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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums

  Richard Lahey

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Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

This collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums in 2016.


Biographical Sketch

Richard Lahey was born October 26, 1926 in Xenia, Ohio to Leo and Betty Pauline  (Harrison) Lahey. He attended and graduated from St. Joseph’s High School in Fremont, Ohio. He served in WWII and was trained as a medic. He was awarded the Victory Medal. He worked for many years at the Herbrand Company in Fremont. He later operated his own photography business and also made and sold fishing lures. He was a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. He volunteered at the St. Francis Villa in Green Springs, Ohio where he operated the cameras for the Chapel for Saturday Masses. Lahey passed away in Fremont, Ohio on July 6, 2016. He was buried at the St. Joseph’s Cemetery with military honors conducted by the American Legion and VFW.


Scope and Content

 This collection is largely made up of more than 1,200 black and white photographs compiled in ten albums and taken or preserved by Mr. Lahey. The earliest original photographs are from Mr. Lahey’s years at United States Army WWII bases. However, the bulk of the photographs are of events, landmarks and historic sites, residences, churches, disasters, and celebrations in Fremont, Ohio and Sandusky County, dating to 1982. These include reprints of a series of Finch photographs of the 1913 flood in Sandusky County.  Many of the photographs contain dates and Mr. Lahey’s identifying notes. For preservation purposes, the photographs were removed from the albums and placed in folders, however, the original arrangement was maintained.  Also included in the collection are WWII memorabilia and biographical information, including certificates, photographs, and newspaper articles associated with St. Joseph’s Church and School.




3 linear ft.

Photograph Album # 1 (86)

Reprint of articles and photographs from Elenor Rimelspach. Held Collection circa 1890s to 1925 

Photographs of Sauerkraut Festival August 3, 1980

Photographs of Sauerkraut Festival August 1, 1982

Photographs of Croghan Day Parade August 2, 1981

Weather and disaster related photographs in Sandusky County

Ballville Dam 


Photograph Album #2 (186)

Photographs and newspaper articles of tornado June 30, 1977


Photograph Album #3 (174)

Photographs and newspaper articles about the Sandusky River Flood Control Project

Photographs of various stages of Sandusky River Flood Control Wall Construction

Newspaper article regarding referendum petitions of Flood Control Project Receipts from Fremont Municipal Court Summons for Richard Lahey referencing the Flood Control Project


Photograph Album #4 (100)

Photographs of the Flood of 1958 downtown and surrounding areas

Fremont News Messenger reprint of the Flood of 1904

Photographs of area businesses destroyed by fire circa 1960’s

Photographs of July 4, 1969 wind and rain storm destruction

Photographs of late spring snow

Train wreck at North Front Street, 1966

Photographs taken from television screen showing national incidents

Photographs of Mock disaster training

Sandusky County blizzard of January 16, 1978

Photograph Album #5 (93)

Photographs and article regarding the demolition and reconstruction of city hall circa 1979

Photographs of Fremont City employees circa 1950s

Photographs of Mull Covered Bridge and Wolf Creek 

Photographs of Life Flight rescue

Photographs of sailboats in the channel at Port Clinton, OH

Photographs of Tin Goose at Port Clinton, OH

Photograph of Davis- Besse Nuclear Power Plant completed 1978

Photograph Album #6 (332)

Photographs and article of Sandusky River Flood Control Project Construction

Photographs of 1958 Flood in Fremont, OH

Photographs of repairs on the Ballville Dam,  Ballville, OH

Reprints of the 1913 Flood

Reprints of The Fremont Story including a variety of pictures from circa 1800s.

Reprints from postcards circa 1800s

Reprints from newspaper and postcards of factories, churches, city buildings, funerals, circa 1800-1960s.

Gibsonburg, OH Main St. circa 1900s 

Sesquicentennial pictures circa 1970

Events and happenings on the Sandusky River, OH

Photographs of the June 30, 1977 tornado in Fremont, OH

Reprint of detachments of the Spanish-American War soldiers 1899

Political posters reprints for Hoover, Roosevelt campaign 

Photograph of polling boxes (barrels according to Sandusky County Townships) circa 1908

Photographs of Hayes Museum visitors, home, artifacts

Dr. Bauer’s funeral procession- multiple photos 

Newspaper article on parade honoring Rodger W. Young, circa 1945

Reprint of World War II from Ernie Radabaugh’ collection-during Hitler’s reign

Variety of photographs of Mull Cover Bridge on Wolf Creek, Sandusky County, OH 

Photographs of demolition of homes to expand Hayes School playground, Fremont, OH

Photograph Album #7 (40)

Photographs of fishing on the Sandusky River circa 1970 – 1980s

 Newspaper articles from Fremont News Messenger circa 1970s on fishing

Photograph Album #8 (1)

Historical Souvenir of the Fremont Flood, March 25-28, 1913 published by Finch Studio

Photograph Album #9 (117)

Reprint photographs from the Finch Studio collection 

Photograph Album #10 (78)

Photographs of Richard Lahey’s World War II experiences and travel circa 1945

 Richard Lahey’s Saint Joseph’s School and Religious Education #11 (26)

Newspaper article listing confirmation, graduation

Certificate for first communion

Confirmation class and graduation photograph

Newspapers, “The Voice”, listing articles highlighting Richard Lahey’s football career and 

Diploma from Saint Joseph’s High School 1945

Richard Lahey’s World War II #12 (1-61)

Personal Documents, Pictures, and Badges

Richard Lahey’s Published Documents #13 (1-65)

Postcards, pamphlets and papers

Richard Lahey-Biographical Information #14 (1-3)

Photograph of Richard Lahey tying lures

Obituary Notice

Richard Lahey Duplicate Prints and Miscellaneous #15 (1-24)

Duplicate photographs and city welfare documents