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Arlington Dunn


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The collection was originally gathered and preserved by Clara Dunn Anderson, daughter of Arlington and Mary (Oster) Dunn. Upon her death in 1968, the collection passed to her daughter Mrs. Ruth Sutton, who maintained the collection and added to the photograph album. In September of 1988 the collection was donated to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by her daughter Mrs. Ruth Lawrence, Tiffin, Ohio, for the purpose of preservation and scholarly research.

Biographical Sketch
Arlington Dunn (1845-1926) was a businessman and farmer who lived in Hopewell Township, Seneca County, Ohio. He was the eldest of six sons born to William Nelson Dunn and Sophia W. (Clark) Dunn. In 1862, at the age of seventeen, Arlington enlisted in the 123rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. The 123rd's war service was in the Shenandoah Valley; later, in 1864, it was transferred to the Federal Army of the James. Dunn served with his regiment until the end of the war. Upon his return he took a position as bookkeeper for a hardware store owned by Mr. T. J. Sullivan, where he was employed for twelve years. In 1869, he bought a small farm which he worked part-time while employed by Sullivan. About 1875 Dunn was able to devote most of his time to farming and in 1885 built an impressive home which still stands on what is now U.S. Route 18 between Tiffin and Bascom. In 1873 Dunn married Mary Louise Oster, the daughter of Jacob W. and Catherine (Sewald) Oster. This marriage produced four children: Cora, Clara M., William Arlington, and Carl Otto. Dunn's community participation included: officer of the City National Bank, Tiffin Ohio, secretary of the Farmer's Mutual Relief Association, and membership in the General William H. Gibson Post, No. 31, G.A. R.

Scope and Content
This collection contains the diaries, Civil War letters, personal papers, and family photograph album of Arlington Dunn, a resident of Seneca County, Ohio. The complete diaries cover the years 1866 to1868 and 1870 to1872. Included with the diaries is one covering the period 1862 to 1865, however, it is very incomplete. The Civil War correspondence consists of only three letters (1863, 1864, 1865) written by Arlington to his mother, Sophia (Clark) Dunn, and two from her to Arlington written in 1863. Included is a transcribed and edited version of the letters. The photograph album consists of family members, covering a period roughly from the 1870s to 1928. Dunn's personal papers include the estate settlement of his father and mother and incomplete business ledgers for the years 1867 to1884. The Civil War diary contains a roster of Company D, 123rd OVI that was done sometime in 1863 Also included is a very short description of the Battle of Winchester, June 15, 1863. The diary was used primarily for personal bookkeeping. The post war diaries contain daily entries, offering a glimpse of life in the late 1860s and early 1870s. The collection also includes incomplete expense ledgers and two folders of genealogical information on the Dunn family. Photographs have been identified in this inventory. Their relationship to the Arlington Dunn family is noted.

Ac. 5082, 5112

Diaries and Correspondence
1. Correspondence - Transcription- Diary - 1862-1865
2. Diaries - 1866, 1867, 1868
3. Diaries - 1870, 1871, 1872
4. Legal Documents (estate settlements), 1884, 1923, 1924, 1925

Photocopies of the land transfer; Section 14-15, Hopewell Township, Seneca County, Ohio
5. Scrapbook material
6. Scrapbook material - c. 1880
7. Financial documents - 1869-1884
8. Photographic material - c. 1870 - 1928
9. Photographic material - c. 1870 - 1928
10. House plans for Arlington Dunn home

Biographical information on contractor, D. M. Bever [Ac. 5112]
11. Legal Documents (estate settlements) and Family Papers [Ac. 5112]
      W. N. Dunn Account Book 1883
12. Post Cards [Ac. 5112]
13. Dunn Reunion Sketch, 1928
      "Life of James and Mehitable (Hopkins) Dunn" - c. 1928 [Ac. 5112]

18 4x6 cabinet cards, 42 cartes de viste, 2 6 ½ x 3 full length contained in album form,27 unbound photographs

ALBUM (Any known relationships appear in parentheses).

Page 1 & 2.
Photographs missing.

Page 3.
Arlington Dunn; Cora (Dunn) Ricketts, (daughter); Delemar Ricketts, (grandson); Sophia (Clark) Dunn, (mother).

Page 4.
Catherine (Sewald) Oster, (Dunn's mother-in-law); Mary L. (Oster) Dunn,(wife); Cora (Dunn) Ricketts, (daughter); Delmar Dunn, (grandson); Catherine (Lang) Sewald., (Dunn's wife's grandmother).

Page 5.
Arlington Dunn.

Page 6.
Mary Louise Oster Dunn (wife)

Page 7.
Mary Louise Oster Dunn (wife)

Page 8.
Cora Dunn Ricketts; Clara Dunn Anderson (daughters).

Page 9.
Cora, Clara, and Will Dunn (children of Arlington Dunn).

Page 10.
Mary L. Oster Dunn (wife).

