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Thaddeus B. Hurd Photograph Collection


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

More than five thousand photographs complement the Thaddeus B. Hurd Collection (LH-243). Information and data about the photograph collection have been entered into a searchable database and is available to researchers in the Hayes Center’s reading room and on the Hayes Center’s web site.

Biographical Sketch
Thaddeus Baker Hurd was born in Clyde, Ohio, October 23, 1903, the first son of Herman Hurd (1877-1963) and Jennie Baker Hurd (1881-1945). Herman was a long-time grocer in Clyde and Jennie was a homemaker. Their second son, Hiram Hurd (1906-1984), was born in Clyde December 7, 1906. Thaddeus Hurd graduated from Clyde High School in 1920 at the top of his class. He attended Oberlin College from 1920 to 1922 then returned to Clyde for one year of teaching in the public schools. From 1923 to 1927 he attended the Cornell University School of Architecture in Ithaca, New York, receiving his B.A. in June of 1927. After a one-year stint in a Pittsburgh architectural firm, Mr. Hurd returned to Cornell to earn a Masters of Architecture in 1929. The following year he worked for a New York architect and in 1930 he returned to Ithaca to teach at the Cornell University College of Architecture. In the fall of 1933, Mr. Hurd embarked on a year long "architectural travel tour" through England and the Middle East. Upon his return from overseas, he began a series of government architectural jobs which lasted until 1944. That year he took a position with Great Lakes Steel Corporation in Detroit, Michigan. In 1949 he joined the architectural firm of Britsch and Munger in Toledo, Ohio. From 1955 until his retirement in 1967, Mr. Hurd practiced as a self-employed architect. Mr. Hurd organized the Clyde [Ohio] Heritage League in 1975 and the Clyde Senior Center in 1980. He held various positions in both organizations. He was instrumental in re-activating the Sandusky County Historical Society in 1957 and in 1967 organized the genealogical division. Mr. Hurd held memberships in the Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums, Firelands Historical Society, Mad River and NKP Railroad Society, Mayflower Descendants, the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, and the Sherwood Anderson Society. In addition, he served as Historian of Clyde, Ohio, of General James B. McPherson, and of Sherwood Anderson's Ohio years.

Scope and Content
The Thaddeus B. Hurd Photograph Collection includes more than 5000 photographs dating from 1855 to 1988. The collection can be divided into two broad categories: 1) images of Thaddeus B. Hurd, his friends, classmates, immediate and extended family members, Hurd ancestors and collateral relatives, with particular emphasis on the Tripp, Baker, and Rhoades families; 2) images of Sandusky County, Ohio, (with particular emphasis on Clyde, Ohio) including individuals, families, school groups, civic organizations and events, businesses, cemeteries, and historical markers.

Many of the photographs were taken by Hurd during the course of his life, particularly those of friends, classmates, immediate family, architecture, historic sites and Hurd home sites in New York and New England. The bulk of the photographs is original, but the collection also includes Hurd’s prints made from original images loaned to Hurd by his relatives and by Sandusky County, Ohio, families. Nearly every type of photographic process and format is represented within the collection, including daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, albumen prints, 35 mm slides, glass negatives, lantern slides, and some silver gelatins.

Every effort has been made to maintain the organizational scheme adopted by Hurd. Many of the photographs represent family groups in which individuals are not identified. The family groups have been filed together and arranged alphabetically by surname (Boxes 2, 3, 3A). Some photographs, particularly those that Hurd acquired from family members, were accompanied by correspondence. In most cases, the image or a photocopy of the image and the correspondence remain together (Box 4A).

Hurd frequently made notes on the photographs themselves, listing the donor’s name and the date of the donation. When known, Hurd noted the names of the individuals appearing in the images and the date of the photograph. When Hurd could not identify all of the individuals pictured in a group image, he frequently attempted to identify the group, its location, and date. This was particularly true of group pictures of school students, athletic teams, and local theatrical organizations. When no names or organizations could be determined, images were grouped by subject such as those in Boxes 19 and 20. (e.g. animals, buildings, portraits)

Between 1961 and 1988, Hurd’s photographs reflected his interest in genealogy and local history. He photographed not only events that celebrated the area’s local history (e.g. Clyde Fair, Winesburg, Ohio, and Sherwood Anderson, historical markers) but also created a visual record of nineteenth-century buildings, businesses, monuments, residences, and cemeteries that were important to the founding of Clyde, Fremont, or Sandusky County, Ohio. Organized chronologically by year (Boxes 13A and 13B), each such image and its corresponding negative are housed together.


INDEX TO THE THADDEUS B. HURD PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION-- contains information on more than 5,000 photographs of Hurd relatives, ancestors, collateral families and Sandusky County, Ohio, individuals, families, organizations, events, businesses, and historic sites.

Ac. 5081
Ca. 5000 items.

