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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

Bob Hines 

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Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content



The Bob Hines Collection was donated by Marie Cadieux Hodges, Nora Hines, and Frances B. and Dr. John D. Juriga


Biographical Sketch

 Robert Warren (Bob) Hines was born in Columbus, Ohio 6 February 1912. He attended Clintonville Elementary School until the family moved to Fremont, Ohio when he was nine years of age. He quickly transformed the Hines property into what he termed a “backyard zoo.” At any given time, he could be found tending a menagerie of wild creatures – turtles, toads, fish, woodchucks, skunks, ducks, quail, and crows. Hines fished, hiked, and camped along the Sandusky River near Fremont. At the age of 12, he joined the Boy Scouts, rising to the rank of  Eagle Scout. He attended Otis and Stamm Elementary Schools and Fremont Ross High School. Hines graduated from Fremont Ross in 1926. 

During the Depression years, Hines worked at various jobs in and around Fremont. Through a correspondence course, he learned taxidermy. Forced to rest during an illness, Hines began drawing and painting the wildlife he cherished so deeply.

In 1939, the Ohio Division of Conservation offered Hines the position of staff artist. When he discovered that his work would involve painting with oils, a medium he had never used, Hines contacted his Fremont Ross High School art teacher, Mary Williams. She provided a four-day crash course in oil painting. It was the last formal training Hines would ever experience.

For nearly a decade, Hines illustrated the agency’s “Ohio Conservation Bulletin” and “Under Ohio Skies,” a wildlife education feature that appeared in 250 newspapers. One of Hines’ proudest moments was the selection of his redhead duck entry as the 1936 Federal Duck Stamp winner. Hines’ work caught the eye of Frank Dufresne, Chief of Information at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington, D. C. A short time later Hines was in Washington working as an artist-illustrator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

From simple pen-and-ink line drawings to large murals, Hines’ artwork graced brochures, newsletters, wildlife guides, scientific articles, posters, prints, books, and buildings. He created the first series of wildlife U. S. postage stamps. Hines also managed the celebrated Federal Duck Stamp competition that he himself had previously won. Especially gifted at painting and describing waterfowl, Hines’ Ducks at a Distance became a classic waterfowl primer, selling more than two million copies.

Hines’ co-worker at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was marine biologist Rachel Carson, founder of the modern environmental movement. In 1955, she commissioned her friend and colleague, Bob Hines to illustrate her second book The Edge of the Sea. Although Carson left the service, she and Hines remained lifelong friends.

Hines retired in 1981, but continued to create wildlife illustrations and paintings for organizations, authors, and journal editors. In 1991, he completed his final commission, the 50th anniversary edition of Rachel Carson’s Under the Sea Wind.

When Bob Hines died in 1994, an admirer of his work wrote that “he had left behind a visual legacy of the wonder and beauty of the natural world.” His exceptional talent and knowledge of pose, plumage, and habitat merged to create living, breathing works of art. Hines’ work was the subject of a special exhibit at the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art in Salisbury, Maryland in 2003. The centennial of his birth was commemorated with an exhibit of his works at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 2012.


Scope and Content

The bulk of the collection consists of 16 pen-and-ink sketches created by Bob Hines for Charles Cadieux’s 1981 publication, These Are the Endangered and The Ways of Game Fish. Also included are two framed watercolors by Hines. One entitled “Spring Interlude” features a cardinal, while the other is of a pair of blue jays. A small print of a kit fox, photograph of a partridge, and a pencil sketch of a pintail duck and brood complete the collection.  

Born in Jamestown, North Dakota in 1919, Charles L. Cadieux attended St. John’s Academy, Jamestown High School, and Jamestown College. He graduated from the North Dakota Agricultural College (North Dakota State University). He found employment with the Northern Pacific Railroad until the outbreak of WWII. He served as a navigator aboard the USS Proteus and the USS Stratford. Cadieux worked for the North Dakota Fish and Game Department and then as a federal game agent and information and education officer in New Mexico and Washington, D. C. Cadieux wrote more than a thousand articles and eleven books before he assed away in 2006. 



Ac. 5812, 5843

21 pieces

  1. Pen-and-ink sketches, ca. 1980/1981 (16)
  2. Small print of kit fox
  3. Pencil sketch of pintail duck and brood
  4. Black-and-white photograph of partridge


Photographs of Mrs. Bob (Edna Beatty) Hines Ac. 5843

Transferred to Museum

Framed signed watercolor of cardinal titled “Spring Interlude” (23” X 29”) n.d.

Framed signed watercolor of a pair of blue jays ((23 ¾” X 30”) n.d.


Transferred to the Library

These are the Endangered

The Ways of Gamefish



LH - 403


Scope and Content

This collection of artwork created by Robert W. Hines was donated by Nora Hines in 2014. The bulk consists of pencil and pen-and-ink sketches done by Hines during childhood and early adulthood while living in Fremont, Ohio. The first day covers were donated by Thomas O. Duncan of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, who worked with Bob Hines for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Frances B. and Dr. John Juriga donated the framed 1928 Fremont High School graduation photograph.



