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Raymond Family


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

Gift from Elizabeth Raymond Raymond (Mrs. Robert S. ) and Bennitt Raymond Pumphrey.

Biographical Sketch
On 1823, George and Hannah Read Raymond moved their family of eight children (Mahaly, William, Harriet, Sally, Lydia, Hannah, Jepperson, Lucy and Richmond) along with Hannah’s brother, Seth Read, from their Hammondsport, New York home to Seneca County. The Steuben County, New York transplants settled in the eastern portion of the county in what is now Reed Township. On July 26, 1826, three years after the arrival of the Raymonds in the Buckeye State, Hannah Raymond bore triplets sons, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Thomas Bennitt, also from Steuben County, New York, migrated to eastern Seneca County in the 1820s. Joseph Murray Raymond (1839-1910), the son of William Raymond (1807-1883), married Hila Bennitt (1838-1926) in 1868. Hila, the daughter of Abraham S. Bennitt of Steuben County, New York, came to Reed Township in 1860 to accept a teaching position near the home of her sister, Mollie Bennitt Raymond (1828-1896), Mrs. Jacob Raymond. Both Joseph and Hila served as rural teachers in the same area, the Raymond and Bennitt families having settled in "Reedtown" near Attica, Ohio. When Joseph Raymond was eleven, his family moved to Adams Township (Seneca County), locating near the Sand Ridge neighborhood, 1 mile south of the village of Green Springs. Hila’s and Joseph’s relationship continued after Joseph’s enlistment in the 101st Ohio Volunteer Infantry in April, 1862. Owing to health problems incurred during the Civil War, Joseph Murray set off in the summer of 1867 for Minnesota, while Hila taught school in Clyde, Ohio. Not finding Minnesota to his liking, Joseph’s travels took him to Lawrence, Kansas, where he subsequently bought land in Kanwaka Township and finally settled with his wife Hila. Hila Bennitt and Joseph Murray Raymond were married in Seneca County on April 7, 1868. By April 11, they had reached Lawrence, Kansas and their new home. Elizabeth Raymond Raymond (Mrs. Robert S. ) of Lawrence, Kansas, one of the donors of the collection, is the daughter of Frederic Newton Raymond, Joseph and Hila Raymond’s son. The other donor, Bennitt Raymond Pumphrey, is the son of Mrs. Horace (Luell Raymond) Pumphrey, grandson of Abraham Bennitt Raymond and great-grandson of Jacob Raymond, one of the "Buckeye Triplets."

Scope and Content
The collection includes photographs and genealogical material relating to the Bennitt, Raymond and Read (now Reed) families of Seneca County, Ohio. Most of the photographs are identified in the handwriting of Mrs. Luell Pumphrey, with additional remarks made by Elizabeth Raymond. For additional information on the Raymond and Bennitt families see Elizabeth Raymond, Raymond ed. Ohio Volunteer: Diaries and Letters of Joseph Murray Raymond and His Friends in the 1860s. Lawrence, Kansas, 1984.

