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Gillmor Family 


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The Gillmor family is a prominent family in the Ballville Township, Sandusky County and Old Fort, Ohio areas. This collection follows the family from the time Thomas Gillmor moved to rural Ballville Township in 1833 when he purchased land from the government for $1.25 per acre and began farming. This collection, assembled by Lola Fry, great-granddaughter of Thomas, and her son, Gerald, also traces the family lineage back through Lola’s paternal ancestors the Gillmor, Frary, Fry, and Myers families, and her maternal ancestry through the Speller and Hineline families. The folders for individuals are frequently identified by their relationship to Lola. The ancestry of Lola Gillmor and James Fry follows this collection description.

Biographical Sketch

Gillmor Family
Thomas Gillmor was born in New York in 1809. He was a son of James, born 1763 in Ireland, and Elizabeth (Bailey) Gillmor. Thomas moved to Ballville Township, Sandusky County, Ohio in 1833 when he purchased 160 acres from the government and began farming. Farming continued to be a family tradition as many of his descendants owned and operated farms in Sandusky and Seneca counties. Margaret Frary, the first white child born in Ballville Township and the daughter of Phineas and Nancy (Cochran) Frary, and Thomas were married in 1837. Thomas and Margaret were the parents of five children: Nancy, Phineas, James, Delores, and Delilah.

Phineas served in the 169th O.V.I. during the Civil War. He later farmed and was a well-known racehorse man. In 1866 he married Margaret Myers, daughter of Emanuel and Marie (Myres) Myers. Phineas and Margaret were the parents of seven children: Bert, twins Clara and Clarence, James, Lester, Maud, and Artie. Bert and his wife, Charlotte, headed the Gillmor Troupe, and acrobatic show that traveled with several large circuses.

Clarence worked as a farmer and painter. He married Gladys Speller, daughter of Henry and Rebecca (Hineline) Speller, in 1905. They were the parents of nine children: Frances, Robert, Marian, Paul (P.M.), Ernest (Bill), Margaret, Lola, Alice, Bernice, and Ralph (Spiv). Frances taught 2nd grade in the Old Fort schools for many years; Robert, Ernest, and Ralph farmed; and Paul owned a trucking firm and headed the Old Fort Banking Co. Paul’s son, Paul E. Gillmor, was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1988 and served until his death in 2007.

Baker Family
Alexander Baker, his wife, and two children arrived in Massachusetts in 1635. They moved to Boston about 1645 where the family continued to increase in numbers. One of these children born in Boston was Joshua who eventually moved to New London, Connecticut and married Hannah (Tonge) Minter.

Among the children of Joshua and Hannah was a son, John, born Dec. 24, 1681. John later moved to Woodbury, Connecticut and married Sarah Hurlbut. John and Sarah were the parents of nine children including Elijah born 1718.

Elijah married Tabitha Castle about 1771. Their son, Elijah II, was born near Saratoga, New York in 1775. Elijah II married Lavina White, daughter of John and Bathsheba (Fairchild) White, and was the father of Sanford Gadcombe Baker.

Sanford married Cynthia Elmira Webster in November 1840. Their son, John White Baker, eventually moved to Ohio where he married Caroline Rearick, daughter of Joh and Rebecca (Reed) Rearick, who was born in Woodville. A daughter of John and Caroline, Bessie, married Howard James Fry May 1, 1901.

Howard J. Fry II, son of Howard and Bessie, married Lola Gillmor in 1933. Lucy Fry, daughter of Howard and Bessie Fry, married Paul M. Gillmor Jan. 20, 1934 

Frary Family
John Frary was born about 1600 in England. He married Prudence Townsend in 1628 and they were the parents of nine children. Around 1637 they moved to Massachusetts where the last three of their children were born. Eleazer Fary, one of these children born in Massachusetts, married Mary Graves, daughter of Isaac and Mary (Church) Graves in 1665 or 1666 and they were the parents of Samuel Frary and eight other children. Samuel married Sarah Boardman, daughter of Isaac and Abiah (Kimberly) Boardman.

Samuel and Sarah were the parents of Joseph Frary born in 1699. Joseph married Hannah White, daughter of Jacob and Deborah (Shepard) White in 1728 and they were the parents of eight children including Joseph born in 1732.

