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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

Charles Rollin McCulloch Family

LH 106


Biography Sketch

Scope and Content



This collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by C. R. and Rhoda (Gould) McCulloch’s daughter, Josephine, in 1956, 1965 and 1991.  The artifacts from this collection were transferred to the Museum.

Biography Sketch

Charles Rollin (C.R.) McCulloch was born 24 April 1825 in New York to Jonathan and Cynthia McCulloch.  The family soon moved to Erie, Pennsylvania where Charles remained until the age of 13.  It was at this time that he left for Buffalo, New York to learn the medicinal drug business.

C.R. McCulloch arrived in Fremont, Ohio (then Lower Sandusky) in 1842 to work with his brother Carlton McCulloch, a local merchant.  By 1847 he bought his brother’s business and relocated to a new building in Fremont.  McCulloch & Co. ran for nearly 65 years from the same location as a mercantile.  Charles married Miss Rhoda Gould, who was born in Union County, Pennsylvania. They were the parents of seven children.  Six of the seven children survived: Mrs. T.F. Heffner, Toledo, Ohio; Miss Fannie McCulloch; Mrs. O.J. Richards, Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs. B.P. Tinan, York, Pennsylvania; Miss Josephine McCulloch; and Rollin S. McCulloch.

As a citizen and businessman Mr. McCulloch was extremely active in the Fremont community.  He was a pioneer member of the Presbyterian Church, serving as superintendent and teacher of the Sunday school program. Charles was also a member of the Croghan Lodge of Odd Fellows and the Royal Arcanum. McCulloch retired in August 1911, handing the family business over to his partner of 10 years, W. H. Birkmier.  He held the distinction of being the oldest businessman in Fremont before his retirement.  Rhoda McCulloch died on November 3 1905 at the age of 79.  C.R. McCulloch died in 27 May 1912 at the age of 87 and was buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Fremont, Ohio.  As a tribute to McCulloch, local businesses and banks closed during his funeral services.

Scope and Content

The collection spans the years from 1785 to 1931, however, the bulk of the collection dates from the latter half of the nineteenth century. Some correspondence is included, but the collection is largely made up of nineteenth-century ephemera:  school notes; photographs; recipes; music; business, greeting, calling, advertising, and school report cards; poetry; artwork; invitations and announcements; periodicals; scrapbooks; and newspaper clippings.  Most of the material belonged to or was collected by the McCulloch children and relates to theirpersonal interests and to McCulloch family and friends.


2˝ linear feet



1 – 31 Advertising Cards (Advertising Card Collection)

32.  Business Cards

33.  Calendars

34.  Supplements to Saturday Night & New York Weekly

35.  Birthday Cards, 19th Century

36.  Christmas Cards, 19th Century

37.  Christmas Cards, 19th Century

38.  Christmas Cards, 19th Century

39.  Easter Cards, 19th Century

40.  New Year’s Day Cards, 19th Century

41.  Valentine’s Day Cards, 19th Century

42.  Valentine’s Day Cards, 19th Century

43.  Valentine’s Day Cards, 19th Century

44.  Miscellaneous Greeting Cards

45.  Calling Cards

46.  Calling Cards

47.  Calling Cards

48.  Calling Cards

49.  Wedding Announcements & Invitations

50.  Eyeglasses and the dress decorations


1.  Political Ribbons

Jas. G. Blaine – President – 1888

Republican State Convention – 1883

Jacob Romeis for Congress

Republican Committee

Floor Manager

Pharmacy – 1880

The Lincoln Club – Sandusky, Ohio

Centennial – U.S.A. – 1876

Columbian Exhibition – 1893

2. Correspondence

To Mr. McCulloch from Mr. Fitch, dtd Shanghai, China, June 12, 1872

To R.S. McCulloch from A. B. Prescott, dtd University of Michigan, June 25, 1880

To Julia McCulloch from Phene Higbee, dtd Bellevue, Ohio, Oct. 6, 1884

To Julia McCulloch from Phene Higbee, dtd Bellevue, Ohio, Oct. 26, 1884

To Fanny Dickinson from Al. B. Bushnell, dtd Executive Mansion, Washington, D.C., Feb. 27, 1881

To Misses Kitty & Julia McCulloch from Mr. Fitch, dtd Shanghai, China, June 3, 1872

To Josephine McCulloch from C.R. McCulloch, dtd Fremont, Ohio, April 4, 1879 (1 postcard, signed)

To anonymous from Hotel Penn, dtd York, Pennsylvania, n.d.