Ac. 5878, 5879

Box 1

Pastel Sketches

Pencil Sketches
Pen and Ink Sketches
Published Works
Correspondence and Clippings

Black and White Photographs
Black and White Framed, Signed Prints of Conservation Stamps,(4) [Ac.5913]


Box 2

Framed Wood cock
Framed Cedar waxwings
Marmot watercolor illustrations

Box 3

Framed 1928 Fremont, Ohio High School Graduation Photograph

First Day of Issue: First Annual Texas Wildfowl Art and Antique Festival , Dallas, Texas. Folk Art USA 22 cents cancelled Shelburne, VT March 22, 1985 (50 covers)
Robert W. Hines, National Wildlife Artist (1912 – 1994), 100th Birthday Year with Grizzly Bear 45 cents U.S. Postage Stamp National Postal Museum Station, Smithsonian Institution Washington, D. C., February 6, 2012; Designed by T. O. Duncan (12 covers)


Photograph of Bob and Edna Hines at Tindall Bridge

Ohio Conservation patch
Photograph of Edna Beatty
Christmas card, Don Waters
Vintage Ohio Conservation display photographs
Four vintage dog drawings
Krag, early big horn sheep pencil drawing
Great horned owl and rabbit pencil drawing
Ink Moose drawing, dtd. 1928
Masked quail pencil drawing
Canada goose pencil drawing
Pheasants pencil drawing
Birds of the Far East pencil drawing
“Brownie” Ink and watercolor
Pheasant and quail ink and watercolor
Normal Rockwell reproduction, ink
Ink animal heads, dtd. 1927
Ink puma, dtd. 1925
Pencil drawing of horse
Gulls and polar bears
Ink Pigeons
Water birds, pencil drawing
Pencil drawing of egret
Bear and retriever with pheasant
Ink Outlines of Plants
Pencil drawing of horse
Joyce Kilmer “Trees” Ink and pencil versions
Ink retriever and pheasant
Pencil drawing Canadian Lynx
Ink feather drawing
Watercolors of puppies (2)
Animal pencil drawings
Portrait of man, “Robert W. Hines, age 13”
Pencil drawing of goat
Cartoon drawing of rabbit
Cartoon, dtd. 1921
Animal cartoons (2)
Ring-neck pheasant, canvasback drawing on lined tablet
Warblers,  dtd. 1924
Pencil drawing of young American bittern, dtd. 1922
Drawings of Gold fish
Pencil drawing of landscape, dtd. “1/3/28”
Boy and puppy drawing
Bitterns and heron
Bird silhouettes, partially painted with watercolor
Ink drawing of Dutchman’s breeches and adder’s tongue
Ink drawing of draft horse
Ink drawing of tiger
Sheep and chickens
Puppy drawing for Edna Beatty, dtd. “10/27/35”
Drawing of Horse
Gulls and crow
Pencil drawing of bucking bronco horse
Pheasant and chicks
Ink drawing of tiger at rest
Drawing of golden eagle
Three flying squirrels
Don Waters letter
Photograph of young Bob Hines

Transferred to Oversize
Squirrel collage

Transferred to the Museum

Hand-lettered Fremont taxidermy shop sign

Vintage Rucksack (Fremont, Ohio)

Air Rifle belonging to Bob Hines

Carved Boy Scout Emblem


Ac. 5940
Donation of John D. Juriga, M.D.

Box 4

Framed block of 1946 Federal Duck Stamp by Bob Hines”
“Symbol of Our Nation” print signed by Bob Hines
Signed print of black bird pairs by Bob Hines
1985 Bird Watcher’s Digest with Bob Hines’ cover artwork (addressed to Robert Hines)
Original pencil drawings of pika by Bob Hines
1956 Natural History with Hines pike illustrations
1943 Pennsylvania Game News with Robert Hines’ cover artwork
Four programs for First Day of Issue for each of the Wildlife Conservation Postage Stamps
Typed letter from Albert M. Day to Robert Hines regarding the 1946-47 Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp
Typed letter from Bob Hines to Rachel Carson
Handwritten letter fromn Rachel Carson to Bob Hines
Original jellyfish drawing. Illustration for Rachel Carson’s The Edge of the Sea
Three sketch books by Bob Hines, research for Rachel Carson’s The Edge of the Sea
Three copies of The Ohio Conservation Bulletin with Bob Hines featured on the cover
Four copies of “Conservation in Action” with Bob Hines illustrations
Ducks at a Distance (Spanish)
Ducks at a Distance (1978 edition)
Ducks at a Distance (French)

Box 5

Original Bob Hines watercolor, “Turkey gobble”


LH – 418


Ac. 5946
Donation of Frances B. and Dr. John D. Juriga

Scrapbook of black and white photographs of Bob Hines, family, and friends in Fremont, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio and published artwork, ca. 1930s, approximately 60 pages
Photographs of Bob Hines as an Ohio state conservation employee; artist, child, and adult
Photographs of Mabel Nunemacher Hines and George Hines
Photograph of Bob Hines Artwork Display at Ross High School, Fremont, Ohio
Bob Hines Report Cards, 1920 – 1927 (6)
Bob Hines Diary, October 1933 – February 1934
Newspaper clippings
“Columbus Dispatch” article featuring Bob Hines as wildlife artist, 1946
George Hines Memorial Card
62nd Annual Ross High Commencement Brochure, 1928