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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums

Doris Koch Photograph Collection


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Scope and Content

Sandusky, Ohio resident Doris Koch donated a collection of photographs and stereoviews to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 2006.

Scope and Content
The Doris Koch Photograph Collection contains 66 images.  Forty-three are stereo views cards; the rest are photographs.  The majority of the stereo view cards and all of the photographs picture locations in north central Ohio near the Lake Erie shore.  The other stereo view cards show various landmarks in the United States.  All images date from the late nineteenth century to the 1920s.

Only one photographer is known; a photograph of a clergyman in front of a church is the work of the Reverend Henry Cooke. Unfortunately neither the clergyman nor the church, a small white structure with a rose window under the visible dormer and a demilune window under the peak of the hip-on-gable roof, is identified.

Most of the stereo view cards are labeled “The Isles of Lake Erie/ Put-in-Bay and Vicinity published by A.C. Platt, Photographer, Sandusky, Ohio.”  

Ac. 5648
66 items

1. A.C. Platt Isles of Lake Erie stereo view cards: identified images:

  • Cavalcade
  • Regatta Home Stretch
  • Dollar [Doller] Boats
  • Steamer B.F.Ferris       
  • Pound Boat Regatta
  • Pound Boats Underway
  • Under the Rocks at Gibraltar [Island]
  • North Side Gibraltar [Island]
  • East of Lakeside [Ohio]
  • Steam Power Plant, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Peaches
  • Interior – Floral Hall
  • Lakeside [Ohio] Hotel
  • South Glacial Grooves, Kelleys Island, Ohio
  • Put-in-Bay from Gibraltar [Island] No. 2
  • Lakeside, Ohio
  • “The Approaching Storm”
  • Standpipe, Sandusky, Ohio (two images)
  • Military Parade near the Lewis and Dwelle’s store, corner Columbus Avenue and Water Street, Sandusky, Ohio
  • L. Traub’s American Central Insurance Company office, Jackson Street, Sandusky, Ohio
  • Crew and Wheelhouse, steamer B.F. Ferris           
  • Atlantic Billiard Hall

2. A.C. Platt Isles of Lake Erie stereo view cards: unidentified images (8)

3. International Photo Enlarging Co., Publishers, Norwalk, Ohio stereo view cards: unidentified
    images (4 cards, 3 images)

4. Cosmopolitan Series stereo view cards: identified images:

  • Whale Totem, Fort Wrangle, Alaska  #518
  • The Natural Bridge, Virginia,  #519
  • Snow Scene, Niagara Falls, #527
  • Laughing Waters, Minnehaha, #529
  • Totem Poles, Alaska, #559
  • Stereo view cards without publishers’ names
  • Remains of Table Rock, #201
  • New Suspension Bridge, # 724
  • Indian Pappoose [sic], Niagara Falls #690

5. Photographs of Sandusky, Ohio:

  • Grand Pavilion, Cedar Point
  • Switchback Coaster, Cedar Point ca. 1890-1900
  • Steam Power Plant
  • Monroe School
  • Moss-Augustus Dauch house, Wayne Street
  • Peoples Electric Railway Company Car 16
  • Bing Carriage and Wagon Works [?] July 1918
  • Market Street after a fire
  • Manufacturers and Expositions Halls, fairgrounds
  • Cable Park, fairgrounds
  • Imperial Café, Columbus Avenue at Water Street
  • Aftermath of tornado June 28, 1924
  • On East Market Street – marked “June 28, 1924 - 4 p.m.”
  • On East Market Street
  • Kilbourne Manufacturing Company
  • Perry Street between Market and Water
  • Standpipe

6. Photographs of other north central Ohio locations:

  • Green Island Lighthouse, Lake Erie
  • Grain Elevator and Church, Castalia, Ohio
  • Thomas Edison Home, Milan, Ohio
  • Town Square, Milan, Ohio

7. Miscellaneous photographs:

  • Schlessman Taxi – “7 passenger car with heaters”
  • Baltimore & Ohio steam engine with three trainmen
  • Unidentified clergyman in front of unidentified church, photographed by the Reverend Henry Cooke
  • Two electric railway cars at unidentified location