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 Cosmopolitan Club 


Biographical Sketch
Scope and Content

The records included in this collection have been donated by the members of the Cosmopolitan Club since the club’s founding in 1895.

Agency History
The Cosmopolitan Club of Fremont, Ohio, a women’s literary organization, was founded in 1895 with the objective “the intellectual improvement of its members.” At its inception the club had 16 members with one honorary member. Mrs. George Zimmerman was the first president. The club met every Monday afternoon for two hours from the first week in October until the first week of April, except for vacations. This schedule was revised the fall of 1900 to the first and third Mondays of the month.

A program committee establishes a common theme for the year’s study and members take turns reviewing books or presenting other information relevant to the topic. These topics have included the study of specific countries, art, literature, history, and current events. The meetings are held in the members’ homes although the first and last meetings of the year are often dinner meetings at a restaurant.

Membership is limited and offered by invitation only. Women who are not able to maintain active membership often become associate members and a few are listed as honorary members.

The files in the second section (Box 2, Folders 1-23) hold photographs, correspondence, and other material regarding the restoration of specific rooms.

Scope and Content
The Cosmopolitan Club’s records, spanning the years 1895 to 2015, include the organization’s original constitution as well as a majority of the meeting minutes and program booklets. Correspondence regarding membership matters is also found here.

Ac. 5936

Box 1

1 Account Book & Bank Records, 1907-1944
2 Minutes 1912-1917
3 Meeting Minutes 1914-1916
4 Meeting Minutes 1916-1917
5 Meeting Minutes 1917-1922
6 Meeting Minutes 1922-1927
7 Meeting Minutes 1927-1935
8 Meeting Minutes 1935-1947

Box 2

1 Meeting Minutes 1947-1953
2 Minutes 1959-1971
3 Minutes 1971-1976
4 Minutes 1976-1983
5 Minutes 1983-1985

Box 3

1 Miscellaneous Notes, Letter, etc.
2 40th, 65th, and 75th Anniversaries
3 Photographs
4 Program Booklets (bound) 1915-1935
5 Program Booklets (bound) 1915-1935
6 Program Booklets 1935-1955

Box 4

1 Program Booklets 1955-1971
2 Program Booklets 1971-1991
3 Program Booklets 1991-2015
4 Program Booklets  2016 - 2017 

Box 5

1 Minutes 1996-2002
2 Minutes 2002-2006
3 Program Correspondence 1995-2005
4 Waiting List 1950-1995; Membership Correspondence n.d.-1980
5 Membership Correspondence 1993-2000
6 Membership Correspondence 2001-2004
7 Membership Correspondence 2005-2010