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Peter Lacher


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

This collection was donated to the Hayes Presidential Library and Museums in 2015.

Biographical Sketch
Peter Lacher was born in Delhi, Ohio August 24, 1851, the fifth of the eight children of Martin and Catherine Lacher who immigrated in 1847 and 1849 respectively. Later, the family moved to Jennings County, Indiana, where Peter attended parochial school at Buena Vista until 1863 when the family returned to Ohio, settling in Cincinnati.  Peter enlisted at the age of 17 on March 18, 1869 in the 4th Cavalry at Fort Griffin, Texas. He took part in the Star Gordon Campaign in 1870 and the General R. S. Mackenzie Campaign in 1871in which the Comanche chiefs were returned to Texas. In 1872, he was again with Mackenzie and took part in the Battle of the North Fork River on September 29th. On November 25th, he was promoted to corporal and on February 14, 1873 to sergeant. Lacher was discharged in 1874 at the age of 22.
Peter Lacher married Caroline Lobbe on September 27, 1877. They were the parents of six children: Clara, Anna, Johanna, Harry, Mollie, and Emma. Peter Lacher died February 21, 1930 and was buried with full military honors by the General George Washington Garrison #1of the Regular Army and Navy Union, U.S.A. of which Lacher was a charter member. He and his wife are both buried in St Mary’s Cemetery, Ross Avenue, St. Bernard, Ohio.

Scope and Content
Along with Louis Renkert and George Russell, Peter Lacher was a founding member of the Regular Army and Navy Union of the United States, George Washington Command #1 Cincinnati, Ohio in 1886. This organization is the oldest, perpetual membership veterans’ organization in the United States.  Its purpose is to continue National Defense and National Security.  In addition, to promote, foster, encourage and perpetuate fraternal comradeship among all those who have seen service in the armed forces of the United States; to continue the high ideals of Patriotism, Loyalty, Justice and Service to this country and to educate all others in these principles.  Equally important is the imperative duty upon every member of upholding, guarding and protecting the honor and integrity of our Constitution, our National Government, our Flag and the principles it represents. It was incorporated in 1888 and officially became known as The National Corps Regular Army and Navy Union of the United States in 1891.  In 1901, another name change took place. The organization became known as the Army and Navy Union U.S. A. As late as 1971, the George Washington 1st Garrison was still active.   

This collection, dating from 1888 to 1930, contains miscellaneous documents related to the organization as well as several items belonging to Peter Lacher. Also included are Army and Navy Union badges and a tintype and carte de visite of Peter Lacher in military uniform. An item level inventory appears below.

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16 items

1. Photocopies of application of Peter Lacher for  Society of Veterans of the Regular Army and Navy of the United States, dtd. 1888
2. 100th  Anniversary of the Army and Navy Union advertisement
3. CDV and tintype of Peter Lacher (same image)
4. Photocopies of  Letter and Biographical Sketch of Peter Lacher
5. Golden Wedding Anniversary Invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lacher
6. Monthly Bulletin of the Army and Navy Union, October, 1922, Volume I No. 1
7. Army and Navy Union, General Orders No. 5, dtd. March 13, 1930 containing  Memorial Notice of Peter Lacher’s death February 21, 1930
8. Official Register and Manual of Army & Navy Union, USA; 31st Annual Convention, dtd. 1919
9. Army and Navy Union Badges and Ribbons (6)