Ac. 4792, 4802, 5234, 5258, 5290

Box 1
1. Memorandum book belonging to Delphia Raymond Covert containing genealogical notes.
2. The Raymond Family Name List (2 copies)
3. History and Sketches of the Raymond Family and Biographies of the Buckeye Triplets (1907) by
    Delphia Raymond Covert.
4. "The Bennitt, Raymond and Read Families of Seneca County, Ohio" by Elizabeth Raymond
    Raymond, 3pp.
5. Book commemorating the 50th wedding anniversary of Jerome and Caroline Bevier Post,
    August 6, 1910, giving names of the guests in attendance as well as containing the history
    of the Post and Bevier families.
6. Elizabeth Raymond Raymond, ed. "On the Home Front, 1918: English Professor Frederic
    N. Raymond Inspects Kansas Waterworks." Kansas History. Summer, 1984, pp. 114-128.
7. Name list of the descendants of George and Hannah Read Raymond of Reed Township,
    Seneca County, OH, as amended/corrected by Mrs. Collins Burnett (Kathryn Kaufman),
    Santa Maria, CA, September 1987.
8. Kansas History, IV, 3 (Autumn, 1981), article containing excerpts from the autobiography of
    Rev. E. O. Raymond, pp. 191-210. Edited by Robert S. Raymond.
9. Civil War Discharge Certificate of Joseph M. Raymond.
    Civil War Promotion Certificate of Joseph M. Raymond.
    Civil War Prisoner of War Certificate of Joseph M. Raymond.
    Reproduction of a drawing similar to that used in the 101st OVI regimental history. Drawing
        appears to be a battle scene at Nashville, TN, dated December 15, 1864.
    Reunion Ribbon for the 26th annual reunion of the 101st OVI (August 25, 1892).
    Reunion Ribbon for the 30th annual reunion of the Sandusky County Pioneer and Historical Society
        (September 4, 1902).
    Reunion Ribbon for the 33rd annual reunion of the 101st OVI (September 20, 1899).
    Pamphlet entitled, "Twenty-Seventh Annual Reunion of the 101st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Tiffin, Ohio,
        Thursday, August 31, 1893. (Contains short history and regimental roster.)
10. New Testament. New York: American Bible Society, 1863. Inscribed "Geo. A. Corey. Fostoria, Ohio
      A Pocket Dictionary of the English Language: Abridged from the American Dictionary of Noah
        Webster, L.D. New York: Mason Brothers, 1863.

Box 2 - Photographs
1. Tintype of Abraham Bennitt Raymond, c. 1860.
2. Group photograph of Raymond-Post Family Reunion attendees, A. B. Raymond farm (4 miles west of 
    Attica, OH), c. 1910.
3. The barn on the A. B. Raymond farm. Buggies belonged to people attending Raymond-Post Reunion, 
    c. 1910.
4. Postcard photograph of Raymond family members at Raymond Reunion at Ella Metcalf’s, Toledo, OH,
    July 4, [1922].
5. Group photograph of attendees at 1924 Raymond Reunion, which included the children of Raymond
6. Four snapshots [mounted] of Raymond Reunion at Ella Metcalf’s, Perrysville [Perrysburg?], OH,
7. Five snapshots [mounted] of Raymond Reunion at the home of Luell and Horace B. ("Jim") Pumphrey,
    Elyria, OH, 1946.
8. Cabinet card of Caroline Bevier Post (left) and Mary Decker (right). V. J. Hills, photographer, Attica,
    OH,  c. 1880.
9. Cabinet card of Abraham Bennitt and Emma Post Raymond. V. J. Hills, photographer, Attica, OH,
    c. 1880.
10. Cabinet card of Caroline Bevier Post (left), Emma Post Raymond (right), Carl Raymond (on lap),
      Ernest Raymond (front, standing), and Ralph Raymond (rear, standing), children of Abraham Bennitt
      and Emma Post Raymond. V. J. Hill, photographer, Tiffin, OH, c. 1888.
11. Cabinet card of Luell Irene Raymond. Photographer unknown, c. 1890.
12. Melsia[r]a Weston, aunt to Emma Post Raymond. Ernsberger [photographer], Auburn, NY, c. 1900.
13. Group photograph of Melvin Bevier (aged 72), his wife Ellen Bevier (aged 71, seated on left) and
      Melvin’s sister, Caroline Bevier Post (aged 66, seated on right). Hayden Studio, Hillsdale, MI,
      November 23, 1905.
14. Jerome Post and his wife Caroline Bevier Post, taken at the A. B. Raymond farm, c. 1910.
15. Bennitt Raymond and Luell Irene Pumphrey with Calvin Hultz (seated), Herman [photographer],
      Calumet, MI, c. 1920.
16. Luell Irene (Raymond) Pumphrey, Scheide [photographer], Elyria, OH, c. 1920.
17. Luell Irene Pumphrey holding Bennitt Raymond Pumphrey, c. 1920. Location and photographer
18. Caroline Bevier Post (center), Raymond Pumphrey (left), and Carma Raymond (right), 1920s.
19. Jerome R. Peterson and [his wife Georgia], [Cleveland, OH], c. 1917.
20. [Mrs. Jerome R. Peterson] and unidentified man in army uniform, [Cleveland, OH], c. 1917.
21. Frederic Newton Raymond, [Lawrence, KS], 1914.
22. Delphia Raymond Covert, c. 1923, author of History and Sketches of the Raymond Family and
      Biographies of the Buckeye Triplets.
23. Abraham Bennitt and Emma Post Raymond at Raymond Reunion, Perrysville [Perrysburg?], OH,
      c. 1923. Mrs. Frederic Newton Raymond in background.
24. Postcard of Jacob Raymond, c. 1890.
25. Family portrait of Hila K. Bennitt and Joseph Murray Raymond with William Murray Raymond (left)
      and Frederic Newton Raymond (right). Willis [photographer], Lawrence, KS, c. 1900.
26. Luell Irene (Raymond) Pumphrey, 50th wedding anniversary, 1958.
27. Horace Bruce ("Jim") Pumphrey, 50th wedding anniversary, 1958.
28. Bennitt Raymond Pumphrey, son of Luell and Horace Pumphrey, Van Dyke Studio, Cleveland, OH,
      c. 1940.
29. Interior view of Mary Decker’s living room, Attica, OH, c. 1897.
30. Mounted photograph of the "Pease House," Fremont, OH where the J. M. Raymond family lived,
      c. 1875-1881. The Raymonds had been forced to leave Kansas by drought and grass-hoppers,
      returning temporarily to Ohio. J. M. Raymond operated a dairy while in Fremont. Photographer
      unknown, n.d.
31. Color snapshot of Robert S. and Elizabeth Raymond, 1979. Photographer unknown.
32. Copy of group photograph (identified) taken in 1919 at Raymond Reunion at the home of "Rant"|
      (Van Ransaellar) Raymond of the "born Raymonds." Photographer unknown.
33. Copy of photograph of Rev. Elbert Olin Raymond and his wife Laura (Scott) Raymond and their
      seven children taken in Kansas between 1900 and 1908 (identified) Elbert Olin Raymond was the son
      of Jepperson Raymond. Photographer unknown.
34. Copy of photograph of Jepperson Raymond, son of George and Hannah Raymond. Photographer
      unknown, n.d.
35. Copy of photograph of Elizabeth Matilda (Robinson) Raymond, wife of Jepperson Raymond and
      daughter of Gain Robinson of Seneca County, OH. Photographer unknown, n.d.
36. Copy of photograph of William Raymond, son of George and Hannah Raymond and father of Joseph
      Murray Raymond. Photographer unknown, n.d.
37. Snapshot of Pilot Officer Robert S. Raymond, Royal Air Force Bomber Command, with the Lancaster
      bomber he flew ("The Fighting Jayhawk"), 1943. Photographer unknown. Raymond’s experiences in
      WWII are documented in excerpts from his diaries and letters published in England in 1977 under the
      title Yank in Bomber Command (David and Charles, publishers).
38. Photo of Joseph Murray Raymond (1860).
39. Photo of Bennitt/Tyler family (1856).
40. Photo of Membership Certificate of J. M. Raymond’s induction into the Independent Order of Good
      Templars (1868).
41. Photo of Hila Bennitt (1862).
42. Photo of the Jacob and Mollie Raymond farm, Reed, OH (n.d.).
43. Photo of Joseph Murray Raymond (ca. 1860s).
44. Photo of Daniel, Susan, and "Juddie" Bennitt (1861).
45. Photo of Promotional Certificate during J. M. Raymond’s Civil War Service.
46. Photo of Susan Raymond (1856).
47. Photo of Hannah Raymond, (ca. 1860s).
48. Photo of steelplate engraving of Abraham Lincoln by Marion Woods.
49. Photo of J. M. Raymond’s Certificate of Discharge from the Civil War.
50. Photo of Joseph Murray Raymond (1867).
51. Photo of Hila Bennitt (ca. 1868).
52. Photo of J. M., Hila, and Fred Raymond of Kanwaka, KS (1899).
53. Photo of Jacob Raymond (ca. 1890).