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Fry Family


Biographical Sketch
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Biographical Sketch
Henry Fry was born May 3, 1813 in Westphalia, Prussia to Lambert and Mary (Shoetler) Fry. He left Europe for the United States in 1834, landing in Baltimore after an eventful trip. He eventually made his way to Cumberland, Maryland, and then to Ballville Township in Sandusky County, Ohio, where he and his brother, John, were farmers. Henry married Abigail Rideout, the daughter of John and Sarah Rideout, on September 4, 1841 and he became a naturalized citizen of the United States March 29, 1851. Henry and Abigail were the parents of two daughters, Cynthia J., who married Dr. Robert H. Rice, and Amelia S., who married Elias B. Moore, as well as three sons who died in infancy. Henry and Abigail also raised Josephine Rideout (relationship unclear and who eventually changed her name to Ella Fry) from the age of three years. Henry died September 29, 1900 and Abigail died August 11, 1909. Amelia and Cynthia died in 1932 and 1933, respectively, and Ella, having never married, in 1944. They are all buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Ohio.

Scope and Content
This collection contains correspondence between Henry and his family in Westphalia, county of Tecklenburg, possibly the town of Munster from 1843 to 1867 as well as other correspondence from 1843 to 1934. This family correspondence is in German. Financial papers, mostly daily bills and receipts, from 1841 to 1922 and legal papers regarding several lawsuits involving Henry are found here. Other items relating to Henry Fry are his naturalization papers, dated 1851, and two notebooks or journals written in German.

This collection also holds materials relating to Ella Fry, formerly known as Josephine Rideout, including financial papers, a recipe book, an autograph album, and a copy of her will. Ella left her estate to Ada Rice and Anna Pero, the daughters of Cynthia and Dr. Robert H. Rice.

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Box 1

1 Ella Fry Correspondence, Financial Papers 1910-1936
2 Ella Fry Estate 1944
3 Ella Fry Miscellaneous Material
4 Henry Fry Family Correspondence 1843-1950
5 Henry Fry Family Correspondence 1851-1934
6-11 Henry Fry Family Financial Papers 1841-1922
12 Henry Fry Family School Papers
13 Henry Fry Family Miscellaneous