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St. Mark Lutheran Church

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Agency History

Scope and Content



The records of St. Mark Lutheran Church, Fremont, Ohio were donated by the church council in 2010.

Agency History

St. Mark Lutheran Church became Fremont, Ohio’s 15th church, the third Lutheran congregation – and the first on the city’s east side – in February 1914.  Led by the Reverend William Brenner of Martin Luther Church, Toledo, Ohio, a group of 30 adults approved a constitution recommended by the General Council of the Lutheran Church, elected a nine-member council, and chose to name the new congregation for St. Mark, the evangelist.

During March 1914 a Sunday school and choir were formed and an organist/choirmaster was chosen.  In May 1914 the congregation extended a call to the Reverend Edwin F. Marker, who was installed as St. Mark Lutheran Church’s first pastor July 19, 1914.

Worship services were held on Sunday afternoons in the chapel of St. Paul Episcopal Church, Fremont, while the congregation decided where to build its church.  The first location, in the center of Fremont at the corner of Park Avenue and Croghan Street, was rejected.  At the Reverend Marker’s suggestion, the church council considered the city’s east side and ultimately purchased two lots at the corner of Buchanan and East State Streets.

Architect S. H. Shively was hired to draw plans for the structure, and the firm of Raddle, Fink, and Ehlers was awarded the construction contract July 26, 1915.  The church was designed in a modified Gothic style and constructed of buff-colored rug brick.  The brick, which is textured during the molding process, was purchased from an Ohio company.  Opalescent art glass windows were ordered from Flanagan & Biedenweg (1885-1953), Chicago, Illinois.  The organ was built and installed by John Soule, Fremont, Ohio.  The cost for the building, stained glass windows, solid oak pews, pulpit, altar, and pipe organ was $17,500.  The cornerstone was laid August 29, 1915.  Although the pews were not in place, the building was dedicated February 13, 1916.

The church purchased its first parsonage, an eight-room brick house on State Street across from the church, in 1924.  That house was sold in the mid-1940s when the frame house adjacent to the church was purchased.  The frame house was torn down and the brick house at 920 East State Street was bought for use as the church’s parsonage in the mid-1960s.

In 1958 the church bought property on Herbster Street from Sandusky County.  The former Sandusky County Juvenile Detention Home became the St. Mark Parish House for Sunday school classes, which had outgrown the space in the church basement.  From 1959 – 1963 Sandusky County School of Hope leased the Parish House for use during the week.  The building also sheltered Fremont residents displaced by the flooding of the Sandusky River in 1959.  The structure was razed in March 1967, and part of the area was converted to paved parking space.

The growing congregation was most active during the 1940s-1960s.  Numerous organizations flourished.  Women could participate in the Altar Guild, women’s circles, and two missionary societies – the Phi Kappa or Pauline Ziegler Missionary Society.  There were a men’s fellowship organization and a married couples’ league as well as groups for children and teen-agers.

From 1937 – 1956 regular Saturday night – Suneven – as well as Sunday morning worship services were offered.  In 1957 a second Sunday morning service replaced the Suneven service.

The congregation of St. Mark has always worked for community, national, and international causes.  Fifty-five men and women from a congregation of 275 (in 1943) served in the armed forces during World War II.  When military actions in Europe during the late 1940’s – 1950’s displaced thousands, the National Lutheran Council invited St. Mark pastor Frederick Otto to join a group going to Europe to help with resettlement.  Pastor Otto helped several families from Estonia settle in Fremont during the 1950’s.  To help the families’ transition, St. Mark offered worship services in the Estonian language.

The current [2011] congregation continues to support humanitarian efforts.  Regular donations of both food and money are sent to the local food pantry.  The congregation assembles kits of health, sewing, school, hygiene, and infant supplies – as well as soap and quilts – to send to the headquarters of Lutheran World Relief each October.

Full-time pastors have served St. Mark Lutheran Church an average of four years.  Exceptions were the Reverend Frederick Otto’s tenure of 20 years (1936-1956) and the Reverend Milton Mann’s pastorate of 23 years (1966-1989).  As the number of confirmed members dropped, the congregation has tried different methods to support a pastor.  From 1992-1995 St. Mark shared three pastors with St. John Lutheran Church, Fremont.  From 1998-2004 the congregation employed a three-quarter-time pastor.  Since 2005 St. Mark has shared a pastor with Trinity Lutheran Church, Fremont and Elmwood at the Springs, a residential health care and nursing home facility in Green Springs, Ohio.  Interim (supply) pastors led St. Mark Lutheran Church as the congregation worked with the Northwestern Ohio Synod over the years to find a workable plan for supporting a pastor. 