This Joseph Frary married Elizabeth Kirby, daughter of John and Hannah (Stow) Kirby, in 1762. Joseph and Elizabeth were the parents of three daughters and six sons including John born October 1766. John Frary married Rachel Crooks in 1791.

Phineas, the oldest of eight children of John and Rachel, was born in 1794 and about 1820 he married Nancy Torrance Cochran, daughter of Samuel and Margaret (Green) Cochran. About this time Phineas and Nancy moved to Sandusky County, Ohio because their oldest child, Margaret, born November 6, 1821, is reported to be the first white child born in Ballville Township. Phineas and Nancy were the parents of seven other children. Margaret married Thomas Gillmor October 12, 1837.

Fry Family
Hans Heinrich “Henry” Frey was born in Alsace, Germany in 1663. Henry arrived in Philadelphia in 1685 and naturalized in 1691. A year later he purchased land and married Anna Levering who was also born in Germany. Henry and Anna were the parents of fifteen children.

Benjamin Frey, the third child of Henry and Anna, married Christena Markley (various versions of this name appear) about 1721 and they had nine children. In 1744 Benjamin bought 500 acres of land on Cedar Creek in Frederick County, Virginia.

The fourth son of Benjamin and Christena, Joseph, was born in Pennsylvania in 1727. Joseph married Anne Funk and they had nine children.

Jacob Fry, the fourth son of Joseph and Anne, was born in 1769, He married Elizabeth Bean, daughter of Mordecai and Judith (Hammond) Bean. They were the parents of three children: James, Mordecai, and Judith.

Mordecai Fry was born 1799 in Virginia and married Eliza Littler, daughter of Isaac Littler. Some time in the 1830s the family moved to Ohio because their fourth  and fifth children, James Henry (1840) and Mordecai Richard (1844), were born in Seneca County

James H. Fry married Emma Wickert. They were the parents of two children, Howard James and Orpha. James Fry was serving as Seneca County commissioner when he died. Howard J. Fry married Bessie Baker and they had three children: Norene, Lucy, and H. James II. Howard worked as a farmer, managed the Old Fort Elevator, and was a banker, retiring as president of the Old Fort Bank. 

  1. James Fry II married Lula Clara Gillmor, daughter of Clarence and Gladys (Speller) Gillmor, June 1933 

Hineline Family
Matheis Heinlein, his wife, son Johann, and daughters Sarah and Eva sailed from Amsterdam and landed in Philadelphia in 1754. Johann married Sarah Dykson in 1763. He served throughout the Revolutionary War and worked as a farmer and potter. Johann and Sarah had eleven children.

James, the oldest child of Johann and Sarah, married Ann Bay, daughter of Hugh and Elizabeth (Bell) Bay, in 1798. At some point James changed the spelling of the family name to Hineline. James and ann were the parents of nine children.

Hugh Hineline, the first child of James and Ann, was born February 11, 18802 in Pennsylvania. He married Rebecca Lattig and they had nine children. About 1860 Hugh and three of his brothers with their entire families moved to Ohio.

Rebecca Emma Hineline, daughter of Hugh and Rebecca Hineline, married Henry Speller in 1881. Their daughter, Gladys, married Clarence Gillmor in 1905.

Myers Family
Henry Myers was born 1782 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He married his second  wife, Margaret Bostic, daughter of Johannes and Margaret Bostic, about 1815. Henry and Margaret were the parents of seven children, the oldest a son named Emanuel. Emanuel married Maria Myres of Lancaster, Ohio in 1842 and they were the parents of nine children. Their oldest child, Margaret, married Phineas Gillmor in 1866.

Speller Family
Lambert Speller was born 1815 near Berlin, Germany. He married Mary Fry in 1842 and in 1858 they moved to the United States, settling in Ballville Township. They were the parents of four sons and two daughters.One of these sons, Henry, born 1845 in Germany, married Rebecca Emma Hineline in 1881. They were the parents of one daughter, Gladys, and two sons, Hugh and William. Gladys Speller married Clarence Gillmor April 4, 1905.

