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Ottawa County Farm Bureau, Council #9


Agency History
Scope and Content

The records of the Ottawa County, Ohio, Farm Bureau Council #9 were donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by Carolyn Bahnsen in 2008.

Agency History
The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), formally established in 1919, is an organization that represents farmers and ranchers in the United States.  Its goal is to make the agricultural business more profitable for its members and to support rural families and communities.  This is achieved through an analysis of issues that affect farmers and ranchers, and includes efforts to improve education, economic advancement, and social progress.  The AFBF is comprised of fifty state farm bureaus, as well as one in Puerto Rico.  The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF), also formed in 1919 as part of this larger national organization, consists of 87 individual county farm bureaus.  These local bureaus select their own board of directors and committees, but are governed by a statewide board that is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.  The purpose of the OFBF is to enhance the living conditions of Ohio’s rural communities.  Its focus includes environmental concerns, agricultural education, and economic matters; improving quality of life in rural areas, increasing profits for farmers, and protecting personal property rights are of key importance to the federation.  The Ottawa County Farm Bureau Council #9, moreover, embraced the precepts of the AFBF and OFBF, discussing concerns on the local, state, and national level.  Issues such as farm management, land use, zoning, and agricultural funding factored into meeting dialogue.  On a broader spectrum, such matters as religious affairs, the implementation of a no-fault insurance policy, taxes, welfare, and education earned attention by the Ottawa County Council #9.  In addition to addressing these concerns at meetings, the council took a direct approach to implementing change through letter writing to state government officials as well.  Overall, the Ottawa County Farm Bureau Council #9 highlights on a local level the issues and actions of state farm bureaus, as well as those of its national parent organization.

Scope and Content
These records, spanning from 1948 to 1996, include minute books relating to general meetings and council gatherings.  It is also comprised of membership lists, annual meeting booklets, and newspaper articles.  Information relating to the council—such as rosters, notes, and correspondence—are included as well.

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1. Membership lists, council rosters, 1975-1982, 1988, 1990-1996

2. Minute book, 1948-1949

3.  Minute book, 1950-1952

4. Minute book, 1953-1955

5. Minute book, 1956-1960

6. Minute book, 1961-1963

7. Minute book, 1964-1966

8. Minute book, 1966-1968

9. Minute book, 1968-1970

10. Minute book, 1970-72

11. Minute book, 1973-1975


1. “Turnabouts” minute book, 1954-1956

2. “Turnabouts” minute book, 1959-1962

3. “Turnabouts” minute book, 1962-1964

4. “Turnabouts” minute book, 1964-1967

5. “Turnabouts” minute book, 1967-1970

6. Council minutes, 1975-1980

7. Council minutes, 1981-1983

8. Council minutes, 1990-1992

9. Council minutes, 1993-1996

10. Advisory council notes, pamphlets, 1968-1985

11. Newspaper articles, no-fault insurance booklet, receipts

12. Annual meeting booklets, certificate

13. Council correspondence