The constitution put in place when the congregation organized in 1914 followed the guidelines of the General Council of the Lutheran Church.  The congregation was a member of the District Synod of Ohio.  Mergers of synods resulted in two major Lutheran groups in the early 1960s: Lutheran Church in America, which included the St. Mark congregation, and the American Lutheran Church.  These two groups joined in January 1988 to form the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Scope and Content

The records includes financial reports; membership data; minutes of meetings of organizations within the church; information about pastors; newsletters and correspondence; photographs; and the history of both the congregation and the church building.  The collection spans the years 1891 to 2004; the 1930s through the mid-1960s are most thoroughly represented.


Ac. 5759

5 ˝ ft.

Box 1

Folder 1 Church constitution

            2 Treasurer’s reports 1936 – 1949; 1952 – 1954

            3 Benevolence treasurer’s reports 1942 – 1954

            4 Treasurer’s and benevolence treasurer’s reports 1950

            5 Treasurer’s and benevolence treasurer’s reports 1951

            6 Treasurer’s and benevolence treasurer’s reports 1952

            7 Financial secretary’s reports 1937 – 1949

            8 Financial secretary’s reports 1953 – 1954

            9 Budgets 1929; 1938 – 1940; 1944; 1953

            10 Sunday school treasurer’s book 1917 – 1929

            11 Sunday school treasurer’s book 1930 – 1947

            12 Sunday school treasurer’s book 1948 – 1956

            13 Sunday school financial reports 1936 – 1939; 1941 – 1944

            14 Construction of church 1915 – 1916

            15 Building and construction loans 1915 – 1936

            16 Repairs and remodeling 1929 – 1998

            17 Church furnishings; interior decor

         18 Synod correspondence 1921; 1941; 1965; 1972; 1980

            19 Church council meeting minutes January 1953 – June 1955

            20 Annual reports 1943 – 1952

            21 Annual reports 1980 – 1981

            22 Pastors’ reports 1929 – 1935 (Bradley; Weissling)

            23 Pastor’s reports 1936 – 1954 (Otto)

            24 Sunday school publications’ receipts

            25 Sunday school record books 1914 – 1915; 1923 – 1928

            26 Births and baptisms 1937 – 1966

             27 Marriages 1936 – 1951

             28 Deaths, funerals, and burials 1932 – 1944

             29 Membership: confirmands 1937 – 1951; 1956

             30 Membership: transfers and confirmands 1960 – 1964

             31 Membership: transfers and confirmands 1965 – 1969

             32 Membership: new members 1938 – 1954

             33 Membership: transfers 1946; 1953 – 1959

             34 Memberships: transfers 1970 – 1979

             35 Membership: dismissals 1918; 1921; 1949; 1955 – 1959

             36 Membership: dismissals 1960 – 1969

             37 Membership: dismissals 1970 – 1981

             38 Membership lists 1945; 1955; 1956

             39 Membership lists 1961; 1968; 1970; 1972

             40 Communion records 1954; 1956

             41 Contribution records 1959 – 1976

             42 Donations to Wittenberg College 1921 – 1925

Box 2

Folder 1 Ladies Aid Society financial records 1914 – 1936

            2 Altar Guild minutes 1951 – 1955

            3 Altar Guild treasurer’s books 1937 – 1958

            4 Phi Kappa women’s group 1929 – 1958

            5 Pauline Zeigler Missionary Society constitution; minutes 1944 – 1958

            6 Pauline Zeigler Missionary Society – Ohio Synod correspondence 1943 – 1952

            7 Pauline Zeigler Missionary Society correspondence 1953 – 1954

            8 Pauline Zeigler Missionary Society correspondence 1955 – 1958

            9 Pauline Zeigler Missionary Society booklets; clippings

            10 United Lutheran Church Women constitution and by-laws

            11 United Lutheran Church Women executive board minutes 1958 – 1983

            12 Women’s Circles joint meetings minutes 1959 – 1983

            13 Miriam Circle minutes 1962 – 1973

            14 Naomi Circle minutes 1963 – 1972

            15 Lydia Circle minutes 1985 – 1989; 1991 – 2000; 2004

            16 Luther League

            17 Brotherhood of the United Lutheran Church in America 1933 – 1950

            18 Men’s Fellowship 1957 – 1960

            19 Married Couples League constitution; financial records 1959 – 1963

            20 Married Couples League minutes 1959 – 1964

            21 Members of church council 1937 – 1951

            22 Sunday school classes and teachers [1930’s?]

            23 Sunday school teachers’ meetings 1933 – 1938; 1956 – 1966

            24 Correspondence: church personnel

Box 3

Folder 1 Index: St. Mark Baptisms and confirmations c. 1891 – 1985

            2 Funeral notices from mortuaries

