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Leite Family


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

This collection was given to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 1985.  Additional information on the Leite family is available in the Hayes Presidential Center’s Biographical File.

Biographical Sketch
The Leite family has been associated with Fremont since 1872, when Frederick Leite (1859-1926) accompanied his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Leite, from their homeland in Baden, Germany to Fremont.  The family quickly affiliated themselves with St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, an association that was maintained for generations.

Frederick, who was a carpenter by trade, married Anna Marie Gores (1860-1932), a native of Fremont, on May 5, 1886.  They were the parents of eleven children, ten of whom lived to adulthood.  They included: Agnes, Hadie, Anna, Carl, Urban and Paul, all of Fremont; Marie and Hilda of Toledo; Fred Jr. of Evansville, Indiana; and Herman, a priest for the Catholic Diocese of Denver, Colorado until his retirement in 1974;  and Gertrude, a daughter who died at the age of 6 weeks. 

Fred Sr. served as janitor of St. Joseph’s Church for nearly thirty years until his retirement in June 1926.  After his retirement, the family moved from their home, a house owned by the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church on the corner of Clover and Court Streets, to their newly purchased residence at 510 S. Wood St., Fremont, Ohio.  Frederick Leite died of a stroke on August 4, 1926.  Anna Leite followed her husband five years later on December 8, 1932 at the age of 72.

Mrs. Leite was preceded in death by her son Fred Leite Jr. (1893-1930), who died of tuberculosis.  During WW I, Fred served with the Knights of Columbus War Welfare and Relief Organization in Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Texas.  His sister Agnes (1888-1981) was the local parish secretary for 25 years.  Rev. Herman Leite (1902-1983) became an ordained Catholic priest on June 10, 1933 after spending several years as a theological student in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Cincinnati, Ohio and Denver, Colorado.  Paul Leite, a lifelong resident of Fremont, served as clerk of the Fremont City Council for more than 42 years before his retirement in 1983.  He was also the owner and operator of Columbia Printing located at 517 W. State St., Fremont, Ohio, from 1925 to1982.

Scope and Content
This collection, spanning from the 1860s to1984, contains approximately 123 photographs, 26 postcards, 6 church ledgers and a United Brotherhood & Joiners of America membership book pertaining to the Leite family of Fremont, Ohio.  A portion of the photographs are pictures of religious officiants, with a small number referencing St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.  The remaining photographs are of a personal nature in regards to the Leite family.  The church ledgers, also from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, document first communions, cemetery payments, tuition and religious instruction from 1864 to1902.

Ac. 4737
1/2 linear ft.

Box 1

1. List of First Communicants, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, 1889
2. Register of Religious Instruction, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church,1873, 1879, 1881
3. St. Joseph’s Cemetery: Record of Payments, 1884-1893, 1891-1897
4. Tuition Register; 1864-1865
5. United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America
6. Account Ledger (Agnes Leite); Jan- May 1902
7. Miscellaneous Documents
8. Unidentified Photographs by Sandusky County Photographers, children
9. Unidentified Photographs by Ohio Photographers, children
10. Unidentified Photographs, children
11. Identified Photographs of Groups
            Lakeside, Ohio  Aug. 22, 1909
            Cousin Dottie and Henry from Davenport
            Quick Family; baby John
            From Margaret to Catherine Gores
            To Katie Gores
            Albert to Catherine Gores
            Truman, Ray Eahart and unknown taken by Leanna at Denison
            Train Depot
            Carl Leite and Miss Marie Dolwick
12. Unidentified Group Photographs
13. Miscellaneous Photographs
            Fenn St. looking west; Woodhull, Illinois

Box 2

1. Photographs of religious officiants and church sanctuaries
2. Postcards
3. Identified Photographs- women
4. Unidentified Photographs by Sandusky County Photographers- women
5. Unidentified Photographs by Ohio Photographers- women
6. Unidentified Photographs of women by unknown photographers
7. Identified Photographs, men
8. Unidentified Photographs by Sandusky County Photographers, men
9. Unidentified Photographs by Ohio Photographers, men
10. Unidentified Photographs of men by unknown photographers