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Flaugher Family


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The Flaugher Family Collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by Mr. and Mrs. James Flaugher. Mr. Flaugher is the great grandson of Editor John Flaugher.

Biographical Sketch
John Flaugher, born in Leitersburg, Maryland in 1827, migrated with his parents, Jacob B. and Sarah Cole Flaugher to Seneca County, Ohio in 1837. Natives of Maryland, both Jacob and Sarah were born in the year 1799. John, apprenticed to a printer at an early age, became editor of the Seneca Advertiser in 1845. In 1847, Flaugher moved to Fremont, Ohio and became the publisher and editor of the Sandusky County Democrat. The slavery question caused Flaugher to lose patronage, and later, to suspend publication. Flaugher went on to edit and publish the Democratic Sentinel through the war years. Although publication dates are unknown, it is believed that Flaugher edited the paper from 1862 to 1864 when Isaac Keeler purchased it and successfully merged the paper with the Fremont Journal. Flaugher was a member of the Fremont Board of Education from 1854 to 1864. In 1873, Flaugher moved to Toledo where he became a proof reader for the Toledo Blade. He later owned and edited the American Farm Journal. In 1877, Flaugher purchased the Independent Register of Columbiana, Ohio which he edited until his death in 1896. He was married to Mary R. Johnson in Drummondville, Quebec. They were the parents of five children: John (died in infancy), Clara Flaugher Parker, Myra Flaugher Simonds, Charles K. Flaugher who died in a railroad accident at the age of twenty, and Oliver Elisha Flaugher. Both John and his wife were interred in Fremont's Oakwood Cemetery.

Scope and Content
The collection consists primarily of the account ledgers created by John Flaugher as the editor and proprietor of two of Sandusky County, Ohio's earliest newspapers, the Democrat and the Sentinel (1850 to 1865), as well as the Independent Register of Columbiana, Ohio (1878-1896). Of interest are the names, addresses and/or places of residence of his subscribers and customers. The subscribers' lists provide the names of some soldiers serving in the Civil War and their location in the field. Additionally, Flaugher recorded the names and addresses of former Sandusky County, Ohio residents who moved from the area but continued to receive his publication.

Flaugher's brother, Wilson Shannon Flaugher, assisted him in the printing business. He remained in the area throughout his life. Severely wounded at the Battle of Shiloh while serving in the 49th OVI, Flaugher suffered the loss of a leg. He resided in Ottawa County where he owned a bakery and also served as the Marblehead lighthouse keeper for a period of time. The collection contains scattered letters from him to his nephew Oliver Elisha Flaugher.

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Box 1

1. Account Ledger "B" (1854 - 1863): Provides a list of newspaper subscribers, patrons, and fees for
2. Subscribers' List (1862-18 ?): Subscribers' names listed under town of residence. Names of Civil War
    soldiers subscribing to the newspaper are given with their regiment and location. The ledger also includes
    numerous out-of-state subscribers and their residences. Many of the subscribers' names have a
    corresponding account in Ledger "B". Each is identified with the letter "B" and a designated
    page number.
3. Account Ledger (1862-1890): The earliest accounts are for subscribers and advertisers of the Sentinel
1862-1865?).It appears that Flaugher recorded accounts for the Independent Register (1878-1890) at
    Columbiana, Ohio. An index of names appears in the front of the ledger.

Box 2

1. Account Ledger (1850-1854): Accounts for printing jobs. Most appear to be Seneca County residents.
2. Account Ledger (1879-1881): Accounts and subscription lists for Columbiana Independent Register.
3. Account Ledger (1884-1896): Receipts and Receipts in Trade for Columbiana Independent Register.
4. Geological Survey of Ohio, J.S. Newberry (Columbus: Nevins and Myers, 1871).
5. Flaugher Family Correspondence (1876-1918): Miscellaneous correspondence of Wilson Shannon
    Flaugher of Port Clinton, Ohio to his nephew Oliver Elisha Flaugher.
6. Miscellaneous Flaugher family clippings and images.