Scope and Content
The collection, dating from 1880 to 2007, contains genealogical records for the Gillmor family as well as its ancestry through the Baker, Frary, Fry, Hineline, Myers, and Speller families. Some of these records trace the various lines back to the 1600s in New England, England, Germany, or Ireland. The collection also contains many photographs of individuals or family groups from the late 1800s to the present as well as legal records such as wills and deeds. Newspaper clippings include obituaries, wedding & birth announcements, and general interest articles about some of the family members. Other items found here include letters & post cards, business records, wedding & graduation invitations, and funeral announcements.

Ac. 5685
3 linear ft.

Box 1

Genealogical Charts and Reports

  1. Baker Family Records
  2. Frary Family Records
  3. Frary, Nancy (Cochran) (Lola’sgreat-great-grandmother)
  4. Fry Family Records
  5. Fry, Howard J. (Lola’s father-in-law)
  6. Fry, Roscoe - letters
  7. Hineline Family Records
  8. Hineline, John - letters (Lola’s great-uncle)
  9. Myers Family Records
  10. Myers, Margaret (Bostic) (Lola’s great-great-grandmother)
  11. Myers, Emanuel (Lola’s great-grandfather)
  12. Myers, Maria (Myres) (Lola’s great-grandmother)
  13. Myers, Bert (Lola’s great-uncle)
  14. Myers, Henry and Amanda Lucretia “Topsy” (Lutz) (Lola’s great uncle & great-aunt)                                                             
  15. Myers, Lewis (son of Henry and “Topsy”)
  16. Myers, Charles B. (son of Henry and “Topsy”)
  17. Myers, Harry (son of Henry and “Topsy”)
  18. Myers, Leander and Mary (Lola’s great-uncle and great-aunt)
  19. Speller Family Records
  20. Speller, Lambert and Mary (Fry) (Lola’s great-grandparents)
  21. Speller, Henry (Lola’s grandfather)
  22. Speller, Rebecca (Hineline) (Lola’s grandmother)\
  23. Speller, John George (Lola’s gret-uncle)
  24. Speller, James and Bertha (son of John G. Speller)
  25. Speller, Augustus (Lola’s great-uncle)
  26. Speller, Hugh and Grace (Lola’s uncle and aunt)
  27. Speller, Wilbur and Aleta (son of Hugh and Grace)
  28. Speller, William (Lola’s uncle)
  29. Gillmor Family Records
  30. Gillmor, James (Lola’s great-great-grandfather)
  31. Gillmor, Thomas (Lola’s great-grandfather)
  32. Gillmor, Margaret (Frary) (Lola’s great-grandmother)
  33. DeLong, John and Delores (Gillmor) (daughter of Thomas and Margaret Gillmor
  34. Wagner, Nancy (Gillmor ) (daughter of Thomas and Margaret Gillmor)
  35. Gillmor, James (son of Thomas and Margaret Gillmor)
  36. Clink, Ralph W. and Bertha (Gillmor) (daughter of James Gillmor)
  37. Gillmor, Phineas (Lola’s granfather)
  38. Gillmor, Margaret (Myers) (Lola’s grandmother)
  39. Gillmor, Bert (Lola’s uncle)
  40. Gillmor, James H. (Lola’s uncle)
  41. Bartlett, Clara (Gillmor) (Lola’s aunt)
  42. Bartlett, Clara (Gillmor) - letters from Texas
  43. Gillmor, Maud (Lola’s aunt)
  44. Gillmor, Artie (Lola’s uncle)
  45. Gillmor, Lester (Lola’s uncle)
  46. Gillmor, Clarence (Lola’s father)
  47. Gillmor, Clarence – photographs
  48. Gillmor, Clarence – letters from West 1907, 1908, 1910
  49. Gillmor, Clarence – letters from Florida 1937-1938, Misc. letters

Box 2

1 Gillmor, Gladys (Speller) (Lola’s mother)
2 Gillmor, Gladys (Speller)
3 Gillmor, Gladys (Speller) – photographs
4 Gillmor, Gladys (Speller) – letters to
5 Gillmor, Clarence and Gladys (Speller) - family photographs, etc.
6 Witter, Frances (Gillmor) (Lola’s sister)
7 Gillmor, Robert (Lola’s brother)
8 Voelzke, Louise (Gillmor) (daughter of Robert Gillmor)
9 Gillmor, Robert “Bob” (grandson of Robert Gillmor)
10 Heilman, Marian (Gillmor) (Lola’s sister)
11 Gillmor, Paul M. (Lola’s brother)
12 Gillmor, Paul E. (son of Paul M. Gillmor)
13 Drown, Margaret (Gillmor) (Lola’s sister)
14 Fry, Lola (Gillmor)
15 Joseph, Bernice “Bea” (Gillmor) (Lola’s sister)
16 Gillmor, Ralph “Spiv” (Lola’s brother)
17 Gillmor – Frary Reunions
18 Miscellaneous Photographs
19 Invitations – Weddings, High School & College Graduations
20 Funeral notices
21 Miscellaneous Deeds and Real Estate Items
22 Miscellaneous Items 

