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Clyde, Ohio Schools


Agency History
Scope and Content

This collection was given to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center by Dorothy Cox in October 2008.

Agency History
Clyde, Ohio’s public school system began as a one-room log building located near what is now (2008) the entrance to McPherson Cemetery.  The structure was originally used to house workmen who were building the nearby Maumee and Western Reserve Turnpike.  The schoolhouse was known to have existed in 1825, but a definite year was never established and the building was destroyed a short time later by a fire.  In its place a second school was built, but was soon moved to make room for new business construction.  The third, and final, log schoolhouse in the area was erected near the present burial site of General James B. McPherson.

In 1826 the first four school districts in the township were established and they supported 63 students.  The number of districts expanded to 11 by 1845, with a total of 561 students.  1853 became a landmark year for the public school system when a township board of education was created, thus allowing for large sums of money to be levied into the district.  Prior to the creation of its board of education, Clyde, Ohio built a new framed schoolhouse within the village in 1840.  This school was soon relocated to Buckeye Street to make room for the I. B. & W Railroad.  Another move was in order after a brick building, known as Dewey School, was erected on Main Street.  Dewey School was then moved to Maple Street until the new 3-storied Union School was ready on Vine Street in 1870.

By 1870, in order to graduate, a student in the Clyde, Ohio school system was required to complete 12 years of studies within three departments; primary, grammar and high school.  Each of the departments spanned four years.

Scope and Content
These records, spanning the years from from 1883 to1898, contain two report card ledgers and 10 school record ledgers from Clyde, Ohio City Schools.  The report card ledgers, dating from 1896 to 1897 and 1897 to 1898, record the names of students and their grades given by teachers Sara Hoch and Sue J. Heffner in grammar class.  The ledgers show attendance and grades for students in primary, grammar and high school from 1884 to 1894 with teachers Maud I. Russell, Dora A. Thacher, Mary G. Scanlin, Henrietta Elliott and Sarah Suggitt.

The first class graduated from Clyde (Ohio) High School in 1875 with four students.  A photograph located in “These Things Stay By You” (pg.32) shows the Clyde (Ohio) High School class of 1888, and is significant because a majority of the students’ grades are recorded in this collection.

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Box 1

1:  C Primary Record Ledger, 1883-1886; Dora A. Thacher and Mary G. Scanlin

2:  High School Record Ledger, 1884-1886

3:  Record/Grade Ledger, 1886-1888

      A-D Grammar/ A-D Primary Grade Book 1888-1889

4:  High School Grade Ledger, 1888-1889

      Record Ledger, 1889-1890

5:  B Grammar Grade Ledger, 1889-1891; Henrietta Elliot and Sarah Suggitt

      A Grammar Grade Ledger, 1890-1891

6:  A-D Grammar/ A-D Primary Grade Ledger, 1890-1891

      A Grammar Attendance Ledger, 1890-1894; Maud T. Russell

7:  D Grammar No.1, Grade Ledger, 1896-1897; Sara Hoch

      B Grammar Grade Ledger, 1897-1898; Sue J. Heffner