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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums

Stephen J. Ryan Family


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

This collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 1979 by Paul Morrill.

Biographical Sketch
Stephen J. Ryan was born in Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 25, 1857, to Patrick H. and Julia Peters Ryan. After attending St. John's Cathederal School in Cleveland, Stephen went to work in his father's tailor shop. Ryan went to New York City for several years where he received additional training as a tailor before returning home to work for Alfred Ayers, one of the city's leading tailors. Ryan came to Fremont, Ohio, on December 8, 1884, by way of California to work for Dryfoos & Bach, a local dry goods store. In 1892, he severed his association with the firm to open his own tailor shop, remaining in business until the time of his death.

Ryan married Catherine F. Hayes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hayes of Cleveland, Ohio, on November 27, 1879. They were the parents of three children: Marguerite E., Vincent Earl, and a son William who died in infancy. Stephen Ryan was a member of St. Ann's Catholic Church, Knights of Columbus, Woodmen of America, and the American Cutters Association. He also was an active participant in the local Elks Lodge, where he was both a charter and honorary member of the organization and served in the capacities of past exulted ruler and trustee.

The Ryan family resided at 412 S. Park Street in Fremont. Ryan died of pneumonia at his home on August 15, 1934. His wife Catherine passed away six years later on November 19, 1940. Vincent Earl Ryan, a WW I veteran, died in 1936.

Scope and Content
The Ryan Family collection is made up of photographs and memorabilia from the Stephen J. (1857-1934) and Catherine Hayes Ryan (1861-1940) family, including their children Vincent Earl and Marguerite Ryan. Photographs of Mr. Ryan's tailor shops and scenes and people from Fremont, Ohio are also a part of this collection. Other materials include a scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, photographss, invitations, and memorabilia belonging to Ryan's son Earl..

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1. Fremont Cycling & Athletic Club Amateur Minstrels on stage at Fremont Opera House, Fremont, Ohio.
    Mar. 8, 1894. C. P. Haas, photographer. (4).
2. Group photo of Fremont Elks (B. P. O. E.). Mar., 1893. Photographer unknown.
3. Exterior view of S. J. Ryan's Tailor Shop, 309 Croghan St., Fremont, O. c. 1897. Photographer unknown.
4. Exterior view of S. J. Ryan's Tailor Shop, 121 S. Front St., Fremont, O. c. 1899. Photographer unknown.
5. Interior view of S. J. Ryan's Tailor Shop, 121 S. Front St., Fremont. n.d. Photographer unknown.
6. Photo of three workmen in S.J. Ryan's Tailor Shop, Fremont, O. n.d. B. W. Lawson, Fremont,
7. Group photo of Co. K, first company to leave Sandusky Co. for the Spanish-American War. Taken on the
    Courthouse steps in Fremont, [April 26],1898. C. P. Haas, Fremont, photographer. Names appear on verso.
8. Photo of troops marching on Sandusky Co. Courthouse lawn, Fremont, O. (County Jail and
    St. John's Lutheran Church in background). Photographer unknown.
9. Photo of same troops posing for group photo on the steps of the Sandusky Co. Courthouse, Fremont, O.
    c. 1917. Photographer unknown.
10. Studio photo of Marguerite E. Ryan. Jne. 13, 1907. Frank B. Finch, Fremont , photographer.
11. Later photo of same. n.d. Photographer unknown.
12. Studio photo of Earl Hayes Ryan. Aug. 1, 1902. Grob Studio, Fremont, photographer.
13. Earlier photo of same with dog. n.d. Photographer unknown.
14. Cabinet photo of Mrs. S. J. (Catherine Hayes) Ryan n.d. Liebich, Cleveland, O., photographer. (2)
15. Cabinet photo of Mr. S. J. Ryan. n.d.. DorÉ Gallery, San Francisco, photographer.
16. Cabinet photo of Mrs. S. J. Ryan. n.d. Freedle, Cleveland, O., photographer.
17. Photo of Mrs. S. J. Ryan with group of children. n.d. Photographer unknown.
18. Photo of Mrs. S. J. Ryan with other women. n. d. Photographer unknown.
19. Photo of S. J. Ryan family. Sept., 1894. Photographer unknown.
20. Studio photo of Stephen J. Ryan. n. d. Grob Studio, Fremont, photographer. (2)
21. Cabinet photo of Fred Messinger. Mar., 1899. C. P. Haas, photographer.
22. Cabinet photo of Mary E. McGrath. n.d. Freedle, Cleveland, photographer (W/inscription: "Died
      July 30, 1882 aged 17 yrs. 6 mos.").
23. Cabinet photo of F. Terry. Jan. 20, 1894. J. Dick, Fremont, photographer.
24. Exterior view of Frank Fought's Feed Barn, ne cor State & Justice Sts., Fremont, O. (W. State looking north).
      c. 1899. Photographer unknown.
25. Unidentified Ryan family photographs. (17).
26. Photograph of residence of Simon M. Fronzier, 710 Birchard Ave., Fremont , O. c. 1900.

Photographer unknown. (transferred to Sandusky County Local History Collection)


1. Badge from 45th national Encampment G. A. R. (Women's Relief Corps), Aug. 21-16, Rochester, N. Y. W/box.
2. Invitation to attend "Second Grand Annual Ball" sponsored by Onoka Tribe, No. 140, Improved Order of
    Red Men, Fremont, O., Dec. 7, 1897.
3. Autographed menu card from banquet in honor of Co. K, Sixth O.V. I.., First Presbyterian Church,
    Fremont, O., May 30, 1899.
4. Prtd. invitation to attend "A Party" at Hayes Hall, Fremont, O., Christmas Night, Dec. 25, 1888. (2)
5. Prtd. invitation to attend "Social Dance" at Birchard Hall, Fremont, O., Jan. 27, 1888.
6. Wedding announcement for the marriage of Elizabeth E. Kochman to Jerome H. Bihl, Nov. 6, 1890,
    St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Fremont.
7. Two "Royal Flying Corps" diet sheets for the weeks ending Oct. 14 & 21, 1917.
8. Robt. L. Dean to S. J. Ryan dtd The Tehauntepic Corp., 67 Wall St., N. Y., Feb. 1, 1929. 2 pp. T.L.
9. Newspaper clipping from the New Brunswick, N. J. Sunday Times, Jly. 8, 1928.
10. Scrapbook of clippings, photos, and memorabilia belonging to Earl Hayes Ryan dtd Jan. 5, 1905,
      412 Park Ave., Fremont, O.