           3 The Reverend Edwin F. Marker 1877 – 1978

           4 Calls for pastors 1914 – 1919

           5 Calls for pastors 1921 – 1925

           6 Clippings and correspondence re pastors 1935 – 1983

           7 The Reverend William H. Lehmann - December 9, 1869 – October 10, 1971

           8 Music: concerts, organ, choir

           9 Parish House; Council for Retarded Children Receiving Home 1958 – 1967

           10 Weekly bulletins 1920’s – 1980’s

           11 Weekly bulletin outlines August 1992 – November 1993

           12 “The Herald” of Pastor George Weissling, June 1929 – May 1930

           13 “Contact” 1958 – 1959

           14 Otto family correspondence from Germany 1957; 1962 – 1963

           15 Pastor Otto’s letters to service men and women 1942 – 1943

           16 Chantry Music Press (Otto)

           17 Common Service Book of the United Lutheran Church in America; Services

                 with Music, copyrighted 1917

           18 Church history; clippings 1950 – 1968

           19 Church directories 1964; 1974; 1982

           20 Anniversary services 1934; 1941

           21 Anniversary service 1964

           22 Certificates of appreciation 1937; 1977

Box 4

Folder 1 Sunday school constitution; teachers’ meetings 1938 – 1947

            2 Sales and purchases of parsonages 1947

            3 Parish House dedication October 1958

            4 Photos: church interior and exterior

            5 Photos: pastors

            6 Photos: anniversaries 1964; 2004

            7 Photos: church personnel and classes 1930’s – 1970’s

            8 Photos: Mother/daughter potlucks

            9 Photos: city parade 1998; ice cream social 1999

            10 Photos: youth activities 1951; 1998 – 2004

            11 Certificates (baptism, confirmation, etc.) for Marjorie Ann Hilt 1922 – 1935

            12 Fiftieth Anniversary poster 1964

Box 5

Name index: Baptisms and confirmations 1891 – 1985

 A – Q

ACKER, Deborah Susan


               Melvin K., Jr.

               Ted Allen

ADAMS, Martha Maxine

AHNER, David Keith

                Mary Louise

                Norbert V.


ALDRICH, Barbara JoAnn

                    Jacqueline Ruth

                    Kenda Kathleen

                    Pamela Louise

                    Scott Donald

                    Tamara Anne

                    Thomas Brent

ALEXANDER, Heather Ann

ALT, Karen Michalene

ASKINS, Avis Yvonne

                Carolyn Jean


                 Richard Charles

                 Richard Lamar

                 Infant male (stillborn)


AUXTER, Gene Alvin

                  Jack Arthur

                 Stephen Alan

AYRES, Frederick Arthur

               James William

               Jason Frederick

               Heather Yvonne

               Lisa Suzanne


               Richard Allen

               Ronald LeVern

               Suzanne Ethel

               Theresa Suzanne

               Thomas Lee

               Todd William

               Troy LeVern

AXE, Donna Jean

          James Albert


BAILEY, Cheryl Lou


BAKER, Bryan Donald

               Christina Ruth

               Carol May

               James Wilson

               Rae Ann

               Sandra Sue

               Scott Richard

               Victoria Sue

BATESOLE, Larry Wayne

                      Teresa Lynn

                      Tonya Marie

                      Traci Lee

BARNES, Amolia Lou

                 Denise Arlene


BATEY, Brian Kent


               Dane Lee

               David Keith

               Jean Marie

               Stephen Kent

BAUMANN, Dorothy

BEAZELL, Clara Belle

                    Judith Ann

                    Richard James



                    William H.

BENDER, Raymond Murray

BENNETT, Joseph Herman

                    Juanita May

                    Julie Anne

BENNISON, Mary Myrlleen


BERNER, Charles 


                        Erin Nicole

                        Lamar Samuel

BESSIRE, Barbara Ann

                  E. Eugene

                  Winifred G. Hoke

BESSKEN, Kristen Lisa

BIEHL, Carol Louise

BILLOW, Helen Kathryn


BINDER, Kendall Joseph

                 Kenneth Charles

                 Milynda Ann

                 Sharon Ann

                 Todd Charles


                      James Douglas

                      Janet Dorothy

                      Mark Louis

                      Susan Louise

BITLER, Claudia Kay

                Vickie Lee

BLACK, Grace Ann Kohr Shull

BLAUSEY, Beverly Ann

                    Dale Urban

                    Jeffrey Lee

                    Marsha Marie

                    Pamela Louise

                    Susan Renee

                    Male born 18 Dec. 1962

                    Male born 19 Jan. 1971

BLISS, Brett Matthew

             Carol Ann

             Cheryl Lynn

             Chris Edward

             Darwin Eugene

             Darwin Eugene, Jr.

