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Parkhurst Family


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Scope and Content

The Parkhurst Collection was acquired by the Center in 1996 from the estate of Jeanette Parkhurst.

Biographical Sketch
Zelotes Parkhurst, born in Vermont in 1783, migrated to Livingston County, New York where he married Lois Stevens in 1828. In 1831, the Parkhursts moved to Sandusky County, Ohio, settling in Townsend Twp. They were the parents of three sons; William T., Joseph S., and Phineas W. Zelotes died in 1844, and is buried in the Parkhurst Cemetery, located on the land that he donated for that purpose. His three sons served in local regiments during the course of the Civil War.

Phineas W. attended the Norwalk Seminary, and later graduated from the Spencerian School of Business. Prior to his Civil War service, he engaged in teaching. In 1869, Phineas married Sarah Richards. The following year, in conjunction with Archibald Richards and D. E. Harkness, he organized the Clyde Banking Company. He served as its cashier until the bank failed in 1883.

Phineas was the father of: Ralph R., Arthur D., Zeldon A., Pearl, and Foster J. Ralph, born in Townsend Twp. in 1872, married Myrtle Williams in 1901. They were the parents of three children: Charles W., John Leslie, and Jeannette. Ralph resided in both Bellevue and Clyde where he practiced law.

Jeannette Parkhurst (1910-1994), the only daughter of Ralph R. and Myrtle Williams Parkhurst, graduated from Bellevue High School and earned her BA from Wooster College in 1931. She subsequently did post-graduate work at Ohio State University and the Spencerian Business College, and received her master of science degree in 1939 from New York University. She taught in the Cleveland, Bellevue, Perkins, and Margaretta public school systems. Active in community affairs, Ms. Parkhurst served on the Bellevue Hospital Board of Trustees, Bellevue Health Board, Union Bank and Savings Co. Advisory Board, Huron County Health Department's Home Nursing Board, Huron County Mental Health Board, and Huron County Services for the Aging Board. She was a lifelong member of St. Paul's United Church of Christ. In 1984, she moved from the family home on East Main Street to the Judson Park Retirement Community in Cleveland.

Scope and Content
The collection consists of family data and records, photographs, documents, and genealogical research associated with the Sandusky County, Ohio Parkhurst family. The material represents Jeannette Parkhurst's (1910-1994) research efforts in her attempt to document both her lineal and collateral ancestors, particularly the Parkhurst family lines.

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Papers and photographs, 1840-1990 

1. General genealogical information and resources
2. Jeannette Parkhurst miscellaneous correspondence
3. Jeannette Parkhurst genealogical charts and workbook
4. Parkhurst, Lewis, Stevens families
5. Parkhurst/Lewis: New York and New England
6. Parkhurst English connections
7. Parkhurst Family: pre-1840
8. Joseph Parkhurst: 1750 -
    Joseph Sherman Parkhurst: 1829-1904 (Civil War)
9. Jacob Parkhurst: 1772-1863
10. Zelotes Parkhurst: 1783-1844
      Lois Stevens Parkhurst
11. Phineas Parkhurst: 1831-1909
      Sarah Richards Parkhurst
      Phineas Parkhurst
12. Sarah Parkhurst Diary: 1873
13. Sarah Richards Parkhurst Scrapbook
14. Sarah Richards Parkhurst Scrapbook Photocopy (Unmarked)
15. Sarah Richards Parkhurst Scrapbook Photocopy (Marked)
16. William Thomas Parkhurst: 1834
17. Ralph R. Parkhurst: 1872-1955
18. Ralph R. Parkhurst Autograph Album 1882, Diary 1898
19. Ralph R. Parkhurst estate (early property deeds)
20. Ralph R. Parkhurst Photographs
      Ralph R. Parkhurst: 1880, 1895, 1896, 1914, n.d.
      Ralph R. Parkhurst: Tintypes as a small child
      Ralph R. Parkhurst: Courtroom setting
      Myrtle Parkhurst and Mame Losee: 1900
      Ralph R. Parkhurst: Life photo
      Ralph R. Parkhurst: Miscellaneous snapshots
      Ralph R. Parkhurst and J.P. Vickery
      Richards and Haffner Law Office: 1897
      Ananias Club: 1900
      Ralph R. Parkhurst: Teacher, Indiana School house: 1893
21. Ralph R. Parkhurst Correspondence
22. Ralph R. Parkhurst Memorial Book: 1955
23. Arthur Parkhurst: 1874-1909
      Arthur Parkhurst: 1892, 1894
      Arthur Parkhurst, Lotta, Melvern: 1903
      Melvin Parkhurst
      Lotta Parkhurst
24. Pearl Parkhurst: 1878-1968
      Pearl Parkhurst 1891, 1894, 1965, n.d.
25. Pearl Parkhurst: Scrapbook Photocopy (uncut, unmarked)
26. Pearl Parkhurst: Scrapbook Photocopy (marked)
27. Foster J. Parkhurst: 1881-1939
      Ruth Parkhurst Capron
      Kathy Capron Tully: 1950
      Ruth Parkhurst
      Foster and Florence Parkhurst
      Helen Pearl Parkhurst
      Foster Parkhurst
      Kathy Tully Family and Friends: 1991, 1992
28. Paul W. Parkhurst: 1885-1953
      Paul Parkhurst
      Foster and Paul Parkhurst
      Frances Parkhurst
      Paul and Frances Parkhurst
      Miscellaneous Snapshots
29. Don A. Parkhurst: 1909-1981
      Don Parkhurst
      Don Parkhurst/Ruth Sheldon: Wedding
      Elizabeth Parkhurst Bridal Photo
30. Zeldon Parkhurst: 1938
31. Parkhurst Family miscellaneous
32. Parkhurst Family Photo
      Vermont Cemeteries, etc.
      Parkhurst Homestead, Rte. 101, Clyde, Ohio
      Parkhurst Cemetery, Rte. 101, Clyde, Ohio
      Parkhurst, Stivers
33. Tew Family
      Darrow Family marker
      Marian Tew headstone
34. Richards Family
      Silas and Elizabeth Richards: 1926
      Richards family: 1878
      Jennie Richards
      Silas Richards and Verna Stone
      Mayme Richards
      Kit Richards Losee & Sarah Richards Parkhurst: 1861
      Mary George Richards
      Reunion of Archibald & Mary George Richards Family
      Birthplace of Archibald Richards, N. London, CT: 1939
35. Stevens Family: Phineas Stevens: 1754-1840
36. Wright Family: John Wright: 1823-1908
      Wright Reunion: 1980
      Wright Family
      Hubert Family
      Banner of Wright Family Tree
      Rob & Nancy Wright, Jeannette Parkhurst
      James Randall, Adeline Wright, Bill Drown
      James Randall, Paul Wright
37. Sandusky County Pioneer & Historical Assn.
38. Miscellaneous