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John Maines


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Biographical Sketch

Scope and Content




This collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums on September 24, 2019.


Biographical Sketch

John D. Maines was born March 27, 1945 in Bellevue, Ohio, to William and Eileen (Hartman) Maines. He graduated from Clyde High School in 1963. He worked as a machinist at Clyde Tool and Die. On August 15, 1964, he married Susan Doust, who passed away July 3, 2011. The couple had two children: Mark and Kelly. Kelly passed away May 27, 1984.

Maines was a member of the Clyde Exchange Club and the Clyde Heritage League where he volunteered many hours in researching area history. He also served on the board of the Clyde Public Library during the 1994/1995 building expansion. With deep knowledge of Clyde’s history and its residents, John gave numerous presentations on General James B. McPherson and local history topics. John passed away on April 12, 2017. He is buried in Clyde’s McPherson Cemetery.


Scope and Content

This collection consists of eleven binders of research material pertaining to the life and military career of Gen. James B. McPherson. The bulk of the material includes; the research correspondence of John Maines, as well as documentation on Gen. McPherson’s military battle accounts, service revolvers, news clippings, publications, memorials/celebrations and genealogical material of the McPherson/Hoffman/Russell families. Three photograph albums complete the collection.






Box 1

Binder 1: Photocopies of Gen. James B. McPherson correspondence; newspaper clippings; book excerpts; photograph negatives; Confederate account of Gen. James B. McPherson’s death

Binder 2: Correspondence of John Maines with Ohio History Connection (OHS); photocopies of Gen. James B. McPherson’s correspondence

Binder 3: Chronological list of battles fought by Gen. James B. McPherson; roster of 17th Corps.

Binder 4: Correspondence of John Maines pertaining to the service revolvers of Gen. James B. McPherson; auction information pertaining to the service revolvers of Gen. James B. McPherson

Binder 5: Correspondence [John Maines to Jill McCollough (Clyde Public Library)]; Gen. James B. McPherson timeline; Gen. James B. McPherson childhood home, monument and cemetery

Binder 6:   McPherson family genealogy; Gen. James B. McPherson monuments (Clyde, Ohio/Washington, D.C.); McPherson Cemetery (Clyde, Ohio); newspaper clippings; articles; research notes


Box 2

Binder 7: McPherson and Russell family genealogy  

Binder  8: McPherson and Russell family genealogy

Binder   9:   McPherson family genealogy; photographs of Gen. James B. McPherson monument and cemetery

Binder 10: Gen. James B. McPherson timeline; newspaper articles; Gen. James B. McPherson postcards

Binder 11: John Maines research on Emily Hoffman (fiancé of Gen. James B. McPherson); Hoffman family genealogy; John Maines correspondence


Box 3

Folder 1: Gen. James B. McPherson – National Archives research

            2: Gen. James B. McPherson – publications/articles

                        Civil War Times Illustrated - Struggle for Vicksburg, 1982

                        Ohio History, Vol. 81/Winter 1972/No.1 [Pg. 38] (3 copies)

                        Gallant Last Ride – by David Evans

                        Generals in Blue – by Ezra J. Warner


            3: Gen. James B. McPherson – publications/articles

                        Gen. James B. McPherson Fallen Star of the Union

                        Military History Magazine, - Gallant Last Ride, August 1987

                        Military Miniature Art and Review Quarterly, Issue 1/Vol.2/Fall 1994

                       Timeline (Ohio History Connection) Aug/Sept 1998 (2 copies)


            4: Gen. James B. McPherson – publications/articles

                        Andrew Hickenlooper Chief of Artillery, July 22, 1864

                        A Brief Military History of Samuel Taylor

                       That Bright Particular Star – by George Stonebeck, 1965

                       Souvenir booklet of unveiling of Major Gen. James B. McPherson equestrian monument; McPherson, Kansas; July 4, 1917


            5: Gen. James B. McPherson – photographs


Photograph Album 1: Portraits and photographs relating to Gen. James B. McPherson

Photograph Album 2: Gen. James B. McPherson (portraits, statues, memorials, homes, weapons, exhibits, family members

Photograph Album 3: McPherson Days (Clyde, Ohio); Gen. James B. McPherson’s childhood home; memorials; cemetery


Fall of Gen. James B. McPherson, near Atlanta (Sketch) by James E. Taylor

Harper’s Weekly (Map - Battle of Atlanta)