Ac. 5959

James A. Gillmor and Family photograph, undated

Account Ledger 1891 – 1900
Ballville Twp. Farmers Alliance Association No. 147 Minutes, 1890-1892; (combined with 1898 Account Ledger)

Promissory Note, December 5, 1818
Confederate War Bond, $500, August 20, 1864
Pen and Ink Drawing of Patriotic Eagle

Civil War Discharge for Sgt. James A. Gilmore, December 14, 1865
Railroad Pass for James A. Gilmore, 72nd Ohio, August 11, 1862
Issues of “Country Gentleman” and “Ohio Farmer”
Old Fort High School Class of 1932 and 1933 composite photographs

Wedding book for Clarence and Gladys (Speller) Gillmor, “Roses are on the Way”

Account books for 1941 and 1953

Newspapers regarding the death of Paul E. Gillmor


Promotion of James A. Gillmore, to 5th Sergt. 12th Ohio, June 1, 1865
“America’s Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association Certificate, “ 1912
Farm Sale, Public Auction advertisement, James A. Gillmor, March 17, 1903
Spencerian Handwriting Instruction Advertisement created by James A. Gillmor 

First Generation 

  1. Howard FRY 

Second Generation 

  1. H. James FRY II H. James FRY II and Lola GILLMOR were married. 
  1. Lola GILLMOR H. James FRY II and Lola GILLMOR had the following children: 

          1                i.   Howard FRY.

  1. ii.Ray FRY

                          iii.   Gerald FRY

  1. iv.Norman FRY
  2. v.Doris FRY
  3. vi.Janet FRY

Third Generation 

  1. Howard J. FRY I Howard J. FRY I and Bessie BAKER were married. 
  1. Bessie BAKER Howard J. FRY I and Bessie BAKER had the following children: 

          2                i.   H. James FRY II. 

  1. Clarence GILLMOR was born in 1879. He died in 1943.  Clarence GILLMOR and Gladys SPELLER were married. 
  1. Gladys SPELLER was born in 1882. She died in 1958.  Clarence GILLMOR and Gladys SPELLER had the following children: 

          3                i.   Lola GILLMOR.

  1. ii.Frances GILLMOR was born in 1906.  She died in 1993.

                          iii.   Robert GILLMOR

  1. iv.Marian GILLMOR
  2. v.Paul M. GILLMOR was born in 1911.
  3. Ernest (Bill) GILLMOR

                         vii.   Margaret GILLMOR

                        viii.   Beatrice (Bea) GILLMOR

  1. Ralph (Spiv) GILLMOR

Fourth Generation 

  1. James FRY was born ~1840 in Ohio. James FRY and Emma WICKERT were married. 
  1. Emma WICKERT James FRY and Emma WICKERT had the following children: 

          4                i.   Howard J. FRY I. 

  1. John BAKER John BAKER and Carolyn REARICK were married. 
  1. Carolyn REARICK John BAKER and Carolyn REARICK had the following children: 

          5                i.   Bessie BAKER. 

  1. Phineas GILLMOR was born in 1843. He died in 1910.  Phineas GILLMOR and Margaret MYERS were married. 
  1. Margaret MYERS Phineas GILLMOR and Margaret MYERS had the following children: 

          6                i.   Clarence GILLMOR.

  1. ii.Bert GILLMOR was a Circus performer.

                          iii.   Clara GILLMOR

  1. iv.James GILLMOR
  2. v.Lester GILLMOR
  3. vi.Maud GILLMOR

                         vii.   Artie GILLMOR 

  1. Henry SPELLER was born in 1845 in Germany. Henry SPELLER and Rebecca Emma HINELINE were married in 1881. 
  1. Rebecca Emma HINELINE Henry SPELLER and Rebecca Emma HINELINE had the following children: 

          7                i.   Gladys SPELLER.

