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Jacob Souder Holtz


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

Photocopies of the correspondence and miscellaneous papers of Jacob S. Holtz were donated to the Hayes Presidential Center in 1989 by his descendants. The originals of the same were donated in 2001.

Biographical Sketch
Jacob Souder Holtz, son of Jacob P. and Susannah (Huss) Holtz of Pleasant Twp. Seneca County, Ohio, attempted to enlist in a volunteer regiment for Civil War service. Due to a heart condition, he was rejected until May 2, 1864. Holtz then enlisted as a private in Co. H of the 164th Ohio National Guard. Two months later, Holtz died from the effects of typhoid fever while stationed at Fort Woodbury, Arlington Heights, Virginia. His father brought his body home for burial in the family plot at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, north of Tiffin, Ohio.

Scope and Content
The collection consists of four groups of letters concerning the Seneca County Holtz family during the Civil War: (1) letters written to Jacob S. Holtz from 1861 to 1864 by seventeen Seneca County soldiers serving in the 49th, 55th, 72nd, and 101st Ohio Volunteer Infantry regiments; (2) letters written by Pvt. Jacob S. Holtz during his two-month service in 1864; (3) letters from family and friends to Pvt. Holtz during his Civil War service; (4) letters from friends and relatives to the Holtz family, spanning the years from 1852 to 1864. Among the last group is Lt. Norman D. Egbert’s correspondence with the Holtz family regarding Jacob’s last illness in July of 1864. Photocopies and the original material are included in the collection.  A transcription of the correspondence can be accessed by clicking on the link at the end of the finding aid.

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Group 1:

Letters to JACOB SOUDER HOLTZ from Seneca County, Ohio friends and relatives serving in the Civil War:
1. BONNELL, PVT. RICHARD W. 101st OVI, Co. I. Enlisted Aug. 9, 1862, discharged, as disabled
    Feb. 1, 1863 at Nashville, TN. Died shortly after of measles.
2. BOWERSOX, CAPT. JOHN C. 49th OVI, Co. B. Enlisted Sept. 9, 1861. Died April 8, 1862 from
    wounds received April 7, 1862 at the Battle of Shiloh.
3. DUDROW, PVT. CHARLES D. 55th OVI, Co. H. Enlisted Oct. 12, 1861, wounded May 2, 1863 at
    Chancellorsville, discharged Oct. 23, 1864.
4. EGBERT, PVT. NORMAN D. 101st OVI, Co. I. Enlisted Aug. 12, 1861, discharged as disabled
    Feb. 9, 1862 at Nashville, TN. Reenlisted as first lieutenant 164th ONG May 2, 1864, mustered out
    Aug. 27, 1864 on expiration of term of service.
5. EGBERT, SGT. THOMAS W. 72nd OVI, Co. A. Discharged as disabled at Memphis, TN on Feb.14,
6. FEAGA, PVT. WILLIAM. 72nd OVI, Co. A. Captured at Battle of Brice's Cross Roads, Mississippi,
    June 11, 1864, discharged June 16, 1865.
7. GOETSCHIUS, PVT. DUDLEY. 101st, Co. I. Enlisted Aug. 12, 1862, captured Sept. 20, 1863 at
    Chickamauga, mustered out on expiration of term of service.
8. HOLTZ, PVT. CLAY. 55th OVI, Co. H. Enlisted Oct. 5, 1861, captured May 27, 1862 at Franklin,
    Va, discharged Oct. 23, 1864.
9. JORDON, PVT. ALONZO. 49th OVI, Co. A.
10. MCMEEN, PVT. ROBERT M. 101st OVI, Co. I. Died Jan. 19, 1863 of wounds received Dec. 31,
      1862 at the Battle of Stone's River, Tennessee.
11. PARKE, PVT. DAVID W. 55th OVI, Co. G. Died of wounds May 4, 1863 at Chancellorsville, on
      May 2, 1863.
12. PENNELL, SGT. HENRY L. 49th OVI, Co. B. Discharged due to disability Sept. 9, 1862.
13. RAGON, SGT. OLIVER. 49th OVI, Co. B. Mustered out with company Nov. 30, 1865.
14. RULE, 1st LT. ISAAC P. 101st OVI, Co. I. Died Sept. 21, 1863 of wounds received Sept. 19,1863
      at Chickamauga.
15. SHALEN, PVT. JOHN A. 101st OVI, Co. I. Enlisted Aug. 12, 1862, captured Sept. 20, 1863 at the
      Battle of Chickamauga, mustered out May 22, 1865.
16. SHERMAN, PVT. ELDRIDGE. 55th OVI. Co. G. Enlisted Sept. 25, 1861. Discharged Jan. 22,
      1864 by order of the War Dept.
17. SHUMAKER, PVT. WILLIAM H. 101st OVI, Co. I. Enlisted Aug. 12, 1862, died of illness Nov.
      29, 1862 at Bowling Green, Ky.

Group 2:

1. Letters from PVT. JACOB SOUDER HOLTZ, 164th ONG, Co. H, to family members during his Civil
    War service, 1864.
    FEAGA, 72nd OVI, Co. A. 1861

Group 3:

1. Letters from family and friends to PVT. JACOB SOUDER HOLTZ, 164th ONG, Co. H, during his Civil 
    War service, 1864.
2. Letters from "cousin" DELLIE HOLTZ to JACOB SOUDER HOLTZ.
4. Letters from OLIVE BROWN (?) to JACOB SOUDER HOLTZ, undated.

Group 4:

1. Letters from family and friends to the HOLTZ family, 1852-1868. (includes Lt. N. D. EGBERT's letters
    regarding PVT. JACOB SOUDER HOLTZ's illness in July 1864.)
2. Miscellaneous papers of JACOB SOUDER HOLTZ.
3. Letters from 1st. LT. ISAAC P. RULE (101st OVI) to Daniel C. Rule, 1862-1863