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 Gardner Family 


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

This collection was assembled by Betty Nan Gardner Nissen. It represents the work she did tracing her genealogy as well as preserving family photographs and business records. The collection was purchased by the Ottawa County Genealogical Society at an estate sale and donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center. 

Biographical Sketch
Betty Nan Gardner was born in Port Clinton, Ohio September 1, 1921 to Granville Frederick ‘Jack’ Gardner and Mary Mable Ellithorpe Gardner. Mable, sometimes spelled Mabel, was a daughter of George Henry Ellithorpe and Edna Kathryn Buck. Records in this collection do not offer an explanation but in the 1930 U.S. Census Betty was living with Charles and Elsie Gintert and identified as ‘niece of head of household’. Elsie was a sister of Mable Ellithorpe Gardner. Granville worked as a railroad clerk. He married Lorena Elizabeth Arthur in 1938 and they both died in Clearwater, Florida in 1980.

Betty Nan Gardner married Theodore Nissen August 26, 1953. The couple had no children and resided in rural Port Clinton. Theodore Nissen died March 7, 1997 and Betty died December 17, 2003 

Scope and Content
This collection has three major components. The first part is Betty Nan Gardner Nissen’s genealogical records for her various family lines including: Gardner, Ellithorpe, Buck (Bosch or Busch), Dwelle, Moore, Rader, Stinson, Gintert, Pickard, and Nissen families.

The second portion contains photographs, many identified, of some of these family members. Betty Nan’s photograph albums which show her growing up, some of her high school activities, and vacation trips add to the interest of this collection as do approximately 85 railroad photographs.

The final portion of the collection consists of Journals and Ledgers for George Ellithorpe and Son, a seller of eggs and produce, at Catawba Island in Ottawa County, Ohio. A letterhead for this firm claims it to be the largest shipper of peaches in Ohio. These business records span the years 1879-1886 and 1890-1895. George Ellithorpe was a significant investor in the Ohio Pump Company. Stock ownership records for this firm for 1904-1906 are found here. 

Ac. #5948

Box 1


            1 Betty Nan Gardner School Records

            2 Gardner, Brown Families Genealogical Information

            3 Gardner, Buck Families Genealogical Information

            4 Gardner, Nissen, Dwelle, Ellithorpe Families Genealogical Information

            5 Buck, Bosch-Busch, Moore, Rader, Stinson Families Genealogical Information

            6 Gardner, Carstens, Buck, Ellithorpe Families Genealogical Information

            7 Gardner Family Miscellaneous

            8 Ellithorpe, Buck Families

            9 Ellithorpe Marsh Property Deed, 1861-1863

            10 Ottawa County Tax Receipts 1904-1934,  Ellithorpe, Gintert

            11 Ellithorpe Family Miscellaneous

            12 Gintert Family Miscellaneous

            13 Port Clinton High School Class of 1939 Reunions

            14 Pickard Family

            15 Letter 1867 Germany

            16 Miscellaneous

            17 Photographs – Gardner Family - Ohio

            18 Photographs – Gardner Family - Illinois

            19 Photographs - Unidentified

            20 Photographs - Trains

            21 Ohio Pump Company Stock Records

                 Geo. Ellithorpe, Peach Orders 1895 Ledger 

Box 2 Ledgers and Journals

  1.     N. Ellithorpe Journal 1890-1893, eggs and produce

             Geo. Ellithorpe and Son Journal 1890

             Geo. Ellithorpe and Son 1879-1886, payroll, eggs and produce sales

             Geo. Ellithorpe and Son Ledger 1891, eggs and produce

             Geo. Ellithorpe and Son Ledger 1892, eggs and produce

             Geo. Ellithorpe Ledger 1895, peaches

             Geo. Ellithorpe Account Book, 1908-1921

             Geo. Ellithorpe Account Book and Payroll Record, n.d.

             Ohio Pump Company 1904-1906 Stock Records

Box 3

            Photograph Album, 1921-1940

            Photograph Album, 1938-1941

            Photograph Album, 1951-1953

            4 Small Photograph Albums, n.d.

            Rolled Photograph – G.F. Gardner – A.S. 13th Reg’t Seaman – Camp Paul Jones 


            George Ellithorpe Ledger, 1894 Peaches