             Diane Sue

             Gloria Jean

             James Brian

             Mark Dee

             Samuel Milton

             Terry Allyn

BLODGETT, Brenda Sue

                       Georgia Catherine

                       Russell Paul


                       Steven Edward

BLODY, Barbara Jean

               Edward James

BOCK, Susan Cecile

BODA, Bridget Jean

               David Paul

               Susan Marcele


                       John Harry

                       John Koechel

BOGNER, Amy Elizabeth



                   Kathleen Louise

BONAM, Frances Irene

BONNELL, Gregory Arthur

                     Jeffrey Lane


                     Paulette Ann

BORK, Jeffrey Lee


             P. Elaine

             Scott Alan

BOWEN, Jonathan E.

BOWER, Janis Joyce Hoffman

                Paul Clair

BOWERS, Catherine Ellen

BRADFORD, Beverly Jean

                        Jennifer Lee

                        Joseph Lynn

                        Lucille Jean

                        Luella May

                        Mahlon Charles

                        Richard Andrew

BRANDT, Adam Douglas

                  Andrew Douglas

                  Barbara Lee

                  Diane Lou


                  Heather Michelle

BRASHARES, Barbara Jean

                         Creighton D.

                          Thelma Myrtle


                  Scott Alan

BRINK, Eva Pauline


               James Alan

               Jeremy David

               John Franklin

               Joshua Michael

                Judy Ann

                Lana M.

                Patricia Ann

BROCKSCHMIDT, June Christine


                         Christina Sue

                         Christopher Lee

                         Douglas Edward

                         Henrietta May

                         Michael Arthur

                         Timothy Charles

BROUGH, Jonathon Paul

                   Thomas Carter


                         Angela Lynn

                         Tammy Jo

BROWN, Christina Lee

                 David Sean

                 Jeremy Scott

                 Judith Louise

                 Kathleen Mary

                 Kimberly Sue

                 Michael William

                 Peter W., Jr.

                 Renza M.

                 Sarah Suzanne

BRUNEAU, Annette Louise

                     Gina Louise

                     Yvonne Marie

BUCKENDAHL, Valerie Jane

BUEHLER, Margaret

BUKROW, Harriet Mae Louise

BUNDSCHUH, Flossie Ione

BURKETT, Corena Lynn

                     James Allen


                     Sharon Lee

BURNS, Kevin Jay

               Marcia Louise

               Stephen Edward

BUSDEKER, Audrey Ann

CAMARATA, Cheryl Darlene


                       Austi Jean

                       Tamara Jean


                       Carolyn Jean

                       Charles Roger, Jr.

CARL, David George

             Mary Elin

             Sarah Anne

CARMACK, Colleen Sue

CARNICOM, Charles Cameron

                        Ethel Marion Livengood

                        Karen Ann

                        Kent Michael

                        Kevin Scott

                        Lois Bouyack

                        Mary Rosalyn

                        Richard Lee



CASE, Erin Michelle

CHAGNON, Diane Louise

CHAMBERS, Esther Pearl


CHANEY, Frances Adeline

CHAPMAN, Terry Lee

                      William Albert

CHERNAULT, Christopher James

                          Maria Barbara

CHESNUTTE, Brandon Lee

                         Linda Louise

                         Mathew James

CHESTNUTWOOD, Clarence Joseph, Sr.

                                    Pearl Luella


CICHOCKI, Cynthia Gwen

CLARK, Carol Davis

                Daniel P.

CLAUS, Barbara Jean

               Catherine Marie

               Phillip Martin

               Ruth Ann

CLAWSON, Jack Carroll

                      Marion Eugene

                      Susan Kay


                       Marlene Bernice

                       Wade Hastings

CLOUD, Joyce Dawn

COLLIER, Daphney Deanne

        Jacqueline Sue

        Robert Lawrence II

COLLINS, Christine Ann

                   Douglas Alan

                   Eric Alan

                   Kent Curtis

                   Maurice Martin

                   Nancy Lee

                   Patrick Joseph

                   Sharon Lee

                   Steven Arthur

                   Tamara Ann

                   Terrance A.

CONKLIN, Deborah Ellen

CONNORS, Marilyn A. Green

COOK, Barbara Ruth

              Leona I.