  1. Hugh SPELLER

                          iii.   William SPELLER 

Fifth Generation 

  1. Mordecai FRY was born in 1799 in Virginia. Mordecai FRY and Elizabeth LITTLER were married. 
  1. Elizabeth LITTLER Mordecai FRY and Elizabeth LITTLER had the following children: 

          8                i.   James FRY. 

  1. Sanford G. BAKER Sanford G. BAKER and Cynthia WEBSTER were married. 
  1. Cynthia WEBSTER Sanford G. BAKER and Cynthia WEBSTER had the following children: 

        10                i.   John BAKER. 

  1. Thomas GILLMORE was born in 1809. He died in 1876.  Thomas GILLMORE and Margaret FRARY were married. 
  1. Margaret FRARY was born in 1821 in Ballville Twp.. Thomas GILLMORE and Margaret FRARY had the following children: 
  1. i.Nancy GILLMORE was born in 1838.  She died in 1858.

        12               ii.   Phineas GILLMOR.

                          iii.   James GILLMORE was born in 1847.  He died in 1917.

  1. iv.Delores GILLMORE was born in 1852.  She died in 1919.
  2. Lilly GILLMORE was born in 1854.  She died in 1861. 
  1. Emanuel MYERS Emanuel MYERS and Maria MYRES were married. 
  1. Maria MYRES Emanuel MYERS and Maria MYRES had the following children: 

        13                i.   Margaret MYERS.

  1. ii.Bert MYERS

                          iii.   Henry MYERS

  1. Leander MYERS
  2. v.Jane MYERS
  3. vi.Alfred MYERS 
  1. Lambert SPELLER was born in 1815 near Berlin, Germany. Lambert SPELLER and Mary FRY were married. 
  1. Mary FRY Lambert SPELLER and Mary FRY had the following children: 

        14                i.   Henry SPELLER.

  1. Augustus SPELLER

                          iii.   Lizette SPELLER

  1. Fred SPELLER
  2. Mina SPELLER
  3. John SPELLER 
  1. Hugh HINELINE Hugh HINELINE and Rebecca LATTIG were married about 1860 in Pennsylvania.  They were married. 
  1. Rebecca LATTIG Hugh HINELINE and Rebecca LATTIG had the following children: 

        15                i.   Rebecca Emma HINELINE.

Sixth Generation 

  1. Jacob FRY was born in 1769 in Virginia. Jacob FRY and Elizabeth BEAN were married. 
  1. Elizabeth BEAN Jacob FRY and Elizabeth BEAN had the following children: 

        16                i.   Mordecai FRY. 

  1. Elijah BAKER II Elijah BAKER II and Lavinna WHITE were married. 
  1. Lavinna WHITE Elijah BAKER II and Lavinna WHITE had the following children: 

        20                i.   Sanford G. BAKER. 

  1. James GILLMORE was born in 1763 in Ireland. He died in 1830.  James GILLMORE and Elizabeth BAILEY were married. 
  1. Elizabeth BAILEY was born in 1784. She died in 1865.  James GILLMORE and Elizabeth BAILEY had the following children: 

        24                i.   Thomas GILLMORE.

  1. ii.John GILLMORE died in 1831.

                          iii.   William GILLMORE was born in 1803.  He died in 1877.

  1. iv.Mary GILLMORE was born in 1805.  She died in 1829.
  2. v.James GILLMORE
  3. vi.David GILLMORE was born in 1813.

                         vii.   Nancy GILLMORE was born in 1815.  She died in 1884.

                        viii.   Isaiah GILLMORE was born in 1822.

  1. ix.Hannah GILLMORE was born in 1821.  She died in 1856.
  2. Sally (Sarah) GILLMORE was born in 1826.  She died in 1899.
  3. xi.Lewis GILLMORE was born in 1831.  He died in 1843. 
  1. Phineas FRARY was born in 1794. He died in 1842.  Phineas FRARY and Nancy COCHRAN were married in 1819. 
  1. Nancy COCHRAN was born in 1803. She died in 1876.  Phineas FRARY and Nancy COCHRAN had the following children: 

        25                i.   Margaret FRARY. 

