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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums

Ottawa County [Ohio] Genealogical Society


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Scope and Content

The Ottawa County Genealogical Society donated the manuscript materials to the Hayes Presidential Center in 2002 and 2003.  Earlier donations include photocopies of some military pensions of Ottawa County, Ohio, veterans [LH - 309] and the records of the Ottawa County, Ohio, First Families program [LH - 311].

Agency History
The Ottawa County Genealogical Society was organized as one of the first chapters of the Ohio Genealogical Society in October of 1969.  The purposes of this non-profit organization are to encourage and build interest in genealogy, collect and preserve historical records, publish genealogical material compiled by organization members, aid others in their genealogical research, and hold regular meetings with programs of genealogical interest.  Meetings are open to the public and are generally held on the third Tuesday of each month (except July and August) at 7:00 P.M. in the Community Room at the Ida Rupp Public Library, 300 Madison Street, Port Clinton, Ohio. Throughout the years the society has made many contributions to genealogy at the state and local levels, including publications and workshops.  The society established the First Families of Ottawa County, Ohio, [LH  311] program in1984 as a means of honoring the early settlers of Ottawa County, Ohio.  In 1985 the organization published The History of Ottawa County, Ohio and Its Families.  The organization also publishes a quarterly newsletter for its members. Marshland to Heartland features military, government, religious, and business records; family histories, obituaries, and research articles to help members further their genealogical research.

Scope and Content
The materials contained within the collection consist of the manuscripts of eleven genealogical works edited and published by the Ottawa County Genealogical Society.  Although donated to the Hayes Center, the organization retains literary rights and copyright to the publications.  Each of the manuscripts appears in published form in the library=s reading room. 

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1.  Quadrennial Appraisement of Real Estate, 1910  (1999)

2.  Sanders Funeral Home Records   (2000)

3.  Obituaries & Memorial Cards , Minier Collection   (1998)

4.  Marriage from Probate Court, Ottawa Co., Ohio   (1982)

5.  First Families of Ottawa County, Ohio   (1985)

6.  1860 Federal Census, Ottawa County, Ohio   (1991)

7.  Death Records Probate Court, Ottawa Co., Ohio 1869-1908  (1981)

8.  Death Notices, AOttawa County News@ 1937-1957   (1994)

9.  Death Notices, AOttawa County News@ 1958-1969, Vol. II   (2001)

10. Cemetery Inscriptions, Ottawa County, Ohio   (1977)

11. Death Notices, APort Clinton News Herald@ 1969-1983, Volume III    (2001)   [Ac. 5590]

12. Ottawa County and Its Families, Walworth Press, 1985 (original manuscript) [Ac. 5749]