COOLEY, Jack Eugene

                  Karen Patricia

                  Michael Jordan

                  Sharon Sue

                  Shawn Patrick

                  Steven Vinton

                  Timothy Michael

                  Wade Timothy

                  William Thomas

CONRAD, Curtis Eugene

                   Randall Leroy

CORBIN, Terry Rose

COWDREY, Calvin Conrad


                      Kevin Conrad

                      Mikeal Allen

                      Nicole Marie

                      Robert John

                      Rosalyn Metta

COX, Eugenia Anne

CRESS, Kenneth Harold

              Lester Clarence

CROSBY, Mildred Elaine

                  William Bingham

CUMMINGS, Justin Michael

                        Keith Evan

                        Michelle Anne

                        Nathan Andrew

CZERKAS, Andreas

DAGG, Connie Colleen



                                 Karla Jean

                                 Kathy Ann

                                 Kent Andrew

                                 Kimberly Sue

                                 Marilyn Jean

DARR, Joan L.

DAVENPORT, Barbara Ann

                          Kelly Marie

                          Marvin Edward

                          Tanya Lee

DAVISSON, Alan Steven

                      Brian Keith

                      Joye Ann

DAWSON, Esther

DAYRINGER, John William, Sr.

                         John Williams, Jr.

                         Kay Louise

                         Kelly May

                         Patricia Ann

                         Peggy Sue

DECKER, Cheryl Jean

                  Jack George

                  Lola M.

DeMANCHE, Esther Diann

                        Richard David

                        Scott David

                        Steven Eugene

DESTATTE, Candy Michele

DIBLE, Carolyn Dee

              Dale Leslie

              Donald Lee

              Jeanne Marie

              Phyllis Sue

              Rebekah Kay

              Stephen David

DICK, Haldon Charles



                           Anthony James

                           Christopher Lee

                           Marcia Carol

DOSENZUK, Frederick Joseph

                       Marian Lucille

DODWAY, Edwin Luke

                    Joyce Mae

                    Juanita Maxine

                    Winona Eileen

DOHANOS, Brittney Marie

                      Kelly Jo


DOTY, Brian

DOUGLAS, Dawn Renee

                     John Howard

                     Judy Kay

DuBOSE, Jeannette Ridenour

                 Kay Louise

                 Wanda Marie

DUNMYER, Ellen Louise

                      Hazel Mercedes

                      Kent William

DURAINE, Dennis Lynn

                    Mary Kay


DUSEBERG, David Leonard

DUTCHER, Marcia Ann

                     William George

DYMOND, John Albert

                    Patricia Lee

EARHART, Richard Martin


ECKHARDT, David LaVern

                        Dena Lynn

                        Donald Lee

                        Donna Lee


                        James Robert

                        Johnny Ray

                        Kimberly Brooke

                        Mary Elizabeth


EDWARDS, Daniel Allen

                      David Scott

                      Deanne Alice

                      Doris Evelyn


                      Leonard Kyle

EFFINGER, Mark Charles

EICHHORN, Colleen Kay

EILER, Samuel Wesley

EISE, A. Dewey

          Lucille Caldwell


                    Ward Elmer

ENGLER, Haldon Carter

                  Philip Dean

                  Marian Frances

                  Mary Mathias

                  Thomas Charles


ENGLISH, Gladys Marie


                            Bryan Lee

                            David Irvin

                            Imogene Miller

                            James Dean

                            James LeRoy


                            Patricia Grace

ESTEP, Barbara Kay






                    Timothy Eugene


                    Male born 10 March 1961

FAIRALL, Donald Maurice

FARSTER, Kimberly Susan

                   Robin Renee

                   Thomas Eugene, Jr.

FAUST, Jessie Leona

FERSTLER, Carol Lynn

                      Heather Christine

                      Melissa Ann

FICK, Jeanne Eileen

FIELDING, Randi Lynn

                    Randy Lee

                    Terri Lynne

FILSON, Elain Susan

                Jeanette M.

                Kevin Lee

FISH, Thedora Lou

FISHER, Bonnie Lee

                Elsie May

       Mickey Allen

       Nancy Kay

FITE, Dorothy Ellen

          Edna Sophia

FLEMING, Lucretia Ann

                    Melissa Ellen

FLOREA, Daniel Eugene

FOLK, Benjamin Franklin, Sr.

            Benjamin Franklin, Jr.

            Brenda Lee

FONESCA, Carol Anne

FOUGHT, Clyde Emerson

FRAMPTON, Brenda Lee


                        Jon Richard