  1. Henry MYERS was born in 1782 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Henry MYERS and Margaret BOSTIC were married. 
  1. Margaret BOSTIC Henry MYERS and Margaret BOSTIC had the following children: 

        26                i.   Emanuel MYERS. 

  1. James HINELINE James HINELINE and Ann BAY were married in 1798. 
  1. Ann BAY James HINELINE and Ann BAY had the following children: 

        30                i.   Hugh HINELINE. 

 Seventh Generation 

  1. Joseph FREY was born in 1727 in Virginia. Joseph FREY and Ann FUNK were married. 
  1. Ann FUNK Joseph FREY and Ann FUNK had the following children: 

        32                i.   Jacob FRY. 

  1. Elijah BAKER I Elijah BAKER I had the following children: 

        40                i.   Elijah BAKER II. 

  1. John FRARY was born in Oct 1766. John FRARY and Rachel CROOKS were married in 1791. 
  1. Rachel CROOKS John FRARY and Rachel CROOKS had the following children: 

        50                i.   Phineas FRARY. 

  1. Johannes BOSTIC Johannes BOSTIC and Margaret were married. 
  1. Margaret Johannes BOSTIC and Margaret had the following children: 

        53                i.   Margaret BOSTIC. 

  1. Johann HEINLEIN Johann HEINLEIN and Sarah DYKSON were married in 1763. 
  1. Sarah DYKSON Johann HEINLEIN and Sarah DYKSON had the following children: 

        60                i.   James HINELINE. 

  1. Hugh BAY Hugh BAY and Elizabeth BELL were married. 
  1. Elizabeth BELL Hugh BAY and Elizabeth BELL had the following children: 

        61                i.   Ann BAY. 

Eighth Generation 

  1. Benjamin FREY was born in 1703 in Pennsylvania. Benjamin FREY and Christen ANN ? were married. 
  1. Christen ANN ? Benjamin FREY and Christen ANN ? had the following children: 

        64                i.   Joseph FREY. 

  1. John BAKER John BAKER had the following children: 

        80                i.   Elijah BAKER I. 

  1. Joseph FRARY was born in 1732. Joseph FRARY and Elizabeth KIRBY were married in 1762. 
  1. Elizabeth KIRBY Joseph FRARY and Elizabeth KIRBY had the following children: 

      100                i.   John FRARY. 

  1. Matheis HEINLEIN emigrated in 1754. Matheis HEINLEIN had the following children: 

      120                i.   Johann HEINLEIN. 

Ninth Generation 

  1. Heinrich FREY was born in 1663 in Alsace, Germany. He immigrated in 1685.  Heinrich FREY and Anna LEVERING were married in 1692. 
  1. Anna LEVERING Heinrich FREY and Anna LEVERING had the following children: 

      128                i.   Benjamin FREY. 

  1. Joshua BAKER Joshua BAKER and Hannah MINSTER were married. 
  1. Hannah MINSTER Joshua BAKER and Hannah MINSTER had the following children: 

      160                i.   John BAKER. 

  1. Joseph FRARY was born in 1699. Joseph FRARY and Hannah WHITE were married in 1728. 
  1. Hannah WHITE Joseph FRARY and Hannah WHITE had the following children: 

      200                i.   Joseph FRARY. 

  1. John KIRBY John KIRBY and Hannah STOW were married. 
  1. Hannah STOW John KIRBY and Hannah STOW had the following children: 

      201                i.   Elizabeth KIRBY. 

Tenth Generation 

  1. Alexander BAKER was born in 1695 in England. Alexander BAKER and Elizabeth were married. 
  1. Elizabeth Alexander BAKER and Elizabeth had the following children: 

      320                i.   Joshua BAKER. 

  1. Samuel FRARY Samuel FRARY and Sarah BOARDMAN were married. 
  1. Sarah BOARDMAN Samuel FRARY and Sarah BOARDMAN had the following children: 

      400                i.   Joseph FRARY. 

  1. Jacob WHITE Jacob WHITE and Deborah SHEPARD were married. 
  1. Deborah SHEPARD Jacob WHITE and Deborah SHEPARD had the following children: 

      401                i.   Hannah WHITE. 