Box 1

Hurd Family

1. Hurd Family (1-12)
2. Hurd Family (13-21)
3. Hurd Family (22-37)
4. Hurd Family (38-47)
5. Hurd Family (48-55)
6. Hurd Family (56-72)
7. Hurd Family (73-90)
8. Hurd Family (91- 101)

Box 1A

Thaddeus B. Hurd

1. Thaddeus B. Hurd (1-15)
2. Thaddeus B. Hurd (16-22)
3. Thaddeus B. Hurd (22-32)
4. Thaddeus B. Hurd (33-36) (Oberlin College)
5. Thaddeus B. Hurd (37-44)
6. Thaddeus B. Hurd (45-53)

Box 1B

Hurd, Tripp, Rhoades Family

Cased Images (53), representing a variety of photographic processes including tintypes and ambrotypes.

Box 1C

Hurd Family

1. Hurd Family (1 - 22)
2. Hurd Family (23-44)
3. Hurd Family (44-52)
4. Hurd Family (53)
5. Hurd Family (54-55)
6. Hurd Family (56-83)
7. Hurd Family (84-99)
7A. Hurd Family (Relatives of Henry and Rowena Baker)
8. Hurd Family (100-118)
9. Hurd Family (119-122)
10. Hurd Family (123-132)
11. Hurd Family (133-150)
12. Hurd Family (151-158)

Box 2

Families: Surnames A - K

1. Andrews
2. Henry and Rowena (Tripp) Baker family (1-22)
3. Bacon
4. Henry and Rowen (Tripp) Baker family (23-28)
5. Brugger
6. Butman
7. Carling
8. Carter
9. Chenery
10. Childs (Gus and Elvira)
11. Comber
12. Coones
13. Cornelius
14. Cowell
15. Curtis
16. Davenport
17. Deffenbaugh
18. Earhart
19. Fairchild
20. Fenn
21. Finch
22. Foster
23. Gazlay
24. Gibbs
25. Grimes
26. Gust
27. Harrison
28. Hay
29. Heater
30. Heffner
31. Hildebrand
32. Hill
33. Horton
34. Howard
35. Huntley
36. Hutchinson
37 Hyde
38 Jackson
39 Jones
40 Knowlton

Box 3

Families: Surnames L - Z

1. Lemmon
2. Laycox
3. Mann
4. Martin
5. Matter
6. Meachem
7. Miller
8. Nightingill
9. Perrin
10. Pool
11. Pumphery
12. Rader
13. Reynolds
14. Rhoades
15. Sargent
16. Scott
17. Shanks
18. Slessman
19. Smith
20. Slolether
21. Stark
22. Stober
23. Streeter
24. Surbeck
25. Sutliffe
26. Swander
27. Tripp
28. True
29. Tuttle
30. Ullman
31. Vanderslice
32. Vincent

Box 3A

Families: Surnames L - Z (cont.)

1. Wager
2. Walde
3. Wales
4. Waldron
5. Ward
6. Whittaker
7. Wilder
8. Wolverton
9. Woodman
10. Worst

Box 4


1. Athletic Teams
2. Family and Friends
3. Recreation and Leisure
4. Men
5. Music and Entertainment
6. School
7. Women

Box 4A

Photographs contained in Correspondence

1. Anderson
2. B. Bartlett
3. Benham-Warren
4. Bletscher
5. Buildings
6. Buildings - John Hurd House
7. Cemeteries (1 - 35)
8. Cemeteries (36 - 72)
9. Childs
10. Colonel George Croghan
11. Curtis and Reynolds
12. Decker
13. Egger
14. Enochs
15. Miscellaneous Genealogy Correspondence
16. Gillmore
17. Hamlin
18. Hurd Family
19. Lemmon
20. Maybee and Anderson
21. McPherson
22. Monuments
23. Parker
24. Parks Family
25. Renners
26. Rhoades
27. Reynolds
28. Rothrock
29. Threadgill
30. Wager

Box 5

Albums - Carte de visite

1. Ca. 50 Images, given to Hurd by Maggie Hurd Lemmon "shortly after Lucy Hurd’s death," (1952).

2. Ca. 12 Images, unidentified.

3. Ca. 50 Images, given to Hurd by Maggie Hurd Lemmon, (1952). Surnames include Safford, Rhoades,
    Gazley, Wolverton, Gillis, Snyder, McEntyre, Carter, Hurd.

