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Fremont Ross High School Veterans Projects (Fremont, Ohio)


Project Description
Scope and Content

This collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in 2010 by Mike Gilbert, history teacher at Fremont Ross High School in Fremont, Ohio.

Project Description
These projects were completed by 10th-grade students in Mike Gilbert’s Honors 20th Century Global Studies classes at Fremont Ross High School.  Each year Mr. Gilbert assigns a project to the students where they are told to interview and/or research veterans and report on their time in the service.  Sixty-one interviews conducted by students in 2010 have been digitized and posted online at:

Scope and Content
The veterans featured in this project served in the armed forces as early as the Civil War to the present day.  The projects include factual data and memories from each veteran, as well as “editorials” by the students and essays describing how soldiers’ sacrifices have impacted their lives.  The project has evolved over the years; the more recent projects contain more data than the earlier ones.

This collection contains the projects of thirty students dating from 2009.  There is a folder for each student’s project.  Projects are on floppy disks, CDs, or flash drives.  Accompanying most of the digital records are printed copies of several pages from the students’ project.  The folders are organized alphabetically by the students’ last names.

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Box One

1. Austin Windau, 2006-present – by Melissa Abernathy, 2010
    Wilbur Windau, World War II – by Melissa Abernathy, 2010

2. Jason Schling, U.S. Navy – by Kaylee Amor, 2010
    William A Amor, Korean War – by Kaylee Amor, 2010

3. Richard Arter, U.S. Army – by Adam Arter, 2010
    Emil Arter, World War II – by Adam Arter, 2010

4. Albert Baumann III, World War II – by Brooke Baumann, 2010
    Kathy Stierwalt, U.S. Air Force – by Brooke Baumann, 2010

5. Jack Harmon, Korean War – by Kevin Harmon, 2010
    Leslie “Jim” Johnson, World War II – by Kevin Harmon, 2010

6. Charles Hottinger, Korean War– by Benton Hoang, 2010
    Keith Hottinger, U.S. Army – by Benton Hoang, 2010

7. Stacey Ley, U.S. Army – by Alex Hoffman, 2010
    Joe Halm, World War II – by Alex Hoffman, 2010

8. Brian Hall, U.S. Army – by Luke Kingsborough, 2010
    Tyler Vollmar, U.S. Navy– by Luke Kingsborough, 2010

9. Robert Wolfe, Korean War – by Rachel Laeng, 2010
    Rex Hughes, Vietnam War- by Rachel Laeng, 2010

10.  Michael Ostander, 1965-1969 – by Chris Loose, 2010
       Brenten Mackey, 1963-1966 – by Chris Loose, 2010

11.   Herbert Brooks, U.S. Navy– by A.J. Mehlow, 2010
        Merle Hirt, U.S. Air Force- by A.J. Mehlow, 2010

12.   Stacy Michael, U.S. Army – by Taylor Michael, 2010
        Andy Edmonds, U.S. Army- by Taylor Michael, 2010

13.   Dr. Harold Brown, World War II– by Sammi Miller, 2010
        Edward C. Miller, U.S. Army – by Sammi Miller, 2010

14.   Scott Noftz, U.S. Marines– by Cali Pena, 2010
        Robert Noftz, U.S. Navy – by Cali Pena, 2010

15.   Myron DeMars, U.S. Army – by Michael Schwochow, 2010
        Donald DeMars, U.S. Army  – by Michael Schwochow, 2010

16.   Emerson L. Reffner, Korean War – by Shyllar Reffner, 2010
        Douglas C. Turpin, Vietnam War – by Shyllar Reffner, 2010

17.   Edward Eberly, Korean War – by Keith Wasserman, 2010
        Timothy Honaker, U.S. Marines, by Keith Wasserman, 2010

18.   Bill Westscott, Vietnam War– by Paige Weaver, 2010
        Tom Lewis, Vietnam War – by Paige Weaver, 2010

19.   Richard Norris, U.S. Air Force – by unknown, 2010
        Laurence D. Harkness Sr., U.S. Navy- by unknown, 2010