Page 11.
Clara Dunn Anderson, (daughter) Left: Clara Dunn Anderson; Right: Cora Dunn (daughters).

Page 12.
Top Left: Mary L. Dunn (wife); Clara, Will, Cora Dunn (children).Top Right: William A. Dunn (son)Bottom Left: Clara Dunn as an infant (daughter), William A. & Otto Dunn (sons)

Page 13.
Top Left: Arlington Dunn, Top right: Devolson Dunn, as a child (brother), Bottom Left: Arlington Dunn, Bottom Right: Devolson Dunn, as a young man (brother)

Page 14.
Top Left: "Guernsey" (William G. Dunn), (brother), Top Right: Norman Dunn, as a young man (brother), Bottom Left: Missing; Bottom Right: Norman Dunn, as a child

Page 15.
Top Left: Missing, Top Right: Uncle Henry Walrath, Bottom Right: Missing, Bottom Left: George Walrath

Page 16.
Top Left: Aunt Hannah Walrath, Top Right: Delia Pulver , Bottom Right: Arlington Walrath , Bottom Left: Jennie Dunn (Norman's wife) and Ida Dunn Simmons, infant

Page 17.
Top Right: Uncle Thomas Dunn (Arlington's father's brother); Top Left: Aunt Ann Dunn (wife of Thomas);Bottom Right: Lafayette and Emery Dunn (sons of Thomas); Bottom Left: Arabel, Prsabilla Dunn (daughters of Thomas).

Page 18.
Top Left: Alpheus Handy; Top Right: Rosette Handy; Bottom Left: Alfred Dunn; Bottom Right: Aunt Lib Dunn

Page 19.
Top Left: Uncle Harrison Dunn; Bottom left: John W. Dunn, (son); Top Right: Aunt Fanny; Bottom Right: Nora Dunn

Page 20.
Top Left: Mitchel P. Dunn; Bottom Left: Lettie Langdon; Top Right: Harrison Dunn; Bottom Right: Lettie Langdon

Page 21.
Top Left: Devolson Dunn, Mahala Dunn, (his wife); Bottom Left: Henry Clark; Top Right: Marilda Dunn; Bottom Right: Bert Dunn;.Laurel Clark; Bottom Left: Cora Dunn Ricketts, as an infant; Top Right: Frank and Clara Anderson, Rufus and Cora Ricketts, (daughters and sons-in-law of Arlington Dunn.); Bottom Left: Cora Dunn Ricketts as an infant; Bottom Right: Missing.

Page 22.
At one time held 4 cartes de visite, all are missing.

Page 23.
Top Left: Charles Dunn, Top Right: Meg Hart, Bottom: Missing

Page 24-28.

Page 29.
William A. Dunn

Page 30.
Clara May (Dunn) Anderson

Page 31.
William Arlington Dunn (nephew)

Page 32.
Clara Dunn.

Page 33.
Frank Sentelbaugh, Frank Anderson.

Page 34.
Clara Dunn (daughter)

Page 35.
Mildred Ricketts Snook.

Page 36.
Delmar (son), Mildred Ricketts.

Page 37.
Mildred Ricketts.

Page 38.
Clara Dunn.

1. Rear: Julius Weinig, Cora Dunn, Front: Will Weinig, Clara Dunn, Emma Weinig, Otto Oster.
2. Front: Ottie Oster, Julius Weinig, Clara Dunn; Rear: Cora Dunn, Emma Weinig, Otto Oster, Will Weinig.
3. Postcard: Uncle Louis.
4. Orchard of William A. Dunn, Sister Lakes, Michigan.
5. Charles Anderson.
6. Lawrence Anderson.
7. Clara Dunn, 1903; graduation at Angola, Indiana; Arlington and Mary Dunn.
8. Alpheus Hardee.
9. Mehitable Hopkins Dunn.
10. Aunt Lib (Arlington's father's sister.)
11. The Arlington Dunn Family; Arlington, Mary, Cora, Clara, Will
12. Christ Weinig.
13. Kate Oster Weinig.
14. 1918 family reunion; Identification of 31 individuals--back of photograph.
15. 1928 family reunion.
16. Will Dunn's (Arlington's son) cottage; Sister Lake, Michigan.
17. Christ Weinig family.
18. Arlington, Mary, Will (son), Jessie (daughter-in-law).
19. William A. Dunn (son), July, 1961.
20. (Both snapshots) William A. Dunn (son).
21. Henry Otto Oster, Margaret Woode Oster, Mary L. Oster Dunn, Jessie Cromer Dunn, Buddy (the dog).
22. Fred Oster.
23. Devolson Dunn family.
24. Arlington Dunn Farm.
25. Barn, Arlington Dunn Farm.
26. House, Arlington Dunn Farm.
27. Close-up of house, Arlington Dunn Farm; A. Dunn in foreground.
28. Arlington Dunn (Civil War Uniform).
29. William Nelson Dunn.
30. Sophia Winchel Clark Dunn