4. Ca. 50 Images, George Collver family, given to Hurd by Harold Gurst, (1962).

Box 6

Albums -

5. Ca. 150 Images, prints, unidentified Clyde, Ohio, family, dated 1912 - 1918.

6. Ca. 20 Images; tintypes, carte de visites, album of Myrtle M. Collver, given to Hurd by Harold Gurst

7. Ca. 35 Images; carte de visites and cabinet cards, Baker, Tripp Family.

8. Ca. 20 Images; tintypes, carte de visites; Tripp family; given to Hurd by Emily Greene (1959).

Box 7


9. Ca. 45 Images, cabinet cards; unidentified photographs produced by photographers from Sandusky,
    Clyde, and Toledo, Ohio

10. Ca. 50 Images, tintypes, carte de visites; unidentified Sandusky County, Ohio, residents (ca. 1865)

Box 8


11. Ca. 120 Images, prints; Thaddeus B. Hurd album with images of friends and family taken in Clyde, 
      Ohio, and around northwest Ohio, dated October 1917.

12. Ca. 150 Images, prints; Unidentified individuals taken in Clyde, Ohio and around northwest Ohio, 
      ca. 1918 - 1935

Box 9

Spanish American War

Identified individual images of Sandusky County, 6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company I.; scenes in Cuba and at Chickamauga training facilities, including 6th OVI.

Box 10

Buildings and Cemeteries

Miscellaneous views of buildings (architectural), U. S. historic sites, cemeteries, tombstones, Hurd home sites, Sandusky, Ohio Soldiers and Sailors Home.

Box 11

Unidentified Photographs

Approximately 45 photographs, unidentified individuals, cabinet cards, ca. 1898 - 1910, produced by photographers in Clyde, Ohio, and Watertown, New York.

Box 12

Local History - Clyde and Sandusky County, Ohio

1. Business - Hurd Grocery
2. Business - Unclassified
3. Cemeteries
4. Churches
5. Heritage Hall (Clyde, Ohio)
6. Historical Markers
7. Industrial
7a. Institutional
8. Libraries
9. Military (Drawings - Battle of Fort Stephenson)
10. Municipal
11. Museums and Historical Society
12.Clyde, Ohio and Surrounding Area
13. Negatives
14. Individuals (Albert D. Ames; Clyde, Ohio Orchestra; undated group portrait of Clyde residents)

Box 13

Local History - Clyde and Sandusky County, Ohio

1. Residences (Herman Hurd Residence, Clyde, Ohio; Buckland Residence, Fremont, Ohio)
2. Residences (G. P. Huntley)
3. School Buildings
4a Students and Teachers (ca. 1885 -1901), class pictures, Clyde, Ohio schools
4b Students and Teachers (ca. 1891- 1901), class pictures, Clyde, Ohio schools
5. Special Events
6. Townships
7. Views (Miscellaneous)
8. Weather

Box 13A

Local History 1961 - 1973

1. 1961
2. 1962
3. 1963
4. 1964
5. 1965
6. 1966
7. 1967
8. 1968
9. 1969
10. 1970
11. 1971
12. 1972
13. 1973

Box 13B

Local History 1974 - 1988

1. 1974
2. 1975
3. 1976
4. 1977
5. 1978
6. 1979
7. 1980
8. 1981
9. 1982

Box 14

Celebrations - Clyde, Ohio

1. Clyde Fair
2. Day of Remembrance 1976
3. Sherwood Anderson 1965

Box 15

People and Places Outside of Ohio

1. Canandaigua, New York
1a. Ithaca, New York.
1b. Ithaca, New York
1c. Ithaca, New York
2. Alaska, Connecticut, Washington, D.C., Florida, Massachusetts
3. Niagara Falls, New York
4. Sackett’s Harbor, New York; Watertown, New York
5. Michigan
6. Unidentified
7. Edenton, North Carolina
8. Raleigh, North Carolina
9. Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Vermont
10. Europe

Box 16

People and Places, Clyde, Ohio

1. Clyde Enterprise - Students (Images used in newspaper)
2. Clyde Enterprise - Individuals (Images used in newspaper)
3. Clyde Enterprise - Groups (Images used in newspaper)
4. Clyde Enterprise - Misc. (Images used in newspaper)
5. Thaddeus B. Hurd
5a. Thaddeus B. Hurd
5b. Thadeus B. Hurd - photographs of Hurd with others
6. Thaddeus P. and Mariah Hurd with Relatives
6a. Thaddeus P. and Mariah Hurd with Relatives
7a. Herman, Jennie, Hiram, and Thaddeus Hurd
7b. Groups - Unidentified
7c. Groups - Identified Clyde residents
8. Individuals and groups - Clyde, Ohio
9. Individuals, groups, scenes - Bellevue, Sandusky, Cleveland, Stony Ridge, Ohio
10. Individuals, groups, scenes - Ohio
11. Weddings

Box 17


1. People and Places, Clyde, Ohio
2. Nature Studies
3. Places, Clyde - Ohio
4. Architecture - Ohio Counties
4a. Architecture - Ohio Counties
4b. Architecture - Ohio Counties
4c. Architecture - Ohio Counties - Lucas County
4d. Architecture
4e. Architecture

