joseph A.
Parsons, C. G.
Paul, Charles
Paul, James
Pearsons, Chester C.
Pfefferkorn, Christian
Pouliot, George (?)
Pouliot, Joseph
Pouliot, Louis
Pratt, Francis
Purnex, Levi
Quick, Philip W.
Quick, William

Folder 11:

Radcliffe, James
Ratti, Edmund
Ratti, Frank X.
Reafield, W. S.
Reed, Hawley
Reed, Thomas
Reed, James W.
Reed, Joseph T.
Reed, William H.
Reinke, Gust
Richter, George
Rinkleff, George
Robarge, John
Rugles, Elias
Rugels, Eli (?)

Folder 12:

Sampson, William
Sarter, Caspar
Savard, Alexander S.
Schmidt, Jacob
Schnecke, Joseph
Scott, W. W.
Simon, Edward
Sinclair, Alexander
Semklend, John
Sloat, Joseph T.
Sly, W. B.
Smith, Charles
Smith, Jackob
Southard, John
Spalding, Robert
Spencer, Charles
Squires, John F.
Stewart, Alexander
Steinman/Stineman, Jacob
Stoaks, Amos

Folder 13:

Tebbutt, Ralph S.
Tebbutt, Samuel
Thompson, F. D.
Thompson, H. V.
Totten, William
Trudel, Louis
Tufts, Frank

Folder 14:

Wagenet/Wagenknecht, John
Ward, F. D.
Webster, John
Weed William
Weeden, John
Weiss, Jacob
Wells, Edward
Welse, Adolph
West, James
Wheeler, John
Wheeler, W. H.
Whipple, Sylvester
Wilkinson, Freeman
Willson, John Wilson, Squire L.
Wright, John
Yohsom, Anton
Zistel, Louis
Zistel, Oscar
Ziustel, Oswald
Zistel, Ottomar

Folder 15:

Machinists and Lumber Supply Businesses

Folder 16:


Moss Brothers and Merry (1860's)
Sandusky Dry Dock Company
Pouliot Boat and Power Company (1904-1906)
Lake Erie Dry Dock and Mill Company (1906-ca. 1933)
Lake Erie Dry Dock and Engineering Company (1918)

Folder 17:

Key and Accession List