3.  Newspaper clippings about the McCulloch family and friends (anniversaries, deaths, etc.)

4.  Miscellaneous financial papers, ca. 1850s

5.  Quarterly School Reports for Maggie and Jessie McCulloch, 1855 - 1864

6.  Certificates of Promotion in the Fremont Schools, 1870s, 1880s

7.  Materials relating to the education of Rollin McCulloch, Fremont, 1864, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1879 - 1880

8.  School materials written by Julia McCulloch, 1884, 1887

9.  Fremont High School graduation programs, 1875 – 1880, 1883, 1884, 1886

10.  Material from the McCulloch store

11.  Meeting notices from the International Order of Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.)

12.  Programs for social activities in Fremont, Ohio

13.  Programs for dances, parties, etc outside Fremont

14.  Brochures and Invitations from Other Schools

15.  Handwritten essay on temperance

16.  Fanny McCulloch’s Journal of Poetry

17.  Fanny McCulloch’s Journal of Patterns for Knitting, 1883

18.  Musical notes, musical expenses and lesson memoranda of Fanny McCulloch

19.  Recipe Book of Fanny McCulloch, April 22, 1883

20.  Recipe Booklets

21.  Recipes written on scraps of paper

22.  Printed recipes from newspapers and magazines

23.  Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

24.  Poems clipped from newspapers

25.  Poems handwritten on paper

26.  Song – “California and Lucy,” December 23, 1851

27.  Newspaper clippings about knitting, crocheting, etc.

28.  Drawings and articles on how to draw

29.  Miscellaneous art materials

30.  Needlepoint (2 items)

31.  Pictures (cutouts from magazines, etc.)

32.  Advertising for books, travel, and collector’s items

33.  New York, Lake Erie & Western Railroad Brochure

34.  Ticket stubs, membership cards

35.  Scrapbook containing prose and poetry newspaper clippings

36.  Scrapbook containing poetry newspaper clippings

37.  Empty notebook

38.  Columbian portfolio photographs

39.  The Happy Sunday Book of Painted Pictures, n.d.

40.  Bits of English Scenery, Ten Photogravures, 1891

41.  The Juvenile Mental Arithmetic, 1856

42.  The American Preceptor (incomplete, n.d.) “Samuel Averill’s book”

43.  Beginning to Do Good of the Meh Shway-ee Society, ca. 1840

44.  Beadle’s Dime Curling and Skating, ca. 1867

45.  The Useful Christian: A Memoir of Thomas Cranfield, n.d.

46.  Book of quotations: art and life by Josephine Eugenia McCulloch.  55 Wells Hall, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1931. 


1.  Small Newspapers ( “Voices of Nature,” “The Daily Graphic”)

2.  Miscellaneous booklets

3   Miscellaneous booklets

4.  Miscellaneous booklets

5.  Empty envelopes

6.  Unidentified photographs

7.  Photographs of scenery (artistic)

8.  The Modern Priscilla, Nov. 1905 – Mar. 1906

9.  The Modern Priscilla, Apr. 1906 – July 1906

10. The Modern Priscilla, Aug. 1906 – Dec. 1906

11. Nineteenth Century Books about Macrame, Indian Basketry, Knitting, etc.

12. Miscellaneous papers

13. Store account ledger, 1847 – 1849 [Ac. 5874]


McCulloch Family Photograph Albums (3)

Bound volume (scrapbook containing advertising cards and pictures)

McCulloch Family Bible, 1800 [Ac. 5176]

PHOTOGRAPHS (transferred to the Hayes Presidential Center Portrait File)

McCulloch, C. R. (4)

McCulloch, Mrs. C. R. (5)

McCulloch, Mr. & Mrs. C. R. (1)

McCulloch, Fanny (1)

Birchard, Sardis (1)

Brown, Miss Betsy (1)

Dot, Admiral (1)

Emerson, Adelaide (1)

Hayes, Rutherford B. (1)

Keeler, Jeanette Elliot (1)

Keeler, Lucy (3)

Prescott, Marie (1)


1. Paper with Japanese writing’

2.  Japanese tissue paper advertising Austen’s Forest Flower Cologne

3.  Japanese tissue paper with a colorful picture on it

4.  Indenture made to Thomas Bradshaw on June 1, 1785

5.  Poster advertising The Home Fireside Monthly


1.  Nine large newspaper clippings

2.  Patent issued to Joshua Talcott and J. McCulloch, signed by John Quincy Adams and James Monroe, January 26, 1824

3.  “Whys for the Wise” puzzle with answers

4.  Diploma from Fremont High School issued to Fannie McCulloch, June 28, 1871