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Riley Mothers Study Club


Agency History
Scope and Content

The records of the Riley Mothers Study Club were donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 2005.

Agency History
The first meeting of the Riley Mothers Study Club was held March 11, 1947. In a letter dated January 27, 1948, Home Demonstration Agent Miss Leota Leyda acknowledged the organization as a part of the Ohio Home Demonstration Council, a voluntary organization served by Extension Service staff under the auspices of the College of Agriculture and Home Economics of The Ohio State University. The Club's purpose was to develop and foster good relationships among parents, children, schools, and community. The club was run by elected officers - president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, news reporter, and sunshine representative -- and by two standing committees - membership and program.

Membership in the organization was open to all women living in Riley Township, Sandusky County, Ohio. Meetings were scheduled for the first Tuesday, September through May. Meeting sites rotated among the 12 one-room schools in Riley Township until the Riley Centralized School was built in 1950. After the Riley School, which had become part of the Fremont City School system in 1967, closed and was sold in 1981, meetings were held in members' homes. Initially, there were 15 charter members. During the 1960s membership grew to as many as 65 women. By 2001, that number had dwindled to eight. The organization disbanded in 2004.

Meetings included a simple lunch, business meeting, and the presentation of a program on a family - or community-related topic such as children's emotions or managing money. The club sponsored projects that provided supplies and equipment for the school and its students. The club also donated to community causes.

Scope and Content
The records include meeting minutes; attendance rosters; financial records; and yearly program booklets. Miscellaneous program-related documents; correspondence; acknowledgments of donations; and photographs are included, but few of the photos are identified or dated. Included with the records is a white tablecloth that was displayed at the meetings. First used in 1958, the cloth bears the embroidered signatures of club members.

Minutes and attendance rosters are complete from the founding of the organization through 2001. Program booklets are continuous from 1949 to 1999. Records from the 1950s to the 1960s make up the bulk of the collection.

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Box 1

1 Attendance records and meeting minutes 1947 - 1954
2 Attendance records and meeting minutes 1954 - 1960
3 Attendance records and meeting minutes 1960 - 1967
4 Attendance records and meeting minutes 1968 - 1979
5 Attendance records and meeting minutes 1980 - 1989
6 Attendance records and meeting minutes 1990 - 2001

Box 2

1. Financial records 1948 - 1951
2 Financial records 1960 - 1969
3 Financial records 1970 - 1974
4 Financial records 1983 - 1985
5 Financial records 1986 - 1989
6 Financial records 1990 - 1994
7 Acknowledgments of donations; miscellaneous correspondence

Box 3

1 Program booklets 1949 - 1970
2 Program booklets 1970 - 1980
3 Program booklets 1990 - 1999
4 Miscellaneous program information; photographs