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Ink Family


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

This collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by Ruth Brill in 2006.

Biographical Sketch
John S. Ink was born on 10 October 1852 to Theodore and Nancy (Stewart) Ink.  He first resided in Seneca County, Ohio, for about thirty years, marrying Dilla Owen on 26 January 1876.  In 1883, John and Dilla Ink moved to Alabama, where they would remain until their return to Seneca County in 1900.  While living in Ohio again, John Ink worked as the superintendant of the Seneca County Home.  He died in that same institution on 8 November 1938 after a period of illness; he was 86 years old.

Dilla (Owen) Ink was born in December of 1855 to Charles and Ella Owens.  She married John S. Ink in 1876, and the couple had two children: Wanda, and Ethel Louise (who was adopted).  Dilla died on 2 June 1926.  Ethel Ink was born on 28 November 1883 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She married Maynard C. Porter on 24 December 1903 and resided with him in Tiffin, Ohio.  Ethel and Maynard had two children, Mary and Martha.  Ethel served as matron of the Tiffin Y.M.C.A. for over ten years.  She was stricken with paralysis and passed away on 13 December 1940; she was 57 years old.

Scope and Content
This collection, spanning from 1850 to 1940, contains photographs, correspondence, papers, and genealogical information relating to the family of John S. Ink.  The photographs consist of family pictures, both with and without identification.  The incoming correspondence was to various Ink family members, pertaining both to business and personal matters.  Also included are a hand-drawn sketch, a decorative cardboard cutout, and a Christmas card.  The genealogical material, meanwhile, largely consists of census records and obituary indexes relating to members and extended family of the Inks.

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1.  Eight unidentified individuals, n.d.

2.  John and Dilla Ink, July 4, n.y.

3.  Lulu Porter, Mary Dunigan, Dad, Mom, Grandma and Grandpa Ink, Mary, Marian, and Wanda (with accompanying
     information on the individuals pictured)


4.  Printed Christmas card

     To Ethel Ink, dtd 10 December 1902, Bloomville, Ohio (Incomplete).  With envelope.

6.  RICE, A. L.
     To John S. Ink, dtd 19 May 1915, Adams, N.Y.

     To Mrs. Dilla Ink, dtd 24 January 1884, Tiffin, Ohio.

8.  Receipt of Mrs. Dilla Ink from O’Brien Bros.’ Manuf’g. Co., dtd 24 January 1884

9.  Decorative paper cutout of flowers in a vase

10.  Pencil sketch of Miss Olive E. Hanna, Morenci, Michigan

Genealogical Information:

11.  Ink family ancestor chart

12.  John and Dilla (Owen) Ink family group sheet

13.  History of Seneca County, Ohio, 1886—Lewis R. Owen biographical sketch

14.  Census records:

            1850, Scipio Township, Seneca County, Ohio—Elizabeth Owens and family
            1870, Eden Township, Seneca County, Ohio—C. G. Owens and family
            1880, Bloomville, Ohio—John S. Ink and family
            1900, Eden Township, Seneca County, Ohio—Dilla Ink and family
            1910, Eden Township, Seneca County, Ohio—John Ink and family
            1930, Bloomville, Ohio—John S. Ink
            1930, Tiffin, Ohio—Maynard Porter and family
            1930, United States Federal Census Record—Wanda I. Oller

15.  Seneca County cemetery inscriptions, Rock Creek Cemetery (Owen, Ink, and Porter plots)

16.  John S. Ink obituary, Bloomville Gazette, 17 November 1938

17.  Ethel Louise Porter obituary, Bloomville Gazette, 19 December 1940

18.  Obituary index records:

            John S. Ink
            Dilla (Owen) Ink
            Ethel (Ink) Porter
            Maynard Porter—2 records