Eleventh Generation 

  1. Eleazer FRARY was born in Massachusetts. Eleazer FRARY and Mary GRAVES were married in 1665 or 1666. 
  1. Mary GRAVES Eleazer FRARY and Mary GRAVES had the following children: 

      800                i.   Samuel FRARY. 

  1. Isaac BOARDMAN Isaac BOARDMAN and Abiah KIMBERLY were married. 
  1. Abiah KIMBERLY Isaac BOARDMAN and Abiah KIMBERLY had the following children: 

      801                i.   Sarah BOARDMAN. 

Twelfth Generation 

  1. John FRARY was born about 1600 in England. He immigrated about 1637 to Massachusetts.  John FRARY and Prudence TOWNSEND were married in 1628. 
  1. Prudence TOWNSEND was born in England?. John FRARY and Prudence TOWNSEND had the following children: 

    1600                i.   Eleazer FRARY. 

  1. Isaac GRAVES Isaac GRAVES and Mary CHURCH were married. 
  1. Mary CHURCH Isaac GRAVES and Mary CHURCH had the following children: 

    1601                i.   Mary GRAVES.

Prepared by: Hayes Presidential Library and Museums

:Elizabeth, 7

:Margaret, 5


Christen, 6


Elizabeth (b. 1784), 4


Alexander (b. 1695), 7

Bessie, 1, 2

Elijah, 4, 5, 6

John, 2, 3, 6

Joshua, 6, 7

Sanford G., 3, 4


Ann, 5, 6

Hugh, 5


Elizabeth, 4


Elizabeth, 6


Isaac, 8

Sarah, 7, 8


Johannes, 5

Margaret, 5


Mary, 8


Nancy (b. 1803), 4


Rachel, 5


Sarah, 5


Eleazer, 7, 8

John (b. 1600), 8

John (b. 1766), 5, 6

Joseph (b. 1699), 7

Joseph (b. 1732), 6, 7

Margaret (b. 1821), 3, 4

Phineas (b. 1794), 4, 5

Samuel, 7


Benjamin (b. 1703), 6

Heinrich (b. 1663), 6

Joseph (b. 1727), 5, 6


Doris, 1

Gerald, 1

  1. James, 1

Howard, 1

Howard J., 1, 2

Jacob (b. 1769), 4, 5

James, 2, 3

Janet, 1

Mary, 3

Mordecai (b. 1799), 2, 4

Norman, 1

Ray, 1


Ann, 5


Artie, 2

Beatrice (Bea), 1

Bert, 2

Clara, 2

Clarence (b. 1879), 1, 2

Ernest (Bill), 1

Frances (b. 1906), 1

James, 2

Lester, 2

Lola, 1

Margaret, 1

Marian, 1

Maud, 2

Paul M. (b. 1911), 1

Phineas (b. 1843), 2, 3

Ralph (Spiv), 1

Robert, 1


David (b. 1813), 4

Delores (b. 1852), 3

Hannah (b. 1821), 4

Isaiah (b. 1822), 4

James, 4

James (b. 1763), 4

James (b. 1847), 3

John, 4

Lewis (b. 1831), 4

Lilly (b. 1854), 3

Mary (b. 1805), 4

Nancy (b. 1815), 4

Nancy J. (b. 1838), 3

Sally (Sarah) (b. 1826), 4

Thomas (b. 1809), 3, 4

William (b. 1803), 4


Isaac, 8

Mary, 7, 8


Johann, 5, 6

Matheis, 6


Hugh, 3, 5

James, 5

Rebecca Emma, 2, 4


Abiah, 8


Elizabeth, 6, 7

John, 7


Rebecca, 4


Anna, 6


Elizabeth, 3


Hannah, 6


Alfred, 3

Bert, 3

Emanuel, 3, 5

Henry, 3

Henry (b. 1782), 5

Jane, 3

Leander, 3

Margaret, 2, 3


Maria, 3


Carolyn, 2


Deborah, 7


Augustus, 3

Fred, 3

Gladys (b. 1882), 1, 2

Henry (b. 1845), 2, 3

Hugh, 2

John, 3

Lambert (b. 1815), 3

Lizette, 3

Mina, 3

William, 2


Hannah, 7


Prudence, 8


Cynthia, 3


Hannah, 7

Jacob, 7

Lavinna, 4


Emma, 2