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Commodore Perry Grand Army of the Republic Post No. 350
Personal War Sketches


Agency History
Scope and Content

The records were acquired by the Hayes Presidential Center in 2015

Agency History
The Commodore Perry Grand Army of the Republic Post No. 350 “Personal War Sketches” volume was presented to post Commander Timothy Deasy in 1899 at Cleveland, Ohio by E. T. Hamilton and Ulysses Grant Walker, in memory of his father James Walker. This Civil War veterans organization was named for Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, who was victorious over the British at the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812.

Scope and Content
The “Personal Walk Sketches” volume contains biographical information about Oliver Hazard Perry. The personal war sketches of each of 52 members of the organization follow. Each sketch contains the veteran’s name, regiment, and  date of enlistment. The biographical information varies in length and may provide the veteran’s birthdate, birthplace, battles in which he participated, and/or discharge date.

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One ledger

Personal War Sketches:

William Allhouse
F. H. Ames
Paul Archibald
Thomas P. Bark
Samuel Dean Bartholomew
Herman Bolzer
P. S. Beakle
M. L. Brooks, Jr.
George Bowman
Warren Clark
Thomas Cowley
Timothy Deasy
W. W. Decker
D. E. Evans
Lloyd Fisher
Charles Geagan
Charles Gibbs
Wm. F. Gillingham
George W. Golden
Peter Hanson
Amos G. Heaps
John T. Hobbs
Patrick Hogan
Eli C. Holmes
Lewis Jenkins
C. P. Jewett
J. D. Jones
Wolf Leopold
A. J. Leslie
Michael Moran
John Moses
J. J. McMillan
Henry McQuiston
John Perry
DomingosM. Periera
George W. Phinney
H. D. Price
Samuel Quayle
Seymour Ruggles
Peter Harper Rush
John Ryan
Charles Saunders
Giles H. Russ
H. Shattuck
John Skyrm
D. W. Thomas
M. Thomas
John Tracy
O. J. Turner
Albert Vaughn
Waldo Vaughn
Nicholas J. Wagner