Box 18

Wager-Hurd Families

1. Unidentified
2. Unidentified
3. Unidentified

Box 19

Unidentified Images (Organized by subject)

1. Animals
2. Babies
3. Buildings - Barns
4. Buildings - Homes - Exterior Views
5. Buildings - Homes - Interior Views
6. Businesses
7. Outdoor Scenes
8. Spanish American War

Box 20

Unidentified Images (Organized by subject)

1. Portraits - Children - Boys
2. Portraits - Children - Girls
3. Portraits - Men
4. Portraits - Women
5. Portraits - Women
6. Glass negatives
7. Film negatives
8. Tintypes

Box 21

Unidentified Images - Groups

1. Large Groups - Men
2. Large Groups - Men and Women
3. Large Groups - Men and Women
4. Large Groups - Women
5. Groups - Children - Boys and Girls (including several school group images)
6. Small Groups - Men
7. Small Groups - Men and Women (including images of couples)
8. Small Groups - Women

Box 22

Film Negatives

Architecture - Ohio and the Unites States
People and Places, Clyde, Ohio, All Relatives
Architectural Commissions

Box 23

Film Negatives, 35 mm Slides, Lantern Slides

People and Places, Other than Ohio
Genealogy and History
Works of Art, Unclassified

Album 24

35 mm Slides

1. Architecture - Ohio
    Clyde area
    Fort Recovery
    Stony Ridge

2. Theater and Staging

3. Botany and Gardening
    United States
    Ohio - Clyde
    North Carolina

4. Jobs
    A. North Carolina
         Farm Security Administration
         Cameron Court Apts., Raleigh
         Church, Raleigh
         Little Theater, Raleigh

    B. Ohio
         B. W. Mitchell House
         Ohio Fuel Gas Co. Office

    C. Clyde, Ohio
         Clyde Christian Church
         Industrial Park
         Amphitheater, Clyde Community Park
         Daugherty Kitchen
         Kenny House
         Clyde Library
         Masonic Temple
         Presbyterian Church School
         Presbyterian Church Tower
         Russell Residence
         Stanley Garage
         Swimming Pool
         Urban Renewal

    D. Fremont, Ohio
         Miller Brothers, Powell House
         Miller Brothers, Tract House

    E. Montpelier, Ohio

    F. Ottawa County, Ohio

    G. Tiffin, Ohio

    H. Toledo, Ohio
         Camp Miakonda Boy Scout Chapel
         Ohio Citizens Trust Co. - Colony Office
         University of Toledo Student Work

    I. York Township, Sandusky County, Ohio

    J. South Carolina

    K. West Virginia

5. Architecture - outside Ohio
    Asia Minor
    Canada (Ontario, Quebec)
    United States (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, 

Album 25

35 mm Slides

1. Clyde, Ohio
    A. Blocks and Stores
         S. Main - E. Side
         S. Main - W. Side
         S. Main - E. Side
         S. Main - W. Side
         Buckeye Street

    B. Industry

    C. City Hall, 1882

    D. Churches

    E. Hotels

    F. Library

    G. Ramsey Home

    H. Schools

    I. Cemeteries

    J. Depot and Railroad

    K. Fairground

    L. Parks

    M. Streets and Alleys

    N. Waterworks and Community Par

    O. Houses

    P. Markers and Signs

    Q. Drawings - Winesburg/Clyde

    R. Maps

2. Art and Antiques
    U. S. - Ohio

3. Architecture

4. Clyde, Ohio
    Depots and Hotels
    Elmore Manufacturing
    Main Street
    Side Streets
    Kraut Factory, Library, Church, School
    Residential (Identified)
    Residential (Unidentified)
    Clyde Museum Models
    Homes and Buildings, 1979
    Clyde Museum, 1961
    Printed Matter, WBGU
    Thaddeus Hurd House
    Thaddeus Hurd House at Home
    Winesburg Map at Winesburg Inn

5. People

Box 26

Post Cards


1. Invitation to April 18, 1906 Grand Army of the Republic, Clyde, Ohio, event.

2. Black and white print of unidentified gathering of men, women, and children, ca. 1900 - 1920.

3. Black and white prints of Lake Morrine and the Old Stone Mill, Sudbury, Massachusetts, by E. L.
    Lemmon, 1940

4. Black and white print of Reunion of Sigma Chapter of TKE, 1939

5. Photograph/autograph album of 1921 Oberlin College Ohio, students containing names and Images of
     classmates of Thaddeus B. Hurd.

6. Two Black and white prints of Ohio State University Canner’s Convention, Columbus, Ohio, includes
    two Clyde, Ohio, residents (Harry Sargeant and Roy Irons)

7. "Members of the Organization of Starrett and Van Vleck Architects, New York," (page 984 from Pencil
December 1930)

8. Watercolor of Hamer’s Corners [Clyde, Ohio]