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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

Patty Dahm Pascoe





Biographical Sketch

Scope and Content



The Pascoe Collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in June 2004 by Patty Dahm Pascoe, Sandusky, Ohio. The Pascoe Cup Race (LH-319) is a related collection.

Biographical Sketch

Patty Ann Dahm Pascoe was born in Cincinnati, Ohio July 24, 1943, to Christopher Junior Dahm and Mary Davis Dahm.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Jacksonville University (Florida) and a Master’s degree from Bowling Green State University (Ohio) in Health and Physical Education.  She has taught in the public school systems in both Florida and Ohio and also worked in the Human Resources Department for Erie County, Ohio.  She married John Thomas Pascoe in 1972.  She has researched and written about many aspects of genealogy and Erie County, Ohio, history.

Scope and Content

The photographs, clippings, documents, and correspondence in the Pascoe Collection fall under two subjects: Sandusky city and Erie County, Ohio and family genealogies.

The city and county material was gathered by Ms Pascoe for use in her book Elected to Serve, published in 2003.  The book provides biographies and photographs for elected officials in Erie County, Ohio from 1838 to 2002.

Christ and Anna, published in 1980, presents the genealogies of her grandparents Christopher (Christ) Clarence Dahm (born December 25, 1896) and his wife Anna Marie Yocum Dahm (born September 30, 1898).  Allied families are Damm (an earlier spelling of Dahm), Bach, Yocum/Yocom, Kremer/Kreamer, Konzen, Zimmer, and Hartman.

Genealogies of Pascoe, Scheid, Maunus of Welsh, German, Finnish, Descent, published in 2000, presents the genealogies of her husband John Thomas Pascoe’s parents: Marie Sophia Maunus Pascoe and Milton Charles Scheid Pascoe.  Allied families are Gilbert, Greenaway/Greenway, Dorn, Mylander, Tuuri, and Minni.

Miscellaneous items in the collection include sheet music of the piano arrangement of the “G.A. Boeckling March,” photos of boats on Lake Erie and the Sandusky Sailing Club, information about the Pascoe Cup Race, directories and anniversary booklets from St. John Lutheran Church at Union Corners, a tintype of George James Pascoe (1876-1957), and four Finnish-language books printed between 1809 and 1913.

The Rutherford B. Hayes Library has copies of Ms Pascoe’s three books.


Ac. 5623

2 linear ft.


Folder 1. Overview of Elected to Serve

           2. Auditors

           3. Clerks of Court

           4. County Commissioners

           5. Common Pleas Judges – General Division

           6. Common Pleas Judges – Family and Juvenile Division

           7. Common Pleas Judges – Probate Division

           8. Coroners

           9. County Court

          10. County Engineers

          11. Erie County Infirmary

          12. Letters from elected Erie County officials – 2003

          13. Photographs of leaded glass transoms naming Erie County political 


          14. Prosecutors

          15. Recorders

          16. Sheriffs

          17. Treasurers

          18. Sheet music: “G.A. Boeckling March”

          19. Photographs of boats on Lake Erie

          20. Names and locations of Erie County communities and neighborhoods

          21. Letterheads – Erie County businesses: post-1900

          22. Letterheads – Erie County businesses: pre-1900

          23. Letters to judges 1906 – 1932 (seven letters)

          24. Historic photographs of Erie County sites and events

          25. Perkins Township, Erie County, Ohio history

          26. Plumbrook Ordnance Works (later NASA), Perkins Township, Erie

                County, Ohio

          27. Copy of Sandusky Register newspaper: March 28, 1899

         28. Photographs of the Sandusky Sailing Club

         29. St. John Lutheran Church, Union Corners, anniversary booklets 1865 – 1965

               and 1865 – 1990; directories 1983 and 1987 – 1988

         30. Wilmer/Wittmer Cemetery

         31. Overview of author’s books of family genealogies

         32. Dahm family

         33. Zimmer family

         34. Yocum family

         35. Maunus family

         36. Gilbert family

         37. Minni family

         38. Pascoe family

         Encased tintype of George James Pascoe

        Four Finnish-language books: one belonging to J.E. Maunus dated 1809; a Lutheran       

       Catechism dated 1831; one-possibly a hymnal with verses only-dated 1836; a New  

       Testament dated 1913


Folder 1. Scheid family

            2. Tuuri family

            3. Photographs:

                        -G. Vergn Pascoe standing by car

                        -Grandma Julia Sheid Pascoe in front of house

                        -G. Vergn Pascoe in front of house

                        -Milton C. and his wife Marie (Maunes) Pascoe at sailing club

                        -Charles, James and Tom Pascoe

                        -Miss S. Rohrbacher; Sandusky, Ohio

                        -Charlie and James Pascoe

                        -Carl and Alta Lesser; Ged and Clara Pascoe, Julia and Milton, C.J. and

                        Mary Jane Pascoe; and G. Vergn photographed by tree

                        -Carl and Alta Lesser, Grandma Pascoe, Pearl Pascoe, Marion and

                        Florence, Elmer Johnson, and Ged and Clara Pascoe on a boat

                        -John Thomas Pascoe, 1961

                        -Marion and Florence Johnson, children of Pearl Pascoe; Milt and John


                        -Milton and Marie (Maunus) Pascoe sitting on couch

                        -Julia Scheid Pascoe

                        -Uncle Charlie

                        -G. Vergn Pascoe standing in yard

                        -16 unidentified photographs


Ac. 5830

Folder  4. Vintage Postcards (Cedar Point, Put-in-Bay, Marblehead, Sandusky)

             5. Elected To Serve Erie County, Ohio 1838-2003

             6. History of Sandusky, Ohio-Booklets (4)


Folder  7. Two war-date Western Union telegrams; Obituary of Christopher J. Dahm,    2006; Eulogy and original brochure from Celebration of Life service for Christopher J. Dahm, 2006; Five black and white war-date photographs of Christopher J. Dahm, wife, and daughter Patty Dahm Pascoe with notations and identification by Patty Dahm Pascoe

Photocopies of WWII military documents of Christopher J. Dahm; Originals and photocopies of letters and postcards by Christopher J. Dahm to his daughter “Butchie” written during his WWII service

Ac. 5903 Confirmation Certificate (written in German) for Anna Julia Scheid (Box 2)
                Confirmation Certificate for Charles Milton Scheid Pascoe (Oversize)

                Marriage Certificate for Gilbert V. Pascoe and Anna Julia Scheid (Oversize)


First Ladies